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1. Colonise the moon!

We could launch our rockets a lot easier and safer because the moon has very low gravity and little to no atmosphere. We could do a massive amount of research and learn integral lessons for colonising Mars in the future. They could hire geologists, technicians, engineers, pilots, chefs and dozens of more jobs that YOU could be responsible for.

2. Space for RUTD

Rowan University is growing at a tremendous rate. With money pouring in from donors, new buildings are getting built to meet the needs of engineering students and other majors alike. The theatre department at Rowan University is attempting to build in size just like the school, but we only have five rooms to rehearse for over twenty projects a semester, including two main stage shows, over a dozen senior projects, two student run lab shows, a choreography showcase, as well as directing and devising classes that rehearse and produce new work to perform once a week, every week of the semester. These mere five rooms (two solely devoted to dance), stand up against a university giving BUILDINGS to other majors. We fought a full year for a water fountain to be placed in the dance studios, and it sits, not even producing an ounce of water. Our facilities are being used non-stop and compared to the buildings across campus that are being cleaned once a day if not more, our rooms are infested with ants and sweat build-up from weeks of classes and rehearsals.

3. Bring back the facebook page Astrology Addicts

This Facebook page 'Astrology Addicts' was educational in the sciences of Astrology & Astronomy. It had over 22,000 followers and was well liked.

It was deleted without warning for unknown violations.

4. A New reason for a Mission to Mars

Putting a man on Mars has been a lofty goal that we have put on the back shelf of some dusty closet. We need to pull it back out and take steps forward to accomplishing this mission.

Dr. Robert Zubrin wrote a book called "A Case for Mars", in his book he lays out a plausible plan at a reasonable cost to execute a mission to Mars. A plan that is still valid today and even more so since our technology is better and our science has improved on space exploration.

As Dr. Robert Zubrin states we need to "Give NASA a job that is worthy of a $16 billion/year space agency. Assign it the task of sending humans to Mars within a decade."-

This petition is to incite action on this specific task and motivate our Government, big and small businesses, and every other American to get behind a mission to Mars to put an American on the surface.

5. Restore Pluto as a planet and reclaim its name!

Pluto was removed as planet by NASA and the IAU in 2006.

I and several others are opposed to this. So help me bring Pluto back and restore its planetary status!

6. Rename constellation "Cassiopeia" to "Makaena"

We submit that The International Astronomical Union and the lawmakers whomsoever concerned, rename "Cassiopeia" constellation to "Makaena", on grounds of raising awareness and importance of the amount of research and science that has been produced to put humankind in space.

By renaming the constellation Cassiopeia to Makaena we the people of this earth would be recognizing and remembering the abundance (for that is what Makaena means) of sacrifices that have been made and abundance of time that has been spent to put our race in space.

By renaming this constellation we would be forever engraving in the sky a memorial to the great scientists and great astronomers who we owe this space age too.

7. Ottoway Park

Noting that the acknowledged lack of recreation connector space around Ottoway; and

Recalling that the State Minister for Transport has declared that the vacant portion of land running through Ottoway that was previously part of the ‘Finsbury railway line’ as being surplus to the Department’s requirements; and

Recognising the strong support amongst Ottoway residents for the land to be turned into a park:

8. Rename constellation Canis Major to Laika

We submit that The International Astronomical Union and the lawmakers whomsoever concerned, rename the ‘Canis Major’ constellation to ‘Laika’, on grounds of raising awareness and importance of the first spaceflight by a living creature.

Laika, the first Earthling who made it to space on 3rd November 1957 made way for later human ventures and travels to space. Although the ill fated dog didn’t survive the trip long after reaching the low earth orbit, it definitely proved that space travel was for real and whatever technologies and possibilities were achieved from the first human flight, the numerous Apollo missions to the moon and the historic creation of space stations such as Mir or I.S.S has only been possible because the mutt was the pioneer in it. Also whatever future missions we undertake including the ambitious space programme of the human martian travel owes a lot to ‘Laika’, the first cosmonaut.

