E-Communitcation Students
United States of America

May 4, 2006

Look at this comparison between Mr. Byer's achievments in animation, and Mrs. Robino's:

Mr. Byers:

Recently taught Advanced Animation and Audio/Video Productions at the School of Communication Arts.

2 years experience in Game Production. Character animator for Rules of the Game.

Produced game art and animation for Video Casino Extreme.

12 years experience in Animation and Video Production.

Advanced Animation/Graphic Arts Certificate-School of Communication Arts.

Award- Oustanding Achievment in Advanced Animation.

Owns and operates Cyclops Animation.

Mrs. Robino

Taught 2 years of middle school technology.

Taught 4 years of visual communications at WCTHS in Mayland.

Ajunct instructor at Hagerstown Community College, Maryland.

20 years of graphic design.

Certified in Graphic Arts + 2 years

I sometimes wonder why she is not a Graphic Arts teacher instead of being an animation teacher.

The reason that I am asking you to sign this petition is because I believe that Mrs. Robino is not qualified to be a dynamics or a gaming animation instructor, I know many that would agree.

I believe that we as animation students are being cheated by her limited knowledge in this field. I do not want to be cheated anymore and I do not want others that will be in her class next year to be cheated either. I think that everyone wants and deserves a teacher that knows what they are talking about.

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