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1. Petition for the Removal of Parking Lot # 46, Located at 350 Berry St., San Francisco, CA 94158

Since its opening, the parking lot has attracted illegal drinking, noise, vehicular, and pedestrian traffic to Berry St., a residential street located in The Mission Bay neighborhood.

The residents of Berry St. are also extremely concerned about environmental pollution and about possible violent incidents that may arise, since the parking lot operates during baseball game events and attracts inebriated fans.

2. Australia Post mailbox for residents at Mercy Health Aged Care-ILU, Parkville

Australia Post Letterbox not located near to this Facility of Aged Residents, nearest is 15kms away.

Most Residents are elderly and don't have any means of transport.

3. No to Deerfield Walking Trail

This is a petition against the proposed walking trail that is to be located to the rear of the homes that are located in the 5900 residential block of Deerfield.

4. Provide a stop light for Northside Apostolic Church

We the people of the community request a traffic light be installed at the intersection of Hwy 29 and 9 1/2 mile road located in North Pensacola. A traffic light is desperatley needed at the intersection of Hwy 29 and 9 1/2 mile rd. There have been numerous accidents with three of them causing fatalities in the past 4 months.

Members of Northside Apostolic rd located at the intersection fear for their life or that an accident may occur each night they head to church. Parents fear an accident may occur when arriving at this intersection on the way to taking their children to and from Pine Meadow Elementary School which is located close to the intersection as well.

Please help us as concerned people of the community to get a traffic light at this intersection before another fatality occurs.

5. Support zoning for expansion of community facilities by New Hope United Church of Christ

The City od Norfolk is trying to rezone property located at 115 E. Liberty Street. The property is currently zoned as Commercial and they are trying to rezone it to Residential for the purpose of building eight (8) single family homes.

The rezoning of this property will prevent the future expansion of New Hope United Church of Christ.

6. Student’s Right to use the Campus our Tuition and Tax Dollars Built at the U of U

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." ~Plato

A group of approximately 25 students of all races, nationalities and ethnicities, was recently denied access to soccer fields located near the HPER buildings to play “The Worlds Beautiful Game”, soccer, on a late Thursday evening. The students were also warned that security would be called if they proceeded to use the empty soccer field.

The reason’s for denial of use of the field that were stated in a brief conversation with an administrator at the College of Health, the College responsible for the field, were that the students did not reserve the field, but also did not pay $30 an hour to utilize the field.

It is interesting to note that in years past, this fee was not applied to anyone who used these fields but is now being done so due to recent budget cuts. Ironically, all 25 of the students could have swiped their U-cards to use the heated indoor pool inside the HPER complex or have gone to the Field House to play basketball, lift weights, or play indoor soccer. The students would not have been charged further to use those facilities.

It quickly became apparent the ‘Mandatory Fee’s’ that are addendum to students tuition did not cover this field. Rudimentary research to ascertain what the ‘Mandatory Fees’ that accompany the tuition are quickly shows that these fee’s go to: ‘ASUU Activity, Athletic, Building, Collegiate Reader Program, Computing, Fine Arts, Utilities, Health, Library, Publication Council, Recreation, Study Abroad, Sustainability, and Transportation budgets.’ In light of the highlighted budgets, it would seem evident that use of the soccer fields is a fundamental right that students garner when attending this institution

This denial of campus grounds is far more egregious after contacting the city and county about their reservation policies and charges on the use of their soccer fields, softball fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts and discovered that the city and county do not charge for use of their facilities, even in this economic recession. In addition, BYU does not force their students to reserve and pay to use campus ground.

To add to this incendiary act, the group of students was of an international origin, making this denial of use an international disgrace. Despite being a large commuter campus, student life of all forms should be supported; especially those activities that are constructive and healthy in nature. In light of student fee’s paid, burdening students further with financial obligations to play something that is otherwise free elsewhere is in principal a folly and sinister in nature, especially since one of the fields is in near unplayable condition,

Bret Van Ausdall
Graduate Student at the University of Utah

7. Stop the housing development located off of Burgetown Rd. in Carriere, MS

Local developer is building 43 duplexes for section 8 housing. This housing will be offered to low-income and government assisted families. It is in very close proximity to my home and church.

All of my neighbors and I strongly object to this development for fear of plummeting property values in an already troubling housing market and the almost certain raise in crime in an otherwise quiet neighborhood consisting of many young children and families.

8. Condemn House located at Hollar's Extension in West Providence Township

We, the undersigned, petition the supervisors of West Providence Township to condemn and have removed the house located at Hollar's Extension in West Providence Township in the town of Everett, PA.

This house was in a fire many years ago. No one has lived in it since that time. The owners purchased a mobile home and placed it on the property next to this burned out house. The house has been deteriorating since it burned. It now has broken windows, a front porch that is ready to cave in, and a roof that is rotting away.

