Jon Kyl
United States of America

We have all heard about the growing number of gamblers over these past few years. This is largely due to the growing trend in internet gambling. However, if it is illegal for anyone under 21 to gamble, why are teenagers being able to sign up, open an account, and play online for real money? However, there are some sites out there with software that can detect a real person's age, so why don't they ALL implenment this software? This law should be set straight across the board. There is no question that teens are at the most risk of falling into the habit of internet gambling. Let's put a stop to this before it gets worse!

The government today is looking to prohibit all internet gambling in the U.S., however this will cause more harm than good. We saw it happen in the 1920s when alcohol was prohibited/banned. It will just drive the industry into an illegal criminal element through underground markets. So instead of banning internet gambling altogether, we should have all gambling sites licensed and regulated so that they provide a fair, honest, and reputable atmosphere.

Included in this regulation should provide all gambling sites to implement the software that can detect a real person's age.

The government should put regulations on all gambling sites to implement software so that underage teenagers cannot gamble their money away.

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