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Rainbow Venues in Birmingham had license re-voked due to two incidents involving drugs in two years. one in 2015 and another in 2017. unfortunately due to the drugs one young man died in the 2017 incident.
Does shutting down venues resolve issues?
Why does the majority who have fun have to suffer due to a person deciding to take drugs?
Some clubs have lots of known violence, but they are never shut down. It Takes a Calculated blow to kill someone but you have 2 incidents of drugs in 712 days.
How come taking drugs in a greater risk than people getting attacked a lot of the time in some area's?

As we know Birmingham Rainbow Venues has had it's license Re-voked, and to be honest i know in the last two years there's been incidents with drugs, but, unfortunately the last one resulted in death.
But, the biggest problem is that some people don't understand is that THIS HAPPENS EVERYWHERE! Houses, colleges, Toilets, Cinema's, Casino's, Bars, Nightclubs, Arena's, Football Stadiums,Streets and everywhere you can think of.
This is my Beliefs:
1. Because someone decided to take drugs is that person's choice. the venue did not promote drugs or serve drugs.
2. If this happened a public toilet, Tesco or library, would you completely shut the toilets down?
3. Drugs will be taken by people whether you shut down one venue or all venues, if this act was going to happen by the person in particular, it just would of happened somewhere else.
4. I have been to the venue many of times and the security have been great at searching us and checking ID every time, you cannot by law just decide to but ur hands in someones private areas without 100% proof they have drugs
5. This venue creates and great atmosphere for Crowd and DJ's or all ages, bringing them to an environment that is protected by security, promotion and bar staff. instead of being on the streets people come here to have fun and support acts they love.
6. Yes maybe in these two instances drugs got in, maybe carried in private areas that staff cannot check without significant proof, unfortunately yes someone died in this occasion. YEs, everyone wish things were perfect but whatever you do is never 100% rate. I mean two instances in two years shows that out of 712 days there was two instances of drugs.
7. This place is a place where people work and get an income to support their family or themselves, it is also a place where dj's and producers get to play to a big crowd of people who support them, to help grow their careers and keep them working.
8. The venue has a great reputation for acts, entertainment and fun.
9. I work in Nightclubs and see police deal with fights outside nightclubs most of the time, but, why are they never shut down? its illegal to fight and it only takes one fatal blow to kill someone, but for some reason this is overlooked and nothing ever changes. But when there's one or two drug incidents suddenly council's what to shut them down.
10. 4 Parts -
a. People work here - so increases employment and gives people an income to support themselves.
b. Gives a place young people to go and have fun and see the acts they want to and make happy memories.
c. Gives producers and DJ's a place to showcase what they work for.
d. England makes tax off all these working people which helps such as unstable government at the moment with Brexit happening and the pound falling and more. It's giving us a chance to get these acts in from abroad to show were supporting other countries acts and shows that we still want to work with other countries while in Brexit.

Yes last one isa bit out there but it is a true point.

Therefore I don't see how you should spoil the fun for so many just because one person decided to take drugs and unfortunately die. remember you've closed the club on two incidents with two people. but what about all the others that attend, the 100,000's other people that went to see acts and enjoy themselves. these people didn't take drugs or try to smuggle them in, they went home and had memories and fun. so us local's who went for fun all have to suffer because someone decided to take drugs when all we wanted to do is see the acts we wanted.

That's Unfair

Why does the minority over rule the majority

that's Unfair

Therefore, I believe its unfair on the majority to re-voke their license, maybe yes sit down and discuss safety measures and maybe get tighter on them and help. but believe me, shutting down a venue isn't going to solve a drug issue for anyone or anything because if it didn't happen here it would of happened somewhere else at another time.

It's better to work together and try and help re-solve the problem than to shut something down that won't help drug problems.

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