#Human Rights
The Prime Minister of India

We the undersigned are petitioning the Indian Government to repeal the awarding of the Indira Gandhi prize to Shridath Ramphal on Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, India Day Celebrations, January 9-11th, 2003.

We consider Mr. Ramphal to be unworthy of this prize because of the well-documented atrocities that he committed as a member of Burnham's corrupt regime. Since it was people of Indian origin who mainly suffered as a result, India should not be conferring such an honour.

We believe that by honouring such a man, India is dishounoring not only the award processes but the name of the Honourable Indira Gandhi herself.

We respectfully submit this petition.

Please sign the petition for the Government to repeal the honour given to Sir Shridat Rampal.

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