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1. Save Aberdeen Music Centre

NOTE: This is not the petition you signed in February - This is another campaign because the council broke the promises they made after that petition.

The Local Authority want to change the provision for Aberdeen Music Centre bands and orchestras. Without your help, the bands and orchestras will stop or the service will be seriously diminished. The bands will NOT be starting in the new academic year – not all of the parents and pupils involved have been made aware of this.

Music is vitally important for our city and our children. The Aberdeen Music Centre bands and orchestras have a rich tradition spanning more than 50 years.

To find out more about this campaign, please visit our website

2. South Dakota Against Refugee Resettlement Program

There are currently 2 primary refugee resettlement sites in South Dakota.

There is one in Sioux Falls and another in Huron. There has been talk that they are going to make Aberdeen a primary site also. Lutheran Social Service is the group that is bringing the refugees to our state. They are receiving an average of $5,000-$8,000 per refugee that they bring in.

The FBI director has said there is no way to properly vet these refugees. Last year, a Congressional Research Service report shared "that 74 percent of the refugees who arrived in the past five years were on food stamps, 56 percent were accessing Medicaid, 47 percent were receiving cash assistance, and 23 percent were in public housing. Only 11 percent were getting health insurance through an employer."

Please join us in telling our Governor and elected officials that enough is enough.

3. Save Kelly's Cats

Save Kelly's Cats...

Kelly's Cats are cherished by Aberdonians and have been part of their culture since 1908.

4. Support Lidl Torry

Lidl is proposing to upgrade and relocate its existing store on Wellington Road to a new site on the corner of Wellington Road and Greenwell Road in Aberdeen. We are delighted to be in a position to commence consultation with the local community on Lidl’s proposed plans.

Lidl's existing site provides a number of constraints in relation to size and location, which make it unsuitable for redevelopment or extension. The new Lidl of the Future (LOF) store requires 2 acres of land and, unfortunately, the existing site is only 1.3 acres. If Lidl was to construct the LOF store on this site, the design would be compromised and the number of parking spaces would be significantly reduced by over half.

In addition, the existing site is bordered by Wellington Road, a railway track and a site occupied by another foodstore. This means that any extension to the existing store would result in the loss of parking spaces. The entrance to the existing site also splits the car park in two, which leaves a large number of the available space unused.

As part of this relocation process we are in negotiations with a non-food operator about occupying our existing site. Peter Vardy will be vacating the new site, where Lidl will be constructing its LOF store, and relocating its Land Rover franchise to 132 Wellington Road (the former Glencraft site), to sit alongside Jaguar in a state of the art newly built dealership.

The new Porsche dealership has recently been built on a site adjoining Balmoral Business Park, Wellington Road and they are currently trading from that location. The total investment projected by Peter Vardy Limited in the area is £20 million and they employ 150 people across the 3 dealerships.

This relocation will provide better access to a Lidl store for neighbouring communities, as it will move closer to the boundaries of adjacent wards and resolve the issue of the road crossing at Lidl’s existing site, which will remain open throughout the relocation process. It will also lead to up to 25 new jobs being created, from Customer Assistants to Store Management, with Lidl being the first retailer in the UK to introduce the living wage for employees.

The relocation of Lidl’s Wellington Road store is part of a multi-million pound pipeline of investment, which will contribute to improving the overall retail experience of Aberdeen residents. This programme of modernisation in Aberdeen also includes the construction of a new LOF store on Inverurie Road, Bucksburn, for which Lidl received planning consent on 25 January 2016.

We have launched a website ( as part of our comprehensive public consultation exercise. On the website you will find the plans for Lidl's proposed store, as well as information regarding how you can register your support in addition to signing this petition.

5. Don't Ban our Rowie!

The Rowie has been a tradition in the North East for hundreds of year. Folk should be allowed to eat Rowies whenever they want, however they want.

Loads of other foods they should be worring about. Not our traditional rowie!

What's next? Our mealies!

6. Save Bon Accord Baths

Bon Accord Baths is a unique Art Deco public bath house, built in the 1930s and located in the centre of Aberdeen. The building benefitted from a major renovation in 2007/2008 but has never been reopened to the public.

