#Animal Rights
Camp Pendleton Command
United States of America

A resolution regarding ‘banned breeds’ aboard United States Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

Whereas, According to www.pendleton.marines.mil that all ‘banned breeds’ with extended waiver must have been removed by September 30th of 2012, and

Whereas, With the stress families of Camp Pendleton are emphasizing the consideration of temperament exam, and

Whereas, If an animal that is considered a ‘banned breed’ may successfully complete and pass a temperament exam annually, then they may be registered aboard Camp Pendleton, and

Whereas, If the animal fails the temperament exam, the owner does not renew it upon the anniversary of the original or the owner does not register the animal on base then they have 30 days to remove animal or receive a DNA test at the owner's expense at the base shelter, and

Whereas, If the animal’s DNA test comes back greater than 50% of a banned breed the owner must either register the animal for a temperament exam or remove the animal from base property. If the DNA test comes back less than 50% all DNA test fees will be refunded and no temperament exam will be necessary, and

Whereas, With these actions it recognizes and promotes proper animal behavior amongst the military community of Camp Pendleton; therefore be it

Resolved, That banned breeds be allowed aboard Camp Pendleton as long as they pass an annual temperament exam, be it further

Resolved, The relationships of banned breeds with not only improved care and good training, but will be a step to lessen the stigma of said breeds, be it further

Resolved, That with the ability of the families of Camp Pendleton and the Command to work together further on a solution to not only on bettering military families life, but also the pets of military families as well, therefore be it resolved.

We the people of Camp Pendleton and our families call upon the Command of Camp Pendleton to review the regulations of banned breeds and consider the resolution that is written in the preamble for banned breeds aboard the base.

It has come to attention that a various amount of breeds have been dubbed as "banned breeds" and have been given a bad reputation and stigma. For example according to petfinder.com it states, "Dog-aggression and people-aggression are two distinctive traits and should not be confused. Unless a pit bull has been poorly bred or purposefully trained to attack humans, they generally love people. they are, in fact, one of the most loving loyal, friendly and dedicated companions you can have."

Please sign and share! We need all of the support we can get! This is the beginning step to try this new Resolution in Camp Pendleton as a test subject for possibly a military wide change in banned breeds regulations.

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