Canis Major being the constellation which appears to be like a dog, also having the brightest star Sirius (dog star) in it, sounds more like a scientific name. Why don’t we rename it to Laika, the first space dog who made history and for generations to come she would be remembered by all. Let’s not let her name go into oblivion.

Lastly, we the undersigned, assert that renaming Canis Major to Laika will promote science and education throughout the ages. Remembering the dog every night when we look up to the sky.

9. Let's throw Chris Hadfield an old-fashioned ticker tape parade!

To celebrate the first Canadian to command the International Space Station and to celebrate his successful efforts to get Canada and the world excited about space exploration again using social media, Chris Hadfield deserves a ticker tape parade.

There are two other reasons for doing this. First of all, ticker tape parades are awesome and why we don't have one every month is a mystery. Second, in light of the renewed enthusiasm for space exploration, Canadian citizens who care about space and the Canadian Space Agency should demand that the agency and the larger industry continue to receive funding and investment to maintain Canada's reputation as an aerospace leader.

The Canadian Space Agency's funding has been frozen for about a decade and recent federal budgets have even mandated cuts of about $30 million by 2014-15. The aerospace industry employs about 66,000 people in high-tech, well-paying jobs that are important not only to the country's technological advancement but also to the economy.

If we want to keep the jobs, the expertise, and all those nice warm feelings we get from space exploration, let's continue to invest in it — and the first step is a ticker tape parade for Commander Hadfield.

10. Stop Spacex! Save Boca Chica Beach

For years, millions of people have enjoyed the pristine area affectionately known to locals as "Boca Chica". World class fishing, birding, and nature watching are just a few of the things that this magical place provides. For 60 years a pure beautiful beach has been preserved by both state and county taxes. Rare wildlife is currently protected on our beach. The beach itself is a valuable asset to our country's shore.

We are all for technological improvement, just not at Boca Chica Beach. This petition seeks to stop the SpaceX project from harming our great and precious Boca Chica Beach. Stop SpaceX!

11. Support full extraterrestrial disclosure

There are hundreds if not thousands of years of evidence least of all the last hundred years, that say we already have had contact with extraterrestrials.

So please accept that we have a right to know all that the American government knows on this subject.

12. Petition for the Australian government to start a space Program like NASA or the ESA

Australia is the only western developed country without a space program, If Australia had one the benefits would be overwhelming.

> Over 9000 jobs would be created.
> Our economy would grow stronger.
> Kids who always dreamt of wanting to be astronauts can be instead of becoming American citizens and joining Nasa which would cost thousands.
> We are in the perfect position here in Australia for one. Even NASA would back an Australian Space Program.

There is some Disadvantages to this but not many, as you can see a space program would add to our already booming economy and create tons of jobs.

13. Re-Acquire Hulse Property

The two pieces of properties that runs east to west from beach to lagoon where the Lobsterfest is currently held, between Tuna and Cozy Corner running back to the Police Station, as well as the open property next to Cozy Corner on the south side, that runs east to west, beach to road side adjoining the current graveyard.

This property, which is affectionately known as the Hulse Properties, which was initially owned by Archbishop Arthur Dunn and Evadne Hulse; is the only two pieces of property that the village can and should re-acquire in downtown Placencia Village that can, once again, serve a public good, a public purpose and public space for one and all Placencians to enjoy now and in the future.

This property is of perfect size and location where we can have proper space for public parking, public beach area, properly extending our cemetery and to have a general public space.

Placencia must do everything it can to re-acquire this property, we cannot afford not to.

14. APUS Space Permanence Now

Whereas APUS (the Association of Part-time Undergraduate Students), has been told to vacate their NEW office at the Margaret Fletcher building (100 Devonshire Place) by December 1, 2011 for plans to build a “Centre for High Performance Sport,” of which 75% of the operating costs are expected to be paid for by students;

Whereas APUS is lobbying to preserve the Margaret Fletcher building which was built in 1909, by getting the University of Toronto administration to acknowledge it as a heritage site and withdraw its plans to demolish the building and promote conservation;

Whereas we consider the Margaret Fletcher building, attached to Woodsworth College, our permanent home! It is child-friendly, has an open meeting area, a huge front lot, a kitchen and office/programming space;

Whereas the University of Toronto administration has not offered a suitable alternative permanent space and therefore continues to undermine part-time students.

