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During the American Civil War, the Confederate States of America consisted of the governments of 11 Southern states that seceded from the Union in 1860-61, carrying on all the affairs of a separate government and conducting a major war until defeated in the spring of 1865. During this time Jefferson Davis was a politician who served as the President of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865. Robert Edward Lee (January 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) was a Confederate soldier, best known as a top army commander of the Confederate States of America. He commanded the Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865. Sidney Clopton Lanier served in the Confederate army, worked on a blockade running ship for which he was imprisoned. Davis, Lee and Lanier were proud supporters of slavery and wanted to keep all people of color as property. Let's finally do away with the forefathers of Jim Crowe. All three of these men have been celebrated in the state of Alabama and beyond. In the city of Montgomery, AL they were granted names of schools because in there perspective area it was an almost all white area who shared there same views. Now these schools are predominantly attended by African-american students. I say if most have moved away to continue to be segregated they should take there overseers with them. The names and the likeness of them should be put in archive because they are a part of history and would be wrong to destroy. The names of these schools however should be changed and the people of now not then should come up with new names of the schools. People outside the state suggestions will also be considered for suitable names for the three schools as well.


We are writing concerning the trip that you organize to Turkey and then Cyprus (June 1-15, 2012), entitled “Sailing with Paul in the Mediterranean”.

It appears from the documentation that we have seen that you may not be aware of certain facts that are important to bring to your attention. The reference to “Northern Cyprus” constitutes, in fact, the area of Cyprus under Turkish military occupation since 1974. It is recalled that the secessionist entity in the occupied areas of Cyprus was condemned by the United Nations Security Council, in its resolutions 541 (1983) and 550 (1984), as “legally invalid” and is not recognized by any international organization or country, other than Turkey which is the occupying power.

Furthermore, we wish to respectfully bring to your attention that the airport through which you intend to arrive in Cyprus has been declared by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus as an illegal point of entry into and exit from the Republic. The legal points of entry into the Republic of Cyprus to which visitors should use are Larnaka and Paphos airports and the ports of Larnaka and Lemesos.

Moreover, this illegal airport is not recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and its illegal operation causes serious risks to flight safety in the region.

It is also important to stress that this illegal airport is located on property belonging to a significant number of Greek Cypriot refugees who were forcibly expelled from the property by the invasion forces in 1974.

These refugees remain the legal owners of their properties, as it has been confirmed by numerous relevant Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, and have not consented to the construction of the illegal airport.

Furthermore, the organization of such a trip by an archaeological society is particularly offensive to the local and international community of archaeologists working in Cyprus, due to the destructive consequences that the Turkish occupation has caused to the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the island.

In the occupied area, archaeological sites and monuments, including churches, have suffered severe destruction and violation, museums have been looted and destroyed, and antiquities continue to be illegally exported.

3. Save In The Bin Short Film Festival

In The Bin Short Film Festival is one of the Gold Coast's and Australia's leading festival and cultural events. In The Bin and its founder Jed Cahill and his workers have educated, drove and screened through 11 years, over 800 films, over 600,00 km and over 500 festivals to date.

In The Bin is the pinnacle of cultural involvement and community participation in the league of Australian touring film education programs. The festival is well know, and well loved throughout the states of Australia, and has touched the communities of Australia from Tasmania to Broome; from Perth to Townsville, and just about everywhere in between. In The bin is a valued and loved event, cherished by thousands, please fight to keep us running!

4. PCS - save our cultural assets petition

Thousands of PCS members who work in galleries, museums and historic sites are launching a campaign to defend the country’s cultural assets.

To coincide with the European Trade Union Confederation’s day of action for jobs and growth, the union is publishing a statement for supporters of the campaign to sign up to oppose cuts in culture, media and sport.

The statement aims to show the level of support against short sighted government cuts which will mean massive job losses and seriously harm the UK economy.

PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka said: “As the coalition government forges ahead with massive cuts in DCMS and the entire arts and heritage sector, more voices are raised in pointing out the lack of sense in their approach.

There is widespread concern that cuts of between 25% and 40% will have a devastating impact on our heritage, our culture and our ability to be competitive in sport. It’s now time to show the strength of feeling against these cuts and let the government know that we are not prepared to let them ruin our valuable cultural heritage.”

Sign the petition below and join the campaign to save our cultural assets. In addition to the e-petition, we have received over 260 hand-written signatures in support. Please join the campaign today.

5. Pie Throwing for 2012

London won the bid for the 2012 Olympics on the grounds that it would emphasise the cultural side of the Olympic movement and that cultural events would blend into the programme of the Games themselves!

Therefore the great cultural happening of pie throwing should be part of this fantastic celebration, I personally along with fellow workers at the Bureau Of Silly ideas have been campaigning up and down the country collecting real signatures from real people so far out of the thousands we have met only 2 people have refused (we know who you are and where you live!!)

This is our first embarkation into cyber campaigning there is already a facebook group “piethrowingfor2012” please join it, email us with questions, donations and offers of help at and above all sign this petition.

Toodle pip

Roger Hartley
CEO Bureau Of Silly ideas

6. Propostas dos Artistas de Artes Visuais Contemporânea para um melhor desempenho na ocupação do Centro Cultural Raul de Leoni – Petrópolis/Rj Brasil

Os artistas de Artes Visuais Contemporânea do Município de Petrópolis vêm através deste documento, apresentar a V. Senhoria as propostas do setor para um melhor ajuste das atividades culturais no Centro de Cultura Raul de Leoni, Petrópolis – RJ - Brasil

7. People against anti-Semitism

History has demonstrated that wave after wave of anti-Semitism or Judeophobia has provoked acts of incredible brutality against the Jewish people the intensity of which knows no bounds. Almost as bad is the indifference that common people have shown to these atrocities.

As anti-Semitism increases once again, it is time to take a stand. This petition provides a voice to those who would stand against such ignorance. A voice that cries "Leave the Jews in peace", for we will not allow the episodes of past violence against the Jews to ever happen again.

Anti-Semitism; (also known as Judeophobia) is a term used to describe prejudice against or hostility towards Jews, often rooted in hatred of their religious/cultural/ethnic background.

8. ETIOPIA-MEXICO Protect our cultural legacy

Below is attached a brief documentation on cultural relations between Mexico and Ethiopia:

"In the collective memory of the Mexican people, still on remeberance the historic visit that the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I made to Mexico in June 1954, gaining the affection and admiration of all who had the opportunity to meet him personally.

This friendly relationship between the two nations came when Ethiopia was attacked by the the Benito Mussulini's fascist forces in 1935, Mexico remains one of the few countries
standing up in the Ethiopia's cause within the congress then called the League of Nations, all this under the legal representation of the Mexican diplomatic Isidro Fabela.

At that time, the Mexican nation ruled by Lázaro Cárdenas ,who showed under him at the time, the firm stance of the nation over the defense of human rights and world peace.

Since that historic visit, between Mexico and Ethiopia, relations were established not only fiendly relationship, but as well as cultural exchanges caried out by the Ethiopian-Mexican Relation Institute. In adition a puclic school was created with name Ethiopia, aslo build was The Ethiopia Plaza, now reduced to a station on the Line 3 of the Mexico City Train Service, wherein June 22 1954 the Emperor unveiled a plaque, that for some strange reasons the where abouts are unkonw at this present time. "(Pive Dread)

9. Save 901 Main Studios

Save 901 Main! Petition

Do you believe that the City of Vancouver municipal government should be helping to protect artist studios? Then, please help the 30 artists at 901 Main st. stop the City approved redevelopment of their studio space.

These artists will soon be without studio space and Vancouver will suffer a great cultural loss. Please take the time to read the text below and get informed.