This house is not only a nuisance, it is a hazard. Roofing is ready to fall off which could hurt an individual or damage others' property. The broken windows could entice individuals to try to enter the house and they could be injured. This house also attracts rodents and stray animals that can cause problems to other individuals living in the neighborhood.

This house hurts property values in the neighborhood. Many in the neighborhood have done improvements to their homes, only to learn that the property value has to be decreased because of this house. The tax value, however, remains the same on these properties. This devaluation is not fair to the rest of the individuals that live in this neighborhood.

9. Petition Opposing Rezoning and Development

We, the undersigned residents of Chateau Jon Subdivision, oppose the rezoning
and development of the 6 acre property located on Hatchell Lane Section 30,
T6S, R3E, G.L.D., City of Denham Springs for the following reasons:

1. Traffic impact: with a Junior High School, a large church, surrounding
neighborhoods and businesses, the traffic would be such that it could endanger
the lives of the many children that walk to and from school. Furthermore, with
Hatchell Lane being a two laned road, it would cause significant difficulty at the
intersections of Centerville and Hatchell as well as Hwy 190 and Hatchell, both
precarious intersections today.

2. By opposing this rezoning request, it will maintain the overall appearance
of Hatchell lane which is comprised of primarily single-family homes. By
allowing multi-family housing it will compromise the integrity of the surrounding
areas and could potentially reduce the value of surrounding properties.

3. Is there any place within the city limits of Denham Springs in which
there is multi-family housing?

10. Crosswalk currently located at Cherokee and Sequoyah should be utilized

The City of Shawnee is considering a crosswalk back in the middle of Sequoyah between Cherokee & Independence Streets.

There is currently a crosswalk located at the corner of Cherokee & Sequoyah that is not currently being utilized. A gate could be put in at that end of the playground and the children could walk to the school safely from there.

Probably 99% of the children that would use the crosswalk are walking right past the current one at Cherokee. It is very dangerous for the children to cross in the middle of the street.

It would also congest that area since that is where the drive is for the buses and vans picking up & dropping of the kids and a resident drive.

11. Stop the Transload Facility in Lockport, Illinois at Chevron Texaco


Chevron (formerly Texaco) located at 301 West Second Street Lockport Illinois has been in remediation for years and is now ready for development.

Opus North was hired to develop this property .

The first parcel ready for occupation is in the south end of the property near 2nd Street and they are considering a Transload Facility that would involve additional train cars unloading things like plastic pellets, lumber and paper rolls and 170 diesel trucks entering the facility 5 days a week. (Approximately 100 on the weekend)

12. Remove Jeff Edmonds' Dog Lot

The dog lot located at 5206 Mockingbird Road has been a nuisance to the neighbors of Lynwood Lakes for more than three years. The "Coon hounds" being maintained and bred for sale at this location have been the source of hundreds of complaint calls to the residents of the property, the owners of the property, and both the Guilford County Sheriff's Department and the Guilford County Health Department.

A number of these complainants have medical problems and have suffered additional problems and resultant costs associated with ongoing noise. Their complaints and the citations that have resulted from them have had no influence on the behavior of the dogs owner who continues to refuse to control his animals.

We, therefore ask that the Guilford County Sheriff's Department use it's maximum efforts to bring to bear the force of the new animal control law passed by the county commissioners last year and force the closure of this business and that associated dog lot.

13. Right to Choose Educational Facility

Head Start is a program that was founded by parents and supported by government funds. The organizational structure of Head Start allows parents to vote on issues that will affect their children's well-being. Parents are entitled to reject the decisions made by board members.

The main objective at Head Start, Inc. should be to make sure the children are being taught in a healthy and safe environment. The move of Head Start from its current location to the Paulding's Children's Academy located at 145 Academy Drive in Dallas, Georgia 30132 was not voted on or approved by any parents who children attend the center located at 55 Hiram Drive in Hiram, Georgia 30341.

This move will cause parents to have to make alternate child care arrangements for their children. The center is not within reasonable proximity from each parents home and Head Start does not provide bus transportation for its students.

The new location smells unsanitary upon entering and parents are not allowed to take a walk through the center to get a better idea of the environment in which their children will be learning.

14. Save Wal-Mart's Fabric Department at Jacksonville, Florida

While shopping on Thursday, December 21, 2006 in our local Walmart Store located at 6830 Normandy Blvd, in Jacksonville, Florida, 32205, in their fabric department, I commented to one of the employees that I was so grateful and glad that Walmart provided such an affordable and well-stocked fabric department.

I was informed that soon after the 1'st of the year (2007) the fabric department was being closed. Dismayed and extremely upset, I spoke with the Assistant Manager on duty that day, and he verified that they had just received notification of the pending closure.


