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1. Statue of Fergus

This man saved our club.... and we should recognise this.

2. Celtic - Pay the national living wage

Celtic football club has a noble history.

We demand that we also have a noble present and that we lead other institutions towards a noble future.



For years now ancient skeletal remains and artifacts including stone walls, stone dwellings, stone fireplaces, altars and petroglyhs carved in stone have been discovered all over New Zealand.

These remains are anscestors of this country, but instead of studying and/or preserving these priceless discoveries they have been left unprotected and under constant threat from development.

In 2005 in the Kaipara District a pig hunter found human bones. A curator of the Dargaville Maritime Museum and a team of researchers investigated the findings. They found 3 types of skeletons, some were 7-8 feet tall, some were of a small pygmy size, the others were normal.

A specialist who examined the the remains likened the small ones to a race of people living in Wales 3000 years ago. This discovery was not made public. The size and shape of the skulls found were clearly not polynesian.

An archaeologist found carbon datings around one of the one of the stone cairns near the Waipoua forest 2.3 metres down that proved there were people living in New Zealand 5000 years ago. Stone dwellings, walls and other ancient stone artifacts were also found in the Waipoua forest.

* The remains of twelve skeletons were unearthed by contractors doing earthwork on a farm in Taranaki. They were in a formal European burial ground which was similar to the bog burials of Britain. The burial ground was not known, even to the local iwi. The skeletons were well preserved in woven material but no photography or forensic testing was permitted.

* Just over a deade ago in Waikaretu, skeletons were once again discovered by earthworks contractors. They were found in a cave in stone crypts. Anthropologists were called in but the site was shut down and a 75 year moratorium was placed upon it. Stone housing found near the Waikaretu stream was crushed to use for road metal.

These are just few of the hundreds if not thousands of discoveries that have been made over the whole of New Zealand (including remains found on my family farm in Raglan) and not just recently but over many decades.

These ancient people need our voice, our strength and our unity to protect and preserve their very existence!!!

4. Keep The Green Brigade at Celtic Park

The Celtic board are trying to stop the Green Brigade season tickets for next season. Ask all Celtic fans to sign please.

5. Celtic fans want fair matches

We celtic supporters are fed up being left hurt, broken and deflated when another 'honest mistake' goes against us, for too long we have watched the SFA sweep under the carpet all of Rangers' wrong doings and covering up rangers mistakes...we are not paranoid as we have video evidence to prove these 'honest mistakes' made by refs aren't so honest after all. Enough is Enough.

6. Celtic fans Petition to the SFA

Last season a new initative was started by the SFA in relation to introducing video evidence. If Gordon Smith and the SFA are serious in wanting to clean up the game in relation to simulation or career threatening challenges, as they have indeed indicated. Then they need to be consistent in their actions.

The Celtic supporters who have signed this petition are behind the SFA's initiative and call for Scottish Football’s governing body to act with clarity and consistently in order to keep the integrity of our game intact.

7. Talk Celtic, Lower Matchday Ticket Prices

Celtic home tickets 25 to 30 pounds need to be cheaper.

8. Stop the Old Firm bully tactics!

As you will have seen in the press. This season, Rangers and Celtic sent proposals to all other SPL clubs asking them to pay a 5% surcharge to distribute tickets to their own supporters for away matches.

i.e If Celtic played Hearts at Tynecastle last season. Hearts sent tickets to Celtic and Celtic sold them. The money for these tickets then went back to Hearts.

This season Celtic would only send 95% of that money back.

All of the SPL clubs disagreed with these plans.

This morning (1st August 2008) Dundee United have stated that they have had to accept this 5% charge as Celtic have told them "If you don't pay, we don't take ANY tickets!" which stands to cost United £100,000.

In other words. The two biggest clubs in Scotland are now standing together to BULLY the smaller teams out of money that most of them can ill afford.

It's time for the 10 other clubs to test the resolve of Rangers and Celtic. If they threaten to send no fans. Fine! Sell those tickets to your own fans. Create an atmosphere that is as biased as the ones you face at Ibrox and Parkhead. Or close those areas of the ground that they normally take up saving money in policing and stewarding costs.

9. Real Fans taking Real Action – Boycott Ibrox!

In 2003 around 100,000 Celtic fans travelled to Seville, in Spain to watch their team play in the UEFA Cup final. Even though their team lost, the Celtic fans were so well behaved, UEFA presented them with an award in recognition of this – the first time it had ever so.

Fast forward to the 2008 UEFA Cup final in Manchester, and the disgusting scenes that were broadcasted across the world of so called football fans rioting, attacking Police and assaulting rival fans in the stadium and in the centre of one of the busiest and culturally diverse cities in Europe.

Ranger’s fans have not only brought shame and disgust on their club, but on the whole league, and by association, every other SPL club. After the last 2 ‘Old Firm’ matches, Celtic Fans have been targeted in attacks by Rangers Fans, which have resulted in 1 death and one Celtic fan being hospitalised indefinitely.