Aberdeen City Council has recently put the building up for sale.

7. Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen: Common Good Land

Union Terrace Gardens in the centre of Aberdeen is common good land, owned by the people of Aberdeen.

It is the only city centre green space in the city. It is NOT a development opportunity.

8. Give sacked nurse her registration back

North-east nurse, Nicola Cheyne, has launched a legal battle after she was sacked for picking up an apparently abandoned child off the street.

She has also been suspended from the entire nursing profession after she found the youngster running about on a busy road while she was on duty.

She decided to take the little boy – who had been jumping in and out of a parked car – to her next appointment and left a note on the windscreen to let his parents know he was safe.

Miss Cheyne, a mother-of-three from Aberdeen, who had been working at the city’s Garthdee Medical Practice, was later sacked from her post and an investigation by nursing watchdogs was launched.

But she said she had only done what any other caring person would have in her position.

Following a flood of support from the public – including from a local doctor and politicians – Miss Cheyne has vowed she will not give up “without a fight” in her bid to win back her registration.

“They said it was gross misconduct. They said I hadn’t taken the child into account,” she said. “But as far as I was concerned I did the right thing for the little one.”

Dozens of messages of support have been voiced for the nurse, slating the “heavy-handed” punishment handed out.

To support Nicola as she fights to win back her registration, please take the time to sign this petition.

9. Sir Ian Wood: Send your £50 Million to Africa As Promised!

Billionaire Sir Ian Wood wanted to build a giant granite web over Aberdeen's only green city centre, free access park. This was meant to magically enhance the city centre - but the City had to borrow £92,000,000 - money it can ill afford to gamble on a speculative real estate deal. Such schemes are causing economic havoc in Spain and in the US. The city's new administration is Labour-led. Labour's election pledge was to stop this scheme, which it did. Labour pointed out that a recent referendum was a non-binding consultation exercise - one in which a handful of business people (who are keeping their identities secret) spent far more on an advertising blitz than official campaigners were allowed to. Material produced by this group contained claims which have little sound basis, yet no regulatory body was able to intervene in this referendum's advertising.

The scheme to build a granite web for £140 million has already eaten through a large quantity of taxpayer money committed by a quango (ACSEF), billed to the taxpayer by the Chamber of Commerce. Audit Scotland and other regulatory bodies have been asked to investigate the scheme's genesis and operation. (details can be found on

Sir Ian claimed in February he would instead spend his money on charitable works in Africa if we turned him down. This idea is now subject of a U-turn. Please ask him nicely to help Africa and not give Aberdeen any ultimatums.

10. Bring forward Gateway Kintore: facilities needed now

Indicative plans have been drawn up for the Gateway Kintore development on site G60 adjoining the Broomhill junction on the A96 at Kintore.

These plans include a supermarket and filling station, along with hotel, restaurants, nursery, play barn, business and sports facilities, benefitting Kintore, Kemnay, Blackburn and other Garioch communities.

The plans include a proposal to upgrade the Broomhill roundabout, retaining direct access to Kintore for traffic from Aberdeen. Under the alternative plans, this traffic would be diverted.

Wherever you live, if you can see the benefit of Gateway Kintore, please sign the petition.

11. Tullos Hill Meadowlands & Deer Park

Controversial plans to plant 89,000 trees on Tullos Hill, Aberdeen, are under fire from the public, community councils, animal charities and experts. This petition seeks to preserve this crucial wildlife habitat as the rich meadowland it already is. The city has approved plans to build on other nearby meadows, which will be lost forever.

The tree planting scheme would require a cull of roe deer - because it is allegedly the cheapest option to protect the trees. The deer have lived in this area for generations, live approximately 6-7 years, and according to some accounts are nearly tame. Non-lethal ways to protect the trees exist – but the supporters of the tree scheme refuse to spend money on these when killing is cheaper.