If you are a resident of Vancouver please sign our petition today!

Thank you.

10. Reinstating the Flint Central Indian

In 2003 the Flint BOE directed Flint Central's staff and faculty removed all images of the Indian from view.

11. Create a GERMAN HERITAGE REGION in Ontario

German speaking people were among the earliest settlers in Ontario; throughout the 19th century, tens of thousands of Germans immigrated to Ontario, and a large and industrious community emerged in the province.

While many wished to retain the language and cultural heritage, they came to Ontario to escape hardship and injustice in central Europe. They became proud and prosperous citizens of the province, but unfortunately there was always pressure to assimilate and give up their language.

When the First World War started, draconian measures were undertaken to eliminate German culture in Ontario, even though most German-Ontarians remained loyal citizens and even served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.

By the end of the war, German culture in Ontario was effectively destroyed, and has never recovered.

12. Hindi in United Kingdom schools

July 27, 2006

To: UK School Boards

Petition to start Hindi in Schools

To the school boards of the United Kingdom:

This petition is to solicit worldwide support to help start Hindi in Middle and High schools as an elective subject.

1. Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world and the national language of India, but hasn't achieved a wider popularity compared to other languages because of our lukewarm approach towards it. Hindi is also a much scientific and advanced language sharing the same devnagiri script as Sanskrit and is fundamentally strong in phonetic and grammar.

2. United Kingdom and India has come more closer in the last decade and economic and cultural collaborations between these 2 countries have also increased. Many jobs from Fortune 200 companies have been outsourced to India and the joint ventures in the field of information technology have virtually bonded these 2 largest democracies in the world. Further human resources and technology exchange are expected to continue for many decades to come. Many travellers and students from UKare visiting India for their internship and higher studies. So, learning Hindi will only help in cementing close bonds these 2 countries are forming.

3. Hindi is also a part of our Indian culture and our kids as well as kids of other cultural background will be better able to know the most ancient culture of the world.

4. Hindi education in Middle and High schools will help bridge missing link between schools and universities. It is difficult to teach primary Hindi alphabets to the University students and because of extreme study pressure they can get 'burned out' and become uninterested in learning Hindi. With a strong Hindi foundation acquired in High school, the student will enjoy learning advanced Hindi in university without any undue pressure.

It is high time that we demand all school boards to offer Hindi as an elective language in their school curriculum.

Hindi will help bring us and our kids closer to India as well as help United Kingdom to better understand and utilize the cultural and economic opportunities in Bharat.

13. Respect for Cultural Minorities by Israel

July 16, 2006

The birth of Israel last century made a big change in the history of Jews, but the culture needed to accept international norms with regard to cultural minorities.

The military strength which Israel was forced to adopt in order to survive is now considered agression and so will be until the Israel develops cultural respect for the minorities.

14. Protest Survivor's Racist Stereotypes

This is a petition to urge CBS to apologize for the use of degrading stereotypes on the Thursday September 29, 2005 episode of "Survivor Guatemala".

PETITION TO CBS and Mark Burnett, producer of the reality show "Survivor Guatemala"

As citizens against racism in any form, we are deeply offended by the degrading misrepresentations of Indigenous culture that were broadcast on the CBS primetime show, "Survivor Guatemala". The producers of the show demonstrated a shocking lack of intelligence and sensitivity in airing a program that demeaned and stereotyped a race and culture with a long history of cultural and political struggle in South America, the Mayan Indians.

We are forming this petition to put CBS and its sponsors on notice as to how much business they can loose through repeated racial insensitivity, not just from Indigenous Americans, but from all American consumers who possess a social conscience.

Cause for Petition

1.) CBS has an extremely poor track record in terms of presenting Indigenous cultures respectfully and accurately. In 2004, they broadcast a performance by Outkast which mocked Native Americans by presenting non-Natives in day glow green fringed outfits behaving in an offensive and stereotypical manner. While this performance precipitated cries of outrage from Native Americans around the country, CBS has yet to correct its attitude toward Native Americans. CBS has again demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice sanctity for profit and an unacceptable tolerance for racist stereotypes in its programming choices.

