The Honourable Lynne Janice Kosky

Monash Primary School is a small state school located adjacent to Monash University on Samada street in Notting Hill, Melbourne. It has a warm atmosphere and country feel.

In May 2005 Monash Primary School consulted with parents on a decision to close the school due to low enrolments. There has been no community consultation or information sharing! Closing the school will affect the future of the local children, the character of the suburb, the residents that use its open space and their land values if there is a shift in demographics.

The decision as to whether or not to close Monash Primary should not solely be in the hands of the school's council. A petition has been generated to draw the attention of the Education Department to the lack of consultation from the community.

We, the undersigned, request that Monash Primary School remain open to service the needs of the local and surrounding communities including the University. The demand for primary school places is anticipated to increase from the 2000 baby boom and recent residential development.

The school is vital to the community for the following reasons: a) Provides outstanding teaching and learning opportunities b) Has an important community open space c) Neighbouring schools are located across dangerous roads and are not easily accessible. The school is situated in an area of increasingly higher residential density (an activity centre in Melbourne 2030) and is centrally located to Monash University.

We are pro-active and willing to assist to renew the school and its community.

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