15. Recreate STAR WARS IV, V and VI

Who enjoyed STAR WARS I, II and III? I know almost every single person reading this did... and the main part of them all must be the realistic graphics and combining our real with the unreal...

Wouldn't it be amazing to see the rest of the story as if it were happening in real time? If you think so... Join... All STAR WARS fans...

Get ready...

16. معاً للنهوض ببرنامج الفضاء المصري

برنامج الفضاء المصري عنصر أساسي من عناصر التنمية للبلاد، فهو يوفر لمصر عدة ملايين من الدولارات تصرف لشراء صور لآراضي مصر من هيئات وشركات اجنبية وتستخدم هذه الصور في التنمية بشتى أنواعها، وكذلك يمنح مصر الامكانية لتصوير آراضيها في اي وقت ولأي عدد من الصور غير محكوم بميزانية الدولة لهذا الغرض، وبذلك يساعد على التنمية بصورة أكبر. برنامج الفضاء ليس فقط محصوراً لأغراض التنمية عن طريق إلتقاط صور من الفضاء، ولكن هناك بُعد آخر، فجميع التكنولوجيات المستخدمة لانتاج قمر صناعي هي من أعلى التكنولوجيات في مجالات الصناعة، وبذلك ستنهض الصناعة المصرية بكافة أنواعها نظراً لاستخدام واستحداث تكنولوجيات عالية في خطوط الانتاج.
لذا، فنحن نطالب بدعم برنامج الفضاء المصري بل ونطالب بإنشاء وكالة الفضاء المصرية لكونها هدف قومي لمصرنا الحديثة

17. Twin Stoke-on-Trent with an astronomical body!

Town-twinnings often occur almost upon a subterfuge platform with little, if any, effect or benefit being transmitted to the people inhabiting the towns or cities being forcably tied together. We began our drive to twin Stoke with an astronomical body in a genuine effort to open up the minds of the inhabitants of Stoke-on-Trent to both the wonders of the cosmos and also the physical and social history of their city.

We identified Stephan's Quintet as being the best candidate for this twinning for two major reasons. Primarily we linked the age of the light coming from Stephan's Quintet and the age of the coal deposits beneath Stoke as being from a similar era - 304 million years old. Secondly, Stephan's Quintet is comprised of five, possibly six smaller galaxies that are slowly merging to form one super-galaxy - this holds parallels with Stoke's own multi-centred identity.

If the twinning were made official, it would enliven Stoke as an exciting place with real physical relationships with distant, exotic locations. The potential for public stargazing events and other educational opportunities would also increase.

I please ask you to consider this drive seriously and pledge your support by signing the petition.

Many thanks,
Carl Gent, Campaign Manager.

18. Allow American Flatbread Patio/Outdoor Seating

The original Retail and Attraction Plan for the Zoso mixed use project called for, "support amenities, shopping opportunities and personal services to Zoso residents and to their Clarendon neighbors."

Specifically, the plan stated that the American Flatbread space would offer,"café style outdoor seating."

19. Save the Space Program

NASA and space exploration has been at the forefront of science and education here in the United States since early 1950's.

From the space program has come home computers, Teflon, solar cells, transistors and many other inventions that have saved energy, improved the health of Americans and kept this country in the forefront of science.

NASA is a major purchaser of highly technical equipment which would be affected if the funding is cut.

20. Stop the Oxford English faculty dropping Paper 1 (The English Language)

Currently proposed curriculum reform leaves no space for a language or criticism paper. We believe this move to be regressive, and lacking in proper student consultation.

Dropping Paper 1 would be detrimental to the University. Narrowing the course would limit the extent to which Oxford can attract and maintain the most capable and aspirational students and faculty.

Whilst aspects of the curriculum may warrant reform, losing Paper 1 in favour of maintaining space for the period papers is misguided. Learning how to analyse a text and to understand how a language can be unstable and changing brings you the confidence to approach even the hardest texts by actually beginning with the words on the page. Moreover, these skills enhance studies for the period papers.

