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Children Youth n Families use unjust, unfair, and illegal tactics against parents to gain custody. These agecies are FOR PROFIT, they recieve commission payments as incentives for placing children into adoption, in our county there is a court gag order further exacerbating the civil rights breach onto local families, the staff is under educated and incompetent in the area of expertise of family dynamics. Reform is needed across the board. Highly educated and licensed individuals need hired and trained to properly handle child abuse, neglect, cases.

We, the undersigned, call on the Federal Courts to lay a legal total reform Children and Youth Services. The Family Unit is a Sacred Entity that deserves Highly Educated Overseers who are NOT motivated by Title 4 E funding. Currently, under educated, under experienced, over worked case workers are running an organization, FOR PROFIT AGENCY, who are mainly hired with backgrounds not conducive to social work. We request for ALL children and Youth Service Agencies across the nation to be required to become Non-Profit, Government Agencies first hand. Second, we request that licensed RN degree backgrounds, Therapists who hold licenses in encaptured states be hired, Doctors who hold degrees in Psychiatry be utilized instead of the current run of the mill any degree will suffice hirees. Much pain and suffering has been endured over the past decades due to incompetent case workers and supervisors.

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