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Finance and other senior Ministers in Federal Government

Justice for All

Please register your 'Call for a Royal Commission into the Banking Sector of Australia', with broad terms of reference.

Many Australians are victims of Full Doc, Low Doc and No Doc LAF fraud in Australia. The President of BFCSA (Inc), Ms Denise Brailey, recently spoke at a Senate Hearing in Canberra and produced undeniable and indisputable evidence of Australian banks and lenders' widespread involvement in Loan Application Fraud.

There are countless victims who have had their houses and businesses taken illegally by the banks.

There is also the serious situation of regulators turning a blind eye to consumer complaints and the same regulators supporting the banks. The regulators are hiding behind flawed legislation and their own internal policies.

This petition will be presented to the Australian Government to indicate the Will of the People that a Royal Commission into the banking sector must be instigated as a matter of urgency.

We, the undersigned, kindly call on the Australian Government to conduct a Royal Commission into the Banking Industry.

We have multi-level evidence of serious fraud and have major issues with the Government having been severely compromised as a result of fraud, and government officials not aware of this or attempting to cover up.

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