There would be no literature without language. Scrutiny and investigation of the language we use, its history, and modes of application can only be worthwhile study.

21. Retail Parking Space & Care Park Charges at 222 Alexandria

Residential owners were sold the 222 properties with the understanding given to them by CPM Realty that there were (50) visitor car spaces for the complex, plus additional retail car spaces.

It has now been brought to our attention that both car parks in question (visitor & retail) are one and the same. The residents were told that they would be able to use the retail car spaces / (50) guest spots but now SPAR has installed Care Park machines and will charge people to use these spaces.

22. Production of Final Four Episodes of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles

In 1999, Sony Pictures produced the computer-animated series “Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles”, which drew elements both from Robert Heinlein’s 1959 novel, and Paul Verhoeven’s 1997 film adaptation, appealing to the fans of book and film alike.

The series quickly gained a strong following, receiving praise from numerous science-fiction and television magazines, winning an Emmy, and being nominated for several other awards.

However, due to time and money constraints, four key episodes representing the dramatic final bend of the final story-arc were halted in mid-production, and replaced with four stand-alone clip-shows, which consisted mostly of recycled animation. But according to producer Audu Paden, the producers felt their originally planned stories were so strong, a case could be made for restoring them at a later time.

That time is now. The four missing episodes are very close to completion. The writing and scripting are done; the story’s ending is decided. The voice actors have already recorded the necessary dialogue. Storyboards and animatics lay ready to be referenced by animators and composers for a final product that can only provide a profitable boost to the Starship Troopers franchise.

Roughnecks endures as one of the best-written and most outstanding animated series television has ever seen. Its compelling story and powerful themes have touched the hearts of viewers in over thirty countries. Sony Pictures can no longer leave their impressive work unfinished, but must see it through to completion, thus stimulating their own revenue, and providing their fans with the long-awaited closure of this beloved series.

(media details:
(awards details:
(series planning details: ***Warning: There are SPOILERS at the bottom of this article; they are clearly marked.***)
(demographic details:

23. North Kelvin Meadow Campaign

The North Kelvin Meadow Campaign ( is a voluntary community organisation in Glasgow. At the end of 2008, volunteers began to transform a derelict playing field into an inspiring green space, including a meadow, woodland, a community orchard and allotments.

Glasgow council wants to sell the land for flats, but local people feel strongly that it should remain a community space and do not want these flats on the land. Local authorities are required by law to provide allotment sites and Cosla, the umbrella body for Scotland's councils, has compiled a report which urges local authorities to acquire, manage and develop more land for allotments.

Currently the waiting list for allotments in the area is eight years. Please support us by signing the petition and writing to your MP, MSP and Glasgow Council about it! Thanks.

24. Take Thomas Fletcher to Space

Thomas Michael Fletcher, singer and guitarist of the English band called McFly, always dreamed about go to space with NASA. For a long time he tried to contact this company and watch some launches. Like his own mother, Debbie Fletcher, said "We've tried for 20 years to take him to see a shuttle launch, kept missing it. Finally got there last year but because of delay, he had to watch it from the roof of Orlando Airport while we stood at Jetty Park. Luckily his flight was delayed or he would have missed it altogether".

In some songs and videoclips of McFly you can see him talking about the space and doing something to reach this dream. We hope that this petition helps him to achieve this dream: going in a tourist trip to space. Thank you so much.

25. Preserve Bay Ridge Neighborhood

BCJ HOLDS, L.L.C. (Allen Edwin Homes) has applied to the Charter Township of Texas Planning Commission for approval of a Planned Unit Development (PUD). This proposal includes a request for rezoning (currently zoned R-2) due to substantial reductions in lot size. The reduction in lot size is due to their proposed 38.3 acres of preserved open space, including a perimeter trail that may provide beneficial neighborhood transition zones, and help retain access to open space recreation that Bay Ridge families currently enjoy in the undeveloped lot/field. Without the rezoning, the development would not include preserved open space, and would include a 216-lot subdivision (Comparison Plan), as opposed to a 237-lot subdivision (Preliminary Concept Development Plan). The Concept Plan, which includes the preserved open space, also calls for retaining the Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive cul-de-sacs.