2.) On Thursday, September 29, 2005 "Survivor Guatemala" presented a derogatory depiction of ancient Mayan warriors. The producers intentionally provided the contestants with fake feathers, war paint and Mayan style headbands and encouraged them to engage in the mockery of traditional Mayan customs. The Survivor contestants' callous treatment of Mayan cultural and spiritual imagery, and by extension all Indigenous cultural and spiritual imagery, was insensitive, ignorant and offensive. The producers provided the contestants with materials which were clearly intended to impose a North American Plains Indian stereotype on a distinct South American culture and to imply that all Indigenous cultures are inter-changeable. Neither the contestants nor the viewing public, were educated as to the richness and complexity of Mayan culture. The producers of "Survivor Guatemala" failed to honestly research the true spiritual and cultural significance of the objects used to objectify Mayan people and culture. This spectacle amounted to nothing more than a 21st Century Minstrel show.

3.) The producers of the show have been exploiting the Mayan aesthetic throughout the season. They have been actively encouraging the contestants to adopt the harmful stereotype of Mayan Indians as superstitious savages and promoting the racist and culturally uninformed perceptions of anthropologists and missionaries over the interpretations of contemporary Indigenous scholars. The traditions, history and culture of Indigenous Guatemalans have been used throughout the season as a mere gimmick for a trivial entertainment show and exploited for their entertainment value.

4.) There are currently NO redeeming Native American characters on the CBS network nor has there ever been a Native American contestant on "Survivor". Throughout CBS's programming, Native Americans are almost never depicted as contemporary citizens with something valuable to contribute to society.

5.) CBS continues to offer programming where stereotypes dominate in portrayals of Native Americans and to cater to the racist expectations of an uninformed public. They violate their own stated goals regarding diversity in trivializing and distorting Mayan culture for American consumption.

6.) The producers of Survivor have been irresponsible in failing to present the realities of everyday life of contemporary Mayan Indians living in Guatemala. They offered the legitimate political and cultural leaders of this community, no control over their own ethnic identity.

The Harm of Broadcasting Racist Stereotypes.

CBS is a major network with the obligation to use the public airwaves responsibly. Survivor, clearly the most blatantly racist show on network television, has ignored its obligation to respect and reflect the diversity of the public it serves. Instead, the producers have chosen to project negative stereotypes into millions of American homes. The distortion of Indigenous values to conform to the formula for a reality show, the use of campy immunity idols and other imagery and the deliberate objectification of a politically powerless cultural minority is damaging to everyone who views it.

It reinforces existing misconceptions and racial stereotypes in the non-Native population and it imposes additional barriers for Native youth in developing positive identities and in acquiring the self esteem necessary for full participation in American society.

When the producers of Survivor encourage non-Native contestants to appropriate Mayan culture for the sole purpose of winning $1 million dollars, they have every incentive to reproduce derogatory stereotypes for the audience's entertainment and no incentive to put any effort into respectfully learning about and appreciating the diversity and complexity of Indigenous cultures.

This teaches the viewing audience that it is acceptable to rely on stereotypical images and that no effort to discover the richness and inherent value of Indigenous cultures is necessary.

It further reinforces the idea that Native Americans need not be treated as full human beings and that it is acceptable to use them as fodder for play-acting. CBS has hypocritically ignored its stated commitment to promoting diversity and commoditized Mayan heritage in order to sell blockbuster movies, running shoes and automobiles. This corporate racial insensitivity is unacceptable.

Our Demands

We call on CBS and the producers of Survivor Guatemala to take immediate steps to mitigate the harm they have done by airing this episode on national television. We urge CBS to abandon its hypocrisy and follow its own diversity statement.

