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The services for same-sex attracted youth (Evolve and Inside Out) offered at the Adelaide Youth Health Service The Second Story (TSS) may soon be cut due to restructuring and reallocations of funding.

These services provide important support, education and a crucial opportunity for same-sex attracted youth to meet other young people and 'belong' within a confidential and safe space. The services have been running for over twenty years and there are no other similar services in Adelaide.

The cutting of the services seems to treat queer young people as if they are not an 'at-risk' group. However, queer youth are greatly overrepresented in suicide and homelessness statistics (1 & 2). A recent Australian report shows the importance of social support groups on the health and wellbeing of same-sex attracted young people (3).

South Australia's Youth Strategy for 2010-2014 already acknowledges that 'targeted responses are often required to meet the specific needs of different groups of young people, in particular those who... are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex or queer (GLBTIQ)' (4).

South Australia's "Strategic Plan for 2020 and beyond" further lists state visions and goals to
'educate young people about healthy living'
'advocate for and protect vulnerable people'
‘[foster a] a sense of place, identity, belonging and purpose'
and have the government 'work[ing] to protect and support those who are most vulnerable in our community' (5).

Cutting the Evolve and ISO services for same-sex attracted young people would directly undermine these goals.

The petition supports the ongoing survival of the groups and the highly important and positive impact they have on the lives and health of same-sex attracted young people in South Australia.


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(5) http://www.stateplan.sa.gov.au/assets/documents/627/Snapshot%20summary%20of%20CEB%20Report.pdf

We, the undersigned, call on the Adelaide Youth Health Service, The Second Story, to maintain and continue to support the Inside Out and Evolve services for same-sex attracted young people.

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