However, the Township, County Road Commission, and Fire Department may or may not approve the retention of the two cul-de-sacs, in part based on Section 16-82(a)(1)b of the Zoning Ordinance under Subdivision Control, which requires that “the arrangement of streets shall provide for a continuation of existing streets from adjoining areas in the new subdivision.”

This Preserve Bay Ridge Neighborhood petition seeks approval from the Charter Township of Texas Planning Commission not to extend Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive into the new Concept Plan development, and to upgrade the existing cul-de-sacs as per recommendations provided by Thomas C. Wheat in his April 13, 2009 memorandum to the Planning Commission. This request is based on three important factors:

1. Concern that extending Bay Ridge Road and Bentley Drive as through-streets would degrade the quality of life, and decrease the safety of residents and children in the Bay Ridge neighborhood by increasing the speed and frequency of traffic to and from the new Rudgate Trails development.

2. Despite the lot size variance for the Concept Plan, we believe that integrating open space, or “green infrastructure,” in subdivision developments provides substantial quality of life and environmental benefits, including, but not limited to access to recreation lands; natural storm water runoff filtration and retention; wildlife habitat; and scenic beauty.

3. An adequate transition zone would help preserve the character and identity of the respective neighborhoods.

26. The Revival The Final Episodes Of Invader Zim

The Invader Zim Tv show, it aired on the Television channel Nickelodeon, the 2000's. It was a successful show, winning 3 awards and being nominated for 7 more, of the one that was won being an Emmy. And as the show reached the midway mark in the second season, the show was canceled, leaving 10 unfinished episodes left in the season.

And for these final episodes many of the mini half episode and one of the double episodes had the voices recorded, and many of the others have the scripts written for the episode.

27. Gordon Bell deserves Green Space

I think Gordon Bell high school should have a Green Space AKA FIELD.

28. Upper Space needs a new home!!!

Upper Space was started by the Arts07 award winning Sketch City in 2007. Built over the last year and a half in an old warehouse in the cultural heart of Manchester, Upper Space is home to the region's first street art gallery space, a cafe, an event space and alternative clothing boutique.

Adopting Manchester's world renowned D.I.Y. approach to innovation and the arts, Sketch City and Marbella Cafe were joined by over 30 volunteers who gave their time and skills over the course of 6 months for the creation of a new, exciting social and artistic hub in the heart of the northern quarter of Manchester. Seeing the potential of the space and the shared ethos of the people involved, a Community Interest Company was formed that brought together Sketch City, Marbella Creative Industries and the Silverwood shop to create the Upper Space Collective. A proper grass roots venture.

Opening in February 2008, the Upper Space took the city by storm and soon developed a reputation for cutting edge events, gallery shows and promoting inclusivity to the arts across the spectrum. Having helped launch the careers of some of the regions most exciting, contemporary up and coming street artists, our aim is to promote the visual arts and the social within the city centre of Manchester and further afield.

Upper Space employees arrived to work on the 3rd of December to find the doors to the building chained and padlocked, the dispute, between the owners of the building and Sunshine Studios has resulted in Upper Space being given the options of paying 50% more rent or closing. With no forewarning being given at all to the events of the morning, Upper Space has been temporarily occupied by members of the collective until we can remove the artists work and our possessions from the building and relocate to a new premises.

29. Stop David Tennant From Giving Up His Dr Who Role

We, the undersigned, do not want David Tennant to give up his role playing the Doctor in Dr. Who. Since the programme began in in the 60s there have been many doctors who all brought their own unique style to the part, but none as unique as David Tennant.

David is the best Doctor there has ever been and we are not ready yet for him to give up the role. The programme gets better and better and we are sure that David could give us just a couple of more series before he gives up.

30. We STILL want more Blood Ties

Based on the novels by Tanya Huff, Blood Ties revolves around PI Vicki Nelson - formerly a detective with the Metropolitan Toronto Police. She was losing her sight, but quit the force rather than accept a desk job.

However, her last case turns out to be a doozy, involving vampires and the supernatural. She decides to team up with a vampire named Henry and ex-lover Mike Celluci to battle the forces of evil both normal and paranormal.