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In The Bin Short Film Festival is one of the Gold Coast's and Australia's leading festival and cultural events. In The Bin and its founder Jed Cahill and his workers have educated, drove and screened through 11 years, over 800 films, over 600,00 km and over 500 festivals to date.

In The Bin is the pinnacle of cultural involvement and community participation in the league of Australian touring film education programs. The festival is well know, and well loved throughout the states of Australia, and has touched the communities of Australia from Tasmania to Broome; from Perth to Townsville, and just about everywhere in between. In The bin is a valued and loved event, cherished by thousands, please fight to keep us running!

After ten years of service to regional Australia In The Bin Film Festival looks set to close in 2011. Screen Australia, In The Bin’s main funding body has decided to deny funding to In The Bin with a focus on festivals in Sydney and Melbourne. Granted these festivals have agreed to tour regionally however their tours are not even half the size of In The Bin’s touring schedule.

It is a bitter disappointment for us as we are the only festival regionally focused and we find it difficult to gain corporate support for what we do and rely on the funding for Screen Australia to make the tour work. Jed Cahill Festival Director of In The Bin said.

It simply makes no sense to us, we tour more locations, pay screening fees to film makers, draw larger audience numbers than any other festival regionally, educate over 1,000 students a year in our workshops, produce close to 200 short films a year, and simply provide a service no other festival is willing to do…

Currently In The Bin is asking for letters of support to continue operating which they can post on their website, send to Screen Australia, and the Federal Arts Minister. We hope to make Screen Australia reconsider their stance with this, and the support from the community will go along way for this to happen.

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