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United States federal court

Isohunt is a free website that has been providing free movies and games to people through torrents for over a decade.

Imagine being able to download the newest movies on your computer for free and enjoying their entertainment as many times as you would like, but having that taken away by 'a US federal court' has all of a sudden which decided that torrents take too much money away from the already wealthy corporations so not only have they shut Isohunt.com down, but charged the creator with a 110 million dollar fine to compensate to the bloated businesses who already have more money than they could count to in a lifetime.

This is just another way how ordinary people have to submit to more state control and get the shaft of the US federal courts telling them they cant enjoy anything without paying big corporations 'what belongs to them'

Democracies always run the risk of being hijacked, and the US democracy has been hijacked by big corporations who say that downloading torrents of movies for free is wrong and should not be allowed because it deprives the poor millionaires that sell movies of their 'hard earned money.'

You are signing here a petition to bring isohunt back so people can enjoy free torrents of their favorite movies and games.

You are signing to keep big corporations from becoming larger and helping ordinary people with quality entertainment that has been deprived to them by the US federal court without any consent of the people.

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