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Since 1994, South Africa is embroiled in a dispute between the ANC, and the EFF later, and the country's white citizens. Whites face violent deaths and torture in farm attacks, while the general murder rate exceeds road deaths and is in the top 3 in the world. Our YEARLY murder rate approaches the total amount of people killed in 25 years of the Gaza conflict, and violent deaths in South Africa exceeds warzones.

FW de Klerk won the Nobel Peace Prize after a fraudulent referendum, during which South Africans had to vote either YES or No, based on premises set for either the YES or No vote by FW de Klerk. If one studies the premises, you will find that FW de Klerk won the YES vote, but fraudulently delivered the premises he assigned to what would happen with the No vote.

The result is a violent country at war with itself, with civillian casualties exceeding warzones. Every day we face violent protests, and on average 50 people are murdered every day. The ANC was a terror organisation, listed as such, and with the ANC being put in control, the legacy of human rights abuses at the ANC's Camp Quattro lives on in our daily lives. Furthermore, a majority of 10 to 1, is using race laws to protect the many against the few, thus oppressing the minority white population.

We, the undersigned, petition the Nobel Peace Prize committee to require FW de Klerk to return his Nobel Peace Prize and revoke its benefits, based on the violent nature of society in South Africa, based on his fraudulent referendum, which has caused the violent deaths of more than 600 000 people of all races over 21 years.

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