While shopping in the latter part of December, at the Yulee, Florida Walmart Super Center, located just outside of Fernandina Beach, Florida, we were informed by an employee that parties in the fabric department had been given information that a large number of pending closures/substanitial changes were coming to Walmart fabric departments across the country. This information did not come from a store manager and therefore could be construed as unreliable and hearsay. The only reason that we're passing it along is because in the event that it IS true, we feel it's valuable information with regard to our petition.

15. Williamson County Annex

Concern over increased traffic.

Adult probation office located within a mile of Stony Point High school & Stony Point 9th grade center.

25 acres of tax base lost to Williamson County, and 2.8 millon tax dollars spent.

16. James Street sidewalks aren't fit to walk on

James Street is a small street located in Whitney Pier. There is a senior home located on the corner of Griffin and James Street. The sidewalk is crumbling and making it very dangerous for our seniors to walk on.

The seniors that live on this street all walk or have motorized wheelchairs. James Street has a post office and bus route at the end of the street. The sidewalks are not only beneficial to our neighborhoods many children travelling back and forth to the local elementary school; but necessary for our seniors safety when travelling to and from the doctors, pharmacy etc.


According to the Briar Oaks Property Management Company, upon installation of the security gates located at the entrance to the community, these gates will only be secured from 7pm until 7am daily, and left open the remainder of each day.


Because the roads and trails within the Terlingua Ranch subdivision are privately owned roads located on privately owned land (except for the road owned by the Terlingua Ranch Lodge); and in that the Property Owners' Association of Terlingua Ranch, Inc. Board of Directors nor the General Manager or any other governing body has the authority to give authorization to host an AMA sanctioned event on the private roads or trails within Terlingua Ranch; and in that it would be an impossibility to obtain permission from all interested and involved private property owners to host an AMA sanctioned event on Terlingua Ranch private roads, it is resolved that no association has valid permission to host an AMA sanctioned event on Terlingua Ranch private roads.

19. Otakon in DC

August 5, 2006

We love Otakon. We've been going for several years, and we want to be able to keep going, and enjoying it, in the years to come.

But Otakon 2006 is definitely not as enjoyable as previous Otakons. It is obvious to anyone who is attending that there are too many people for the space. The crowding not only degrades the con experience considerably on its own, but seems to have exacerbated the normal snafus we know come with running a con: this year they seem worse than usual.

One solution is to lower the attendance cap back to 2005 or 2004 levels. That would work, but it would mean less people could enjoy Otakon, and it would mean Otakon wouldn't be able to grow anymore.

The better solution is to move Otakon to the Washington DC Convention Center. The DC convention center is much larger than the Baltimore Convention Center.

-Otakon 2006 con chair, Jim Vowles himself said: "Realistically, unless the BCC is leveled and rebuilt, it will not be a serious competitor with DC"

-The DC convention center is located conveniently close to a Metro (commuter rail) station, so people could stay in cheaper hotels in MD and VA and take the train in.

-Great part of town, plenty of restaurants, located in our nation's capital!

Every year the registration price goes up, but more people just get shoved into the same space. We encourage you to choose the option that will both give your fans what they want and allow Otakon to keep growing and thriving.

20. Install a new water main in Terrace Avenue

July 30, 2006

Water pressure is extremely low on east end of street.

No available fire hydrant on east end of street.

Only existing catch basin is on high point on far east end of street.

21. Condemnation of Property 121 Missouri Street, Charleston

July 25, 2006

The property located at the address of 109 Lafayette stretching south to the address of 121 Missouri Street in Charleston, MO is in fact a community eye sore and a health hazard to those who live in that area.

There has been sighting of numerous animals entering and living in the, supposedly, tin shed that's falling apart. There are limbs that have fallen from the trees on this property that have not been attended to.

The owner is literally making a den for snakes from his behavior of not keeping his property well groomed. The tax payers in this neighborhood want this property condemned because it is also bring their property values down.

As a community, we've looked at this discouraging site long enough, and we ask you to condemn this property ASAP and have it demolished.

Thank You,

Citizens of Charleston

22. Parking lot needed for the Near South Health Center

This petition is being drawn up because there is a great need for a parking lot for the Near South Health Center.

The Health Center provides service for a large variety of different age groups, with that being from infants to senior citizens. It is a great inconvienence for clients that may have a disability or those with young children. The inconvenience comes into play because there is no close by parking, nor is there any accessible parking for the disable.

The possible available parking is being consumed by the patrons and employees of the Police Department located directly across the street from the health center. The other nearby parking is the Churches Chicken restaurant which has now barred any of the patients from parking in their parking lot, there also use to be a vacant lot located on the left side of the health center which has now been fenced in which makes that off limits as well, therefore the patients or other visitors of the health center must park approximately 2-3 blocks away or take a chance on parking in the restaurant just to have the convenience of the closeness.

