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1. Demanding change in our education system

I am writing as a concerned parent of a student who is to be attending kindergarten in the year 09/10. I currently live in Clintondale which is Porter township. I was supposed to register my daughter for kindergarten this year and I am struggling with the fact that the KCSD is purely being run by power and money. Here is my story: My daughters designated school is Robb elementary. Now I am sure all of you who don't know about the "policies" are wondering why Robb when this family lives in Clintondale. Yes, I thought the same thing. So I called to get answers. And like we all know nobody ever has any. I do not want my daughter to go to Robb for the fact that it is so big. It has three kindergarten classes and Lamar Township only has 12 students in their kindergarten. This is pure ludicrous. Not only that but the fact I am going to pass three yes that's right three other elementary schools before I get to Robb. So many students are falling between the cracks of the education system and the district is allowing this to happen. I want my daughter to go to a school where to is going to get the attention that every student deserves. Next year so far there is only 25 students going to Mill Hall elementary in the kindergarten class.

Now also attending Lamar Township is a little girl who her designated school was Robb but she is being allowed to go to Lamar for the simple fact that her mother went to a board meeting and said I live in Porter Township and if my daughter goes to Robb then she will make friends in Lock Haven and I will have to drive her to Lock Haven to play with her friends. So they passed it and allowed her to go to Lamar Township.... and you call this justification. Absolutely not....I want to send my daughter to a school where I know she is going to get the education she deserves and we are going to put social power over that. Where does it end??

That's my question to you? When are we as citizens going to stand up and say ya know this mother has a point. There was a study done by a group of people who were concerned about the education system over the entire country. Whether your going to the suburbs of San Fransisco or a small town like Mill Hall/ Lock Haven results all came out pretty much the same and the results will blow you socks right off.

It was a study on students who have dropped out of school and we currently have about 30% of students dropping out and 45% of those students said that they dropped out in high school because during their elementary education years they were simply not prepared to handle the knowledge at the high school level. WHAT?!?!? That is what is going on here folks. That is what is going on. When I called the attendance office, transportation office, and the superintendents office and said all I am asking is for justification for my child going to a school that is in Lock Haven when I have an elementary school 2 miles from my house they all said the same thing....that is what the board passed. Blows me away. So in closing here is what my conclusion is.

My daughters education will be determined my a handful of people who all have political power and a better social status than John Doe down the street. Is that really justification? And at the end of the day who are we??? It is a question that we as citizens need to really think about. This is a serious situation and I am sure I am not the only mother or parent for that matter who has the same concerns. Let's come together as a community and make our education system what it needs to be. Or we will just be another statistic?

2. Pédagogie en déperdition à l'université de Constantine

Le département d'informatique de l'université de Constantine occupait, depuis sa création,des locaux du bloc des sciences situés entre ceux occupés par le département de biologie d'une part, et celui de chimie d'un autre côté.

Tout s'y passait à merveille, en témoignent les nombreuses promotions d'ingénieurs, de techniciens supérieurs, de doctorants et de docteurs, et plus récemment de licenciés , qui ne cessaient d'en sortir et se diffuser à travers les etreprises, les lycées, les universités et laboratoires en Algérie et dans tous les coins du monde. Pourtant, les biologistes et à un degré moindre les chimistes n'y voyaient que du noir! Ils en étouffaient! Aussi, dés que l'occasion s'est présentée, et forts de la présence à la tête de l'université d'un biologiste, aidé par la facilité coupable d'un chef lde département d'informatique local trop avide de responsabilité, le départ du département indésirable est décidé, quel qu'en soit le prix.

Le prix justement c'est la pédagogie bafouée devant l'acharnement des responsables à faire respirer les biologistes! A ce jour, les étudiants du département d'informatique ne savent pas à quel sain se vouer: les nouveaux locaux, qui seront un jour beaux quand il seront achevés, ne sont pas prêts pour les recevoir avec leurs enseignants et comencer enfin une année universitaire qui tarde, qui tarde! Etudiants informaticiens, mais aussi vous qui faîtes partie de la famille universitaire que les droits des étudiants intéressent et que le département d'informatique n'a pas forcément étouffé, élevez votre voix! Dites non à cette situation!

3. Petition Opposing Rezoning and Development

We, the undersigned residents of Chateau Jon Subdivision, oppose the rezoning
and development of the 6 acre property located on Hatchell Lane Section 30,
T6S, R3E, G.L.D., City of Denham Springs for the following reasons:

1. Traffic impact: with a Junior High School, a large church, surrounding
neighborhoods and businesses, the traffic would be such that it could endanger
the lives of the many children that walk to and from school. Furthermore, with
Hatchell Lane being a two laned road, it would cause significant difficulty at the
intersections of Centerville and Hatchell as well as Hwy 190 and Hatchell, both
precarious intersections today.

2. By opposing this rezoning request, it will maintain the overall appearance
of Hatchell lane which is comprised of primarily single-family homes. By
allowing multi-family housing it will compromise the integrity of the surrounding
areas and could potentially reduce the value of surrounding properties.

3. Is there any place within the city limits of Denham Springs in which
there is multi-family housing?

4. Stop New US Bankruptcy Laws

May 3, 2005

This is a petition to repeal the recently passed bankruptcy bill of April 2005. This bill essentially places financial strangleholds on lower, middle class and single parent households.

We request that an ammendment be made to the current statutes restricting abuse and repealing the current 4 year allowance for re-filing and places a lifetime cap for all persons and businesses to 3 per natural life of petitioner regardless of circumstance.

5. Reinstate Fern

Fernando, vettethreat94z, was once a member of CamaroZ28.Com's message board. He was far from a "regularly-posting" member. His many posts were once filled with sincerity, jest and, at times, vital information. Sure, he was out of line at times, but he always made sure to never push the limits of the board moderators and administrators...

...Until one day.

Fernando sincerely admits he's sorry for flaming a board moderator, but he believes that banning him was not the best choice of punishment. He states: "If I were to be given just one more chance, I'd be a productive member once again. One that abides by the rules set forth by the CamaroZ28.Com team at all times."

CamaroZ28.Com's board was the FIRST online message board Fernando had EVER registered for. He's met many members from the board and has gained many friendships from it, as well. He's gained so much from the message board and appreciated all of it. Some of the newfound skills he learned from the board are practiced in his life in North Texas. Now, since he's banned, he feels like he's lost a part of his history and identity.

Those that still talk to him know how he feels. Here's your turn to make a difference.