The Scottish Society for the Protection of Animals has called the tree scheme ‘abhorrent and absurd’ – a sentiment shared by the thousands who have already signed petitions to save the deer. There is no evidence the deer are in any danger of starving or over-population; the City is belatedly making sweeping statements that culls are part of land management. The original reason the cull was proposed is, and remains, the tree scheme. There was a public consultation – but shooting the deer was never mentioned at the time (even though using rabbit fences was mentioned). This consultation put out a misleading impression that animal issues had been thought through and only the rabbits were worth mentioning. This is one of the reasons the objections to the scheme are so strong.

The tree scheme also requires several years of weed-killer spraying, the effects and cost of which are unknown at this time. The proponents of the tree scheme also plan gorse clearance (gorse provides year-round food and shelter to many forms of wildlife), loss of feeding and breeding meadow and grass lands, and loss or damage to small archaeological sites which are dotted all over the hill. There are several large Bronze Age cairns on the site, which would be obstructed by trees.

There is no justification for changing one ecosystem for another - particularly when the previous attempt failed (due to weeds, vandalism, poor soil, wind and deer browsing) – which cost the taxpayer a minimum of £43,800. Perhaps there would have been less deer damage if the recommended size of tree guards had been used, but instead of the 120cm guards recommended 90cm ones were put in.

There is no proof that the new tree planting scheme would be more successful than the previous attempt. It is now recognised that meadows are being lost at a phenomenal rate, and this petition calls upon the relevant bodies to protect and enhance Tullos Hill. These are some, but not all, of the reasons why this scheme – originally a Liberal Democrat election pledge – should be abandoned.


On the 6th of December 2011, Aberdeen City Council will meet to discuss proposals which are set to “withdraw music tuition” in Aberdeen.

After the successful peaceful demonstrations and campaign of last year, assurance was given that the Music Service was safe - albeit with a massively reduced budget. Clearly that was not true – the cut proposal is back in this years Priority Based Budgeting: Draft financial budget 2012-2013 5-Year Business Plan that published on 2nd November. (

Aberdeen’s excellent Instrumental Service should be protected and taken off the table as far as making budget cuts are concerned. Withdrawing Music tuition completely will impact on many of our children’s lives. The vision for Music in the recently introduced Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland is “Performing and creating music will be prominent activities for all learners.”

Pupils who wish to learn an instrument will not have ready access to an instructor or an instrument as present and will probably have to buy their own – an option not available to many.

The Aberdeen City Council’s proposal to withdraw Music Tuition is completely at odds with the Scottish Governments stated entitlement for children.

The Music Service in Aberdeen when compared with other Scottish music service budgets costs less per child. Compare this with the fact that more than 40% of the children taking part in National Orchestras, Brass and Jazz bands come from Aberdeen City - value for money indeed!

Last year the Music Service had its budget slashed by £520k – not the £170k claimed in the new Priority Based Budget on the ACC website – and it now operates on a budget of £789k from Aberdeen City Council for its 3000 pupils.

Although the ‘Withdraw Music Tuition’ option is below the red line and is therefore under the heading of “ undesirable to progress,” it is precariously close to the red line and would become a very real option should any of the cuts above it fail to get approval.

However, there is still time to save our Music Service, which has been instrumental in Aberdeen’s development into today’s rich cultural centre. Music is something that everyone, no matter who they are or what their background is, should be able to access and enjoy. If these services go they will never return.

More information is available at F.A.I.M. (Friends of Aberdeen Instrumental Music) website and on Facebook with the same name.

Please extend your support to this cause by putting your name to this petition. Thank you.

13. Stop Aberdeen Bypass! Its a waste of my taxes!

Aberdeen City and Shire Councils and the SNP led Scottish Parliament want to spend £500 million + of tax payers money on a road to nowhere.

Road widening and better traffic management by both councils would solve all the issues without cutting a environmental swathe across the countryside.

14. Make Roadsense pay their own costs

Roadsense is an organisation that is opposing development of Aberdeen and the whole North East of Scotland to benefit their own narrow self interest. They now wish to appeal a Court judgement against their case. A judgement that upheld the findings of a legally constituted Public Enquiry.

They benefited from a court protection order that capped their liability for costs. They now wish to appeal and seek further protection from costs. These costs will be met by the tax payer. Since it is their decision to launch an appeal, they must meet their own costs.