Celtic fans are tired of being connected to Ranger’s, simply because they are located in the same city – just as you wouldn’t accuse Fred West’s neighbour of being a mass murderer simply because they lived next door to him, Celtic, Hib’s, Hearts and other SPL fans don’t wish to be tarnished with the same brush as Rangers Fans.

10. No to Old Firm - Guilty By Association

For years Glasgow Celtic and its supporters have been found guilty by association due to Rangers Football Club and their fans' behaviour.

Up until now most of this has been swept under the carpet by the Scottish media to defect the damaging image of Scottish football, however recent trouble has emerged from Manchester, and only now is the whole world sitting up and seeing what these animals are actually all about.

This club until recent years would not sign a catholic player, are linked heavily with sectarianism, racism and are even happily chanting songs tarnishing a dead legends name.

In 2003 over 200,000 Celtic fans crossed Europe by car, boat, bus and plane to head for Seville for the UEFA cup final against Porto, we lost that game, but over the whole period of time the Celtic fans were there, there was NOT ONE incident of trouble and only 1 arrest made.

Indeed Celtic fans won an accolade of admiration from the whole world and of course a special award from UEFA due to their good behaviour. However when you look at Rangers recent final, 42 arrests, rioting with police, looting shops and opposition fans being stabbed not to mention the rest.

It is on this note I demand action be taking by immediate effect to ensure the name "OLD FIRM" is replace by the typical CELTIC V RANGERS or vice versa. I will also be using this petition as a sign of encouraging UEFA to ban Rangers football Club from all European tournaments with immediate effect.

This club will forever destroy the image of Glaswegians, the city of Glasgow and of course Scotland as a whole.

As football fans i would encourage all people to spread the word and try for once to get free of the tag OLD FIRM, by my opinion and thousands more. WE ARE GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.

This petition will be posted to UEFA, the SFA and PETER LAWELL.

Yours in Celtic


Thank you

11. Defending Jock Stein

A section of Rangers fans have started a sick and despicable campaign against the late Celtic & Scotland manager Jock Stein.

They allege that he was involved in covering up child abuse in the 1970’s but their campaign is based on hatred and lies and more importantly, absolutely no concern for the victims of child abuse.

These people are using child abuse as a means to score points against their rival football team, Celtic. They use child abuse to sell t-shirts and scarves with sick slogans on them so they are even trying to make money out of this.

The Scottish media has ignored this entirely but that is nothing new. Rangers fans have been singing anti-Catholic and racist songs for 100 years and it’s only now they have been forced to stop due to UEFA intervention, not pressure from the media in Scotland so it’s no surprise they get away with this sick campaign against Jock Stein unchallenged.

Since neither the Scottish media nor Rangers FC themselves seem interested in tacking this problem, we Celtic fans are asking Celtic FC to take action themselves.

*** Please click here to go to the website for more information about this petition ***

12. Anti Reid Protesters - Shut Up

John Reid, a very high profile politician, has been appointed as the new Chairman of Celtic Football Club.

As a result of this, many people have decided to take a moral stance against the appointment of this supposed "war criminal".

We support the appointment of John Reid and would like the anti-Reid campaigners to accept the decision and button it.

Your protests will make no difference.

13. Defend the Nations - Scotland, England, Wales

Why should Scots be governed by people in London as well as Edinburgh? Why can't the people of England have a national parliament? Why does Wales have to be led by its larger neighbor? Why can't Scotland, England, and Wales be independent nations AND partners together?

More and more, these questions are being asked. The answer? Abolish the union and begin forging a new partnership as sovereign nations with a valuable interest and investment in each other.

The time is now. Add your voice today.

14. Sunday Ferry to Stornoway for the HebCeltFest

March 06, 2006

The Hebridean Celtic Festival in Stornoway is now in it's 11th year.

For the past 10 years more and more people have come to the Isle of Lewis to enjoy one of the most intense music festivals in an amazing setting. One (if not the only) drawback is the part of getting there and back. The main way of transport to the island for most festival visitors is the Calmac Ferry.

Unfortunatly there is no ferry running on Sundays, and with many people having to work on Monday again, people tend to leave with the last ferry on Saturday. This also being the last day of the festival, means the gigs on saturday evening are not as well booked as they should be!

In order to enable more people to enjoy the fantastic shows on Saturday evening, we are hoping to get Calmac to organise at least one run of their ferry to Ullapool for Sunday.

15. Celtic fans Sing for Stan

December 30, 2205

This is not your average petition, this is a cry for all Celtic season ticket holders, and Celtic fans around the world.

Stan Petrov is a legend and we must voice our admiration, we MUST sing his name at parkhead.

Why this is not done on a regular basis is puzzling.

16. Craig Bellamy to sign for Celtic

Help make Craig Bellamy join Celtic.

17. Block glasgow in on footie days

Most Rangers and Celtic fans are not from Glasgow. By not allowing people into Glasgow this would reduce the bigots funding their cause through football.