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1. Repeal the honour given to Sir Shridat Ramphal

We the undersigned are petitioning the Indian Government to repeal the awarding of the Indira Gandhi prize to Shridath Ramphal on Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, India Day Celebrations, January 9-11th, 2003.

We consider Mr. Ramphal to be unworthy of this prize because of the well-documented atrocities that he committed as a member of Burnham's corrupt regime. Since it was people of Indian origin who mainly suffered as a result, India should not be conferring such an honour.

We believe that by honouring such a man, India is dishounoring not only the award processes but the name of the Honourable Indira Gandhi herself.

We respectfully submit this petition.

2. Ban American scientists from the privilege of a Nobel Prize

This petition is to ban US scientists from the privilege of a Noble Prize.

The US is using unfair competition practices and using Nazi immigration law against PhD holders from US academia forcing them to leave the US without immediate employement.

3. Abolish The Turner Prize in the UK

The Turner Prize is awarded to a British artist under 50 for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of their work. It was established in 1984 by Tate's Patrons of New Art and is intended to promote public discussion of new developments in contemporary British art.

This year's winner is renowned for exhibiting a lump of Blu-Tack and a screwed up ball of paper.

The 2001 Turner Prize winner has shown nothing but an empty gallery space with the lights switching on and off every five seconds.

The Turner Prize can no longer be taken seriously and should be abolished altogether as many of the pieces of work submitted are not worthy of being called art, let alone art developments. The examining board do not realise that they handing out £20,000 to con artists.