15. Save The Belmont Picturehouse

In January, after a lengthy tender process, Aberdeen City Council awarded the contract to operate The Belmont Picturehouse to their "preferred bidder" i.e. not City Screen (the current operator). So far no progress has been made on an agreement for the new company to takeover.

City Screen will finish operating The Belmont on 26th May 2011 and there is a real danger that if no agreement is in place by this date that the cinema could close to the general public.

The aim of this petition is to show the Council that The Belmont Picturehouse is a valued cultural entertainment venue within the community and closure would not only threaten the jobs of the people that work there but also affect the cultural output of the city.

16. Stop the Tullos Deer Cull

Aberdeen City Council have designated Tullos Hill as a site that they want to plant trees on as part of a 'tree for every citizen' scheme. However their is a long-established Roe Deer community on Tullos Hill and they would eat the saplings.

On 3rd March 2011 the Council provisionally took the decision to cull the deer. However they have postponed the cull until 10th May to allow people to raise £225,000 to fund tree guards and other measures to protect the saplings.

This is completely outrageous. They is no demand to put trees on Tullos Hill and even if the Council believe that trees are a good idea there is no need to kill the wild animals whose home it is.

Animal welfare groups are dismayed, for example, Scottish SPCA's Mike Flynn said:"We firmly believe culls should only take place to protect the public or for animal welfare reasons.

"It is absurd and abhorrent to undertake a cull because it would be too costly to protect trees.

"We would suggest these trees should either be planted elsewhere or not at all. Trees should certainly not be planted at the expense of the lives of animals."

Please sign the epetition and together we can save the deer.

17. Aberdeen Education in Crisis

Councillors in Aberdeen City are proposing to slash the number of Pupil Support Assistants. This will have a devastating effect on children's education in Aberdeen.

There has been no consultation with parents on the proposal. Pupil Support Assistants provide a vital service which must be sustained to ensure that all children in Aberdeen are supported and encouraged to fulfil their potential.

Cutting the service will ultimately exclude some children from education, which is thier right.

18. Save Aberdeen ASN and PSA Services

In order to save money, Aberdeen City Council is proposing drastic cuts to education services for children across the city and those with Additional Support Needs (ASN). Specifically, they are proposing to cut Pupil Support Assistants (PSA's) by 50% or possibly even 100% in all primary and secondary schools, and raise class sizes in ASN bases from 7 to 10 pupils.

The last time they cut PSA's was in February 2009, and they promised an impact analysis of that action but have consistently refused to release it to the public.

We, the undersigned, firmly reject these cuts to educational services proposed by Aberdeen City Council. We feel that any reduction in the number of PSA's in the classroom, by any percentage, will have a detrimental effect on our children, their teachers, and the rest of the school population.

Furthermore, we feel it is not prudent to make further cuts without an impact analysis from previous cuts. We also do not accept a move to increase class sizes in ASN bases from 7 to 10 pupils. This, coupled with a reduction in teacher and PSA numbers, will mean our children are left with severely impaired educational support. Many of our children will also be left unsafe and their teachers subject to increased stress.

Children are a vulnerable population because they often cannot speak for themselves, and they need our help now. Please stop this vicious attack on our children by Aberdeen City Council and sign our petition!!

19. Postpone 30STM's Aberdeen Concert 03/12/10

**UPDATE - Dec 4, 2010**

They ignored us and went ahead with the gig. Thus I propose they honour unused tickets for future gigs, I started a petition about it, so please sign it


Due to the recent weather many fans are unable to attend this event. The roads are too dangerous to drive on. Airports closed. Trains are no longer running.

This is making it virtually impossible to get to and from Aberdeen! Hundreds of fans will be unable to attend and will lose out on money.

Thus, we're asking that the band simply postpone the concert for a later date.

20. Halt the Redundancies of Staff at Gray’s

We the students of Gray’s School of Art were concerned to hear of proposed staff redundancies at our Art School.

Staff at Grays School of Art were called to a meeting with Prof. John Watson, the Dean of Design & Technology on Wednesday 6 October 2010 and told that the Art School had a budget deficit and needed to make savings of £500,000 and these savings would be met through staff redundancies. They were told they would all receive the option of voluntary redundancy.