Again there is definitely a great need for a parking facility for the patients and visitors to park without the risk of getting towed or ticketed.

23. Save Monash Primary School

Monash Primary School is a small state school located adjacent to Monash University on Samada street in Notting Hill, Melbourne. It has a warm atmosphere and country feel.

In May 2005 Monash Primary School consulted with parents on a decision to close the school due to low enrolments. There has been no community consultation or information sharing! Closing the school will affect the future of the local children, the character of the suburb, the residents that use its open space and their land values if there is a shift in demographics.

The decision as to whether or not to close Monash Primary should not solely be in the hands of the school's council. A petition has been generated to draw the attention of the Education Department to the lack of consultation from the community.

24. Petition To Renovate For A Safer Living Environment

This petition is created upon request by tenants residing at Willowick Gardens. This petition is also to be used as formal notification by tenants for the sole purpose and intent of informing said Organization of usafe and unsatisfactory living conditions.

Due to uncontrollable weather conditions, our Apartment Complex has been left in a state of needed repair. Below is a list of said repairs that must be addressed immediately.

1.) Parking lot on East side of complex is damaged beyond repair and temporarily closed to traffic until further notice.

2.) Drainage system does not work well enough to prevent damages from small amounts of rain. We have had several displaced tenants due to flood and water damage.

3.) Apartments that have flooded and been vacated are left open and unattended, allowing children access to unsafe materials and properties.

4.) Maintanence work orders are going unfilled due to lack of hired help.

5.) The childrens play area, recently removed due to severe injury, is no longer available for children of tenants to play on.

6.) As promised by Online website located at:, the fitness rooms are in need of repair and contain only one working device in each room.

7.) As promised by website, Saunas are available, however have not been repaired and are unusable by tenants.

8.) Scheduled repairs and maintanence orders are not followed through, for example, scheduled carpet cleans and scheduled pest control appointments.

25. Keep The Society Hill II Bus Route

The Society Hill II Association and some residents (2) took a vote on whether or not to keep the current bus route that runs through our community and voted to stop the bus from coming through the community.

The new bus stop will be located across route 440 where the bus depot is curently located. The problem is that there was no posted notice of the upcoming vote and many residents did not know about the upcoming issue therefore not allowing them to vote.

26. Stop Installation of Antennas located at 3884 Skyfarm Drive

Skyfarm Antennas, located at 3884 Skyfarm Drive; Establish a public safety antenna system on existing water tank R5 at the NW edge of Fountaingrove, File No. PRAP04-015

27. America Online - Reinstate those who have lost bulk mailing list status

December 2005

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed.


November 2003

Dear Mr. Miller:

We, the undersigned, hereby demand AOL reinstate those who have lost bulk mailing list status due to inconspicuous spam controls implanted on AOL 8.0 and 8.0 plus, without the users' knowledge, and further demand spam folders be located where they can readily be seen, and AOL immediately remove these bogus tos violations from our account records. Spam folders did not show up in our normal mail, it was not until one chose another method (such as AOL anywhere) of retrieving mail, that the spam folder was visible.

Most lists and members knew nothing of this, therefore we inadvertently reported each other as sending spam. (Aol was controlling what was and was not spam, without our knowledge, as it seems we've lost the right to view our own mail and make that decision for ourselves).

Many innocent people lost bulk mailing privileges for a 6 month period due to AOL's hasty decision, and we should not be penalized for AOL's mistakes. We have done nothing wrong and have followed tos rules. It is not a tos violation to send mail to those who have requested it be sent.

28. Reinstate Municipal Parking lot on 6th street between North and Broadway

The parking lot located on 6th street between North and Broadway, has been a municipal parking lot for 30 years. The city has leased this lot, collected parking monies and maintained this lot to provide parking for its downtown merchants and their patrons. In May of 2003, the city was informed that the lease would not be renewed. The city did nothing to try to keep the lot, which serves upward of a dozen local merchants in the immediate vicinity. We the undersigned of this petition request that the city take action to: 1) reinstate the lot as a municipal lot, either through legal action or negotiations, or 2) address the lack of parking by appointing monies to build/ develop municipal parking lots.

29. Objection to the Board of Directors, Galleon Condominium, regarding shutter ruling

The unit owners of the Galleon Condominium Apts. located at 4100 Galt Ocean Dr. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida object to the Board of Directors passing a ruling that all unit owners are required to attached Hurricane Shutters to their units.

30. Stop the Mining on Moon Hill and Bay

Mr. Richard Schermerhorn would like to buy approximately ten acres of land on Moon Hill and Bay Roads, and use it for a sand mining operation. This would affect the rural residential setting in which it is located, creating dust, noise and diesel pollution, environmental and neighborhood stress, a likelihood that it could hurt water sheds and aquifers in the area. This is located on a corner noted for accidents already.