As broadcasters, CBS should aim to ensure that the national viewing audience is reflected accurately and respectfully in ALL its programming.

1.) The producers of Survivor and anyone responsible for providing the contestants with feathers and war paint should make a thoughtful and genuine apology on the program as soon as possible.

2.) CBS should end all non-Native portrayals of Native American culture. All information about Native culture should be presented only after the producers have sought out the consent, advice and permission from authentic Native American cultural and political leaders.

3.) Any information about Indigenous culture should be presented fairly and accurately in its proper cultural context. More Indigenous voices should be included in CBS's programming. A sincere effort should be made to include contemporary Native playwrights, film-makers, poets and rap artists in special programming designed to inform the audience about the realities of contemporary Indigenous American life as well as the historical foundations of existing racist stereotypes. Native people should be allowed an opportunity to express their own culture in their own voices.

4.) CBS should also make a sincere effort to include positive Native American role models in its programming, to broadcast Native produced programs and to include Native American actors as contestants in reality shows and as actors in its programs.

The Survivor Guatemala challenge was as appropriate as having a "Sambo" challenge for Survivor Africa. The Play-acting of stereotypes of Native American people is inexcusable in primetime American television.

We the undersigned will no longer tolerate cultural symbols used in such an insensitive and garish manner. We believe that the exploitation of cultural beliefs and symbols for entertainment must not go unchallenged.

If the producers of Survivor Guatemala do not make amends for their mockery of Indigenous culture, we will boycott the sponsors of the show. We also call on CBS to take definite steps to stop all its programming that depicts any racial group in a derogatory light.

We demand that CBS adopt and implement plans to air programs which emphasize cultural sensitivity and awareness and to refrain from ever again using racial stereotypes as a source of entertainment.

The undersigned

15. World Cultural Society

The signers of this petition agree: The World Cutltural Society is an important club and should be launched in Kinnelon High School.

We feel that this club would be optimal to cultural understanding in the town of Kinnelon, New Jersey.

16. Da An/Blowing in the Wind should be supported

Calling all patrons, past and present, of Da An/Blowing in the Wind in Nanjing, People's Republic of China.

Nanjing University intends to redevelop the area in which Da An is located as part of their expansion plan. This means that Da An will be no more! Please sign this petition to help us make it known to the University, the cultural and social significance of Da An in Nanjing, in hope that they may allow Da An to remain or provide a suitable alternative space for the bar in their plans.

We are organising a Da An music night 'Zui Zhong Yao de Shi Wanr!' for June 29th, inviting all artists who have previously played in Da An to perform in support of this cause. Please come along!

This electronic petition will support our local paper-petition and will be submitted with as many photographs as we can get of good times in Da An. If you have a photograph of yourself in Da An and wish to submit it, please attach it to an email and send to: - or post them to Shanghai Road, No. 13 Jinyin Street, Nanjing, PRC, 210000

Please help us spread the word to all those who have been to Nanjing and Da An.

17. Keep Harlem's National Black Theatre Alive

Join the Drive to Keep NBT Alive -"Putting It Back Together".

33 years of service, dedication, and commitment given to the evolutionary process of developing the authentic Culture of people of African-American decent, NBT (No Better Place to Be) is a Cultural Hub in Harlem, U.S.A. It is your "Home Away From Home". It operates out of a mission of self-empowerment and ownership. Its purpose is to recapture the cultural legacy of love for people of African Ancestry. The Black Theatre Movement is rapidly becoming extinct.

We ask you to break your barrier of silence and answer NBT's call for a Higher Love. Join NBT's "Vision for Victory". Become an active participant. Please don't stand by and watch the entire Black Arts Movement disappear. Help Keep NBT Alive! Now is the time for NBT to reclaim its power and regain its ownership rights. Let your consciousness begin to count like cash -Join the Drive to Keep Soul Alive. Cast Your Vote Now.