We are concerned that other options for saving money and funding the Art School have not been fully explored. Redundancy on such a wide scale will severely damage the quality of teaching that the school has always managed to provide.

21. Anti NIMBY Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

A small minority of NIMBY's in our area are trying to derail all progress in the area and the majority of the local population need a voice.

22. Union Terrace Gardens, Aberdeen and Peacock support

Despite widespread local opposition, Aberdeen City Council has voted on 19 May 2010 to fill in its only green city centre space to create a vast square.

The creation will be the end of the historic Denburn Valley, the end of 80 previously listed beautiful trees which clean the city centre's are, and which will cost over £140 million according to current estimates.

The city can find money for this plan it says, but yet cannot fill its many potholed roads and it has cut many programmes for people with special needs and carers.

23. Increase Reservoir Storage on Aberdeen Plateau

Enough studies! Construct new and larger reservoir(s) on the Aberdeen Plateau for years when snow/rainfall is heavy so our beautiful community and properties are sustained in dry years.

24. Support the City Square Project

In 2008, Sir Ian Wood pledged £50m of his personal fortune to creating a civic heart for the City of Aberdeen.

This heart would be created in the space of Union Terrace Gardens and the Denburn Valley.

The project is now being lead by Aberdeen City and Shire Economic Future (ACSEF) under the branding "the City Square Project" and will consult the public starting 11 January 2010 on what they would like to see included in the new space.

It is a bold, ambitious project to regenerate our city centre and help create and safeguard jobs now and in the future. Delivery of this project would firmly position Aberdeen City and Shire as a global energy centre, capable of attracting and retaining people, business and investment.

If the City Square project does go ahead, it will need to gain planning permission and funding. There will also be further detailed consultation before submitting any planning application. And should the project go ahead, it could be delivered as early as 2014.

25. Extended Opening Hours for The Moorings Bar in Aberdeen

The Moorings Bar in Aberdeen is a live music bar venue established in 1965 and has been under the present ownership since March 2002. It has a capacity of less than 200 and hosts live music on Saturday and Sunday evenings, with alternative DJs on Friday evenings.

The bar was awarded Town Pub of the Year 2008 by the local CAMRA branch, and also picked up Live Music Venue of the Year in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 at the local Fudge Music Awards.

Currently the bar closes at midnight Sunday - Thursday and 1am Friday and Saturday. There are no nearby venues with a late license that cater for the social demographic that frequent the bar, leaving them with a limited choice of destination after the bar shuts, particularly at weekends.

Over the course of the last two years the bar has substantially upgraded it's soundproofing and decreased it's maximum noise emissions down to level of existing background noise. The bar also has one of the best safety records in the city with negligible impact on police resources. All full time staff are personal license holders and there is at least one personal license holder on duty at all times.

The bar would like to remain open till 3am on Friday's and Saturdays, with it's Sunday-Thursday opening times remaining unchanged. All live music would cease before 1am, and only recorded music would be played by DJs after 1am. Live music would only feature at the weekend. Plastic glassware would come into force after 1am, or earlier if the bar is nearing capacity (as is presently the case).

26. Save the new Contemporary Art Centre in Union Terrace Gardens

The development of an iconic new arts centre in Aberdeen's Union Terrace Gardens is described as one of Scotland's most exciting cultural projects. The new centre is expected to deliver a host of economic, social and tourism benefits to Aberdeen's City Centre.

As well as annually attracting around 200,000 visitors and bringing around £4m per year into the local economy, it is also to have a strong educational focus - engaging thousands of young people with the arts and creative industries.

Examples of cultural facilities regenerating cities around the world support the need of a new contemporary art centre in Aberdeen.

This innovative project which is set to be a fantastic facility for both tourists and the local community and provide Union Terrace Gardens with better access, a safer environment and a new focal point with out being too detrimental to it's thriving ecosystem and landscape which has been evolving since the 17th century, has now been blown out of the water, and looks unlikely to survive in the face of new plans to 'deck over' Union Terrace Gardens by Sir Ian Wood.

If you believe strongly in preserving a beautiful historic landscape and helping create a brighter, better future for Aberdeen then please, sign this petition.

27. Stop the PSA Cuts Now

Aberdeen City Council has applied 6% cuts to all services to meet the budgetary requirements set by the Scottish Government. As part of the austerity measures, the Pupil Support Assistant (PSA) budget is being reduced by £2.2million. A formula has been applied across all schools in Aberdeen and PSA hours will be reduced by as much as 60%.

The PSAs are essential to the delivery of education to children with and without special educational needs. For example, a PSA will help a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder focus on a piece of work while the teacher works with the remainder of the class. The same PSA will also, when the opportunity arises, help mark and correct work done in class by a child with no special educational needs. With reduced PSA support, the teaching staff will have less time to do their current classroom tasks. The standard of education of all children will therefore be compromised if the proposed cuts are implemented in August 2009.

The formula being applied to reduce PSAs is more heavily weighted for school roll and deprivation than on the actual needs of the children. This has lead to inconsistencies in the planned PSA reductions. A large school in an area of greater deprivation, but with no special needs unit will have a relatively small reduction in PSAs. In contrast a school in an area of less deprivation, but with a special needs unit will suffer greatly. The perceived injustice of PSA cuts has been exaggerated by the injustice of the outdated formula. No assessment of needs has been done. The proposed PSA cuts are not in the spirit of the Education (Additional Support For Learning) Act 2004 and, being purely financially-driven, contravene the legislation. These cuts will impact on the delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence, the Scottish Government's flagship education policy.

In summary, the PSA cuts will affect the delivery of education to all children in Aberdeen. These children are the future of the North East of Scotland and should be shielded from the financial constraints that the elected adults in Aberdeen City Council have created.

28. Review Kingswells Roundabout

This petition is designed to encourage Aberdeen City Council to reconsider the changes made in Autumn 2008 to the approach to the Kingswells Roundabout.

It is intended for commuters who are now seriously inconvenienced by the tail-backs on the approach to the roundabout from the north.

29. Stop the Old Firm bully tactics!

As you will have seen in the press. This season, Rangers and Celtic sent proposals to all other SPL clubs asking them to pay a 5% surcharge to distribute tickets to their own supporters for away matches.

i.e If Celtic played Hearts at Tynecastle last season. Hearts sent tickets to Celtic and Celtic sold them. The money for these tickets then went back to Hearts.

This season Celtic would only send 95% of that money back.

All of the SPL clubs disagreed with these plans.

This morning (1st August 2008) Dundee United have stated that they have had to accept this 5% charge as Celtic have told them "If you don't pay, we don't take ANY tickets!" which stands to cost United £100,000.

In other words. The two biggest clubs in Scotland are now standing together to BULLY the smaller teams out of money that most of them can ill afford.

It's time for the 10 other clubs to test the resolve of Rangers and Celtic. If they threaten to send no fans. Fine! Sell those tickets to your own fans. Create an atmosphere that is as biased as the ones you face at Ibrox and Parkhead. Or close those areas of the ground that they normally take up saving money in policing and stewarding costs.

30. Support Christian Kisuka and his family's residency application to the UK

Christian Kisuka and family fled the Democratic Republic of Congo and are living in Glasgow. They are still waiting for a decision on his asylum application five years after having fled the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with his mother and sister.

Kisuka is quoted as saying, "We had to leave the Congo because it was dangerous and they were shooting people.”

Kisuka has been compared to the Chelsea and Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba. After starring for the Scottish Premier League side's under-17s and scoring 46 goals for his Glasgow-based youth team. But he is unable to take up the two-year contract Aberdeen FC (AFC) want to offer him until a decision is made on his immigration status.

Christian Kisuka has been described by Leonard Taylor head of AFC youth policy “one of the best youth football players in Scotland at his age”. Ross Mathie, Scotland's youth coach, stating that Christian would be picked for the country.”

Kisuka is quoted as saying, "I would love to represent Scotland one day and am becoming fed up because I have seen other guys I have played football with signing contracts at Aberdeen and other clubs while I have to wait for a decision.