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1. Save All-Stars lounge

Please help save a great local bar and grill in the Maple Heights. All-Stars bar and grill is a great place to come eat and have a cocktail that has been in business for two years. Now the city of Maple Heights is trying to shut us and other small businesses in the area down. Please support by signing our online petition. Every signature is greatly appreciated.

Thank You

2. "The Hive" to give out £1 drinks on weekends

The Hive is synonymous with more than fair rates on their drinks in general. Now, I'm just a day to day regular clubber at The Hive, but can't we go that one step further? The pound coin deserves a chance to shine. I would put it to The Hive that they should highly consider offering at lease, one drink, on weekend, throughout the week, that we can consistently rely on, to be a pound.

I don't care what drink it is, be it beer or mixer, good or bad (All the same to me). Even if this gift was only offered to Hive VIP's, that would go a long way in my book, I don't know about you, and WOULD be deserving of the title, Best Nightclub in Scotland.

Do YOU agree? then sign!


What was Zouk like before all this chanting started? Zouk was like a second home to many EDM lovers. But what happened?

The chanting on the dancefloor is getting way out of hand to the extent where it's louder than the music playing.

Has anyone ever spared a thought for the deejays who are trying their best to bring to you the latest hits and yet all the crowd does is to start chanting at every single drop?

Does anyone know how frustrated and helpless they feel? Dont let the deejays lose hope in deejaying in Zouk. Beat the chanting crowd and bring back the way Zouk was before all this chanting started.

Chanting crowds dont go well with brilliant music and in fact it puts the brilliant music to waste. Whatever happened to non chanting crowds and brilliant music?

Has that all been lost in Zouk's final years?

4. Get The Arches back to Over 18s

Everybody has no doubt heard that The Arches nightclub has recently been changed from over 18s to over 21s.

This is because recently a young girl who was only 17 died by taking drugs inside. Changing the age restriction age will in no way tackle this matter it will only make promoters change venues and force people get ID from somebody older or buy fake ID's.

The ARCHES is loved by many young people in Glasgow and all over Scotland people go to have a good night with friends and enjoy music from DJs that come from all over the world to play in this great venue. Now this is being jeopardised by one incident.

5. Reinstate a Woodingdean/Rottingdean Weekend Night Bus

Until recently, Brighton & Hove Buses ran a Nightclub Bus Service [N97] from "Kingsway, Babylon Lounge" to Rottingdean, via Woodingdean.

Now that the service has ended, people in the Woodingdean and Rottingdean areas have been left without a way to get back home after going into town at night, unless they can afford an expensive taxi.

6. Stop Lapdancing in Leamington High Street and the Town

Opened in 2008 Shades Nightclub has been offering lapdancing and is applying to renew its license. The Licensing Act requires objections to be related to 4 key grounds: to prevent crime and disorder, for public safety, public nuisance and protection of children from harm. But the application I am now told is under the Miscellaneoous Provisions Act 2003 which I have been told by a council officer allows broader objections.

Housing is close by, a new student accommodation building is being built very nearby and it is a well known area for student accommodation. The railway station is a short distance away and the High Street is a shopping area including women's clothing. A community office is around the corner, cafes close by, the Hindu Temple is only a stone's throw away, churches are in the area and the internationally famous Sikh Gurdwara attracting thousands of people is just up the road and amongst many wedding venues attracting business into the town.

7. Keep The Kensington

Never before has Newcastle seen a venue like The Kensington, a high-end establishment where Novocastrians can at last, socialise in style. But never before has there been so much unnecessary controversy surrounding the opening of a venue such as this.

The question that needs to be answered is: WHY? Why is there such negativity surrounding this venue, that sets the highest standard of entertainment venue in Newcastle?

Why has there been fear tactics implemented onto a venue that hasn't even had a chance to prove itself, nor encountered any negative events on its premises?
And most importantly, why are the bureaucrats and politicians dictating to the people of Newcastle that they cannot have what is rightfully theirs? And why are they stopping the opening of a venue that will provide a safe and controlled environment for people to socialise?

The people of Newcastle NEED a new place to meet their friends and socialise, that is clear. Newcastle needs to grow in its culture and needs a venue to create change to the limited offering that is currently available to young people of Newcastle. The support has been overwhelming along the way, and now it is your opportunity to help us harness this in the fight to KEEP THE KENSINGTON.

By signing this petition, your voice will be heard, we need 10,000 legitimate names of supporters to make this count, and we need it now! Once we have reached our goal of 10,000 names we will send our petition straight to Barry O'Farrell and his Government to prove that the people of Newcastle can have a voice, and that it counts.

8. New Elite Night Club For Perth

We are seeking to prove to the authorities and powers that be that Perth is in desperate need of a brand new purpose built elite nightclub venue.

9. I support Chapel Street’s entertainment precinct

Chapel Street’s entertainment precinct is vitally important to Melbourne’s lifestyle and culture. It provides employment opportunities for hospitality professionals, world class tourism options for interstate and international visitors, a place to relax, unwind and enjoy good food and good fun for Melbournians.

Chapel Street has become a Melbourne icon in itself due to its nightlife culture. Recently, a small group of retailers and residents have begun to oppose the expansion of this nightlife due to oppose the development of the hospitality industry in the area due to unfounded claims of antisocial behaviour linked to alcohol. In fact, this vocal minority would have the public believe that every person who frequents a licensed premises is a violent, antisocial drunk - an assertion that we the undersigned find preposterous.

Show your support for the Chapel Street nightlife precinct by signing this petition.

10. Revoke All Liquor Licenses for Sushi Hai/Hai Bar

Due to a unique and potentially precedent setting misapplication of several extensive liquor licenses for Sushi Hai/Hai Bar, a large nightclub with entrances on residential Lowell Boulevard south of Highlands Square, we are experiencing a serious deterioration in the quality of life and basic moral values of our neighborhood.

Thru this petition, we are hoping to raise awareness of this issue with fellow residents, businesses and government officials. We hope this effort not only helps remedy the current situation via revocation of the licenses in question, but also serves as a marker to other businesses of this type attempting to place themselves in similarly inappropriate locations and unacceptable configurations throughout the wider Highlands neighborhood.

Not a Coincidence

Since Sushi Hai was granted a wide array licenses to expand to a two-hundred seat nightclub with entrances on a residential section of Lowell Boulevard south of 32nd Street (the so-called Hai Bar) we have witnessed a dramatic increase in disturbances and acts of vandalism. These incidents include, but are not limited to: assaults; persistent noise ordinance violations; littering; public urination and defecation; destruction of gardens; beer bottles thrown against homes; trespassing; patrons smoking and drinking alcohol in front of Sushi Hai against city ordinances. On Saturdays and Sundays since expansion, residential properties adjacent to Sushi Hai are and are now often littered with cigarette butts, partially filled liquor bottles and half eaten containers of sushi. A recent survey of the residents revealed that since Sushi Hai expanded to become the largest club in Highlands Square, over fifty calls were made to DPD emergency and non-emergency line concerning Sushi Hai and it’s patrons.

We stand certain that the dramatic increase in these incidents was made possible by the extensive and irresponsible liquor licensure of this business in its current inappropriate location. Due to these shortsighted policies, Sushi Hai is now one of the largest establishments of it’s kind in all of west Denver. Most offensively to us, its two entