Shelly Kappes, Ada, MN City Clerk
United States of America

Petition for Referendum of Resolution No. 2003-12-04
Resolution No. 2003-12-04 is the adoption of special assessments levied against property owners in the city of Ada, totaling $860,089.74,
for Street Improvement District 2003-1.

To Shelly Kappes, Ada City Clerk:
We the undersigned, citizens and qualified voters of the city of Ada, respectfully order that Resolution No. 2003-12-04, adopted by the city council on December 2, 2003, at the regular city council meeting, be repealed in its entirety by the city council. If this resolution is not thereafter entirely repealed, it shall be placed on the ballot at the next election, or at a special election called for that purpose, as the council determines. If a majority of the voters voting thereon votes against the resolution, it shall be considered repealed upon certification of the election results.

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As required by city charter, Chapter 5, sec. 5.02., this petition for referendum is sponsored by the five following voters:
Timothy E. Wagner 104 4th Street East Rolland Carpenter - 204 7th Street East Sue Merkens - 607 Lily Lane
Joyce Schlagel- 701 East 3rd Avenue Shirley Riley

A resolution, passed by the city of Ada, MN has imposed an unfair and unneeded assessment against most of the property owners of the city, for street maintance, totaling $860,000.00.

It is the intention of this petition to rescind this resolution, and force the council to take the funds necessary to pay for this project from the designated budget.

Whereas the City of Ada has passed the cost of an unneeded overlay of some city streets in the form of a special assessment;
Whereas, the city council unfairly imposed this cost on some property owners, and not others,
Whereas, the city attorney was illegally involved with the Mayor in addressing the complaints;
Whereas the city council continues to illegally change individual assessments after the certification of assessments have been completed;
Be it resolved that this petition seeks to rescind this resolution no. 2003-12-04.
Signers of this petition do affirm that they know the contents and purpose of this petition and that they have signed this petition only once and of their own free will.

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