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In 2003 around 100,000 Celtic fans travelled to Seville, in Spain to watch their team play in the UEFA Cup final. Even though their team lost, the Celtic fans were so well behaved, UEFA presented them with an award in recognition of this – the first time it had ever so.

Fast forward to the 2008 UEFA Cup final in Manchester, and the disgusting scenes that were broadcasted across the world of so called football fans rioting, attacking Police and assaulting rival fans in the stadium and in the centre of one of the busiest and culturally diverse cities in Europe.

Ranger’s fans have not only brought shame and disgust on their club, but on the whole league, and by association, every other SPL club. After the last 2 ‘Old Firm’ matches, Celtic Fans have been targeted in attacks by Rangers Fans, which have resulted in 1 death and one Celtic fan being hospitalised indefinitely.

Celtic fans are tired of being connected to Ranger’s, simply because they are located in the same city – just as you wouldn’t accuse Fred West’s neighbour of being a mass murderer simply because they lived next door to him, Celtic, Hib’s, Hearts and other SPL fans don’t wish to be tarnished with the same brush as Rangers Fans.

In a peaceful protest, we the undersigned pledge not to attend matches at Ibrox from this day forth, denying the club of vital revenue and showing the board, players and fans that we do not wish to be associated with them anymore!

Real Fans taking Real Action – Boycott Ibrox!!!!!

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