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Gosford City Council

Gosford City Council is a member of ICLEI which is a United Nations-sponsored group which designs and writes policy for your area on land use, energy goals and measurement, and water usage.

ICLEI is a paid consultant and/or receives dues from your taxes & Rates and received Tax Exemption status in Australia.

ICLEI was formed after the United States (George Bush, Sr.) and 178 other nations met at the United Nations Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and agreed to use certain principles as their guidelines. Those guidelines include major reductions in energy and water usage, and huge increases in the number of living units in city centers. This is called UN Agenda 21-Sustainable Development.

In 1993 President Clinton formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and gave a multi-million dollar grant to the American Planning Association to write Growing Smart: A Legislative Guidebook to bring UN Agenda 21 to the United States. Smart Growth was the result. Multi-story condos or apartments over small retail with little parking, crammed in your town center. The reason for this style of construction is that, as UN Secretary General Maurice Strong said, ‘the affluence of Americans is a threat to the planet.’ Single family homes are a threat.

Across the nation, in large cities and small towns, like this one, identical programs are being rolled out. Land use restrictions, ordinances reducing energy usage, Smart Meters, school programs, & candidate trainings, are designed and implemented without your vote. You may be invited to city visioning meetings, but the outcome is decided before you enter the room.

Using ICLEI greenhouse gas emissions goals, your local government is in the process of controlling where and how you live, what you eat, what your children learn, and what laws you will live under. With the cover of ‘environmental concern’ your personal rights are being restricted. Soon, you will lose the right to travel freely without being asked for your ID. Lose the right to water your garden. Lose the right to refuse a Smart Meter. Lose the right to live in a rural area. Lose the right to drive a private vehicle.

Under the guise of ‘Sustainable Development’ your property and civil rights are being systematically eliminated.


We, the undersigned, call on Gosford City Council to remove its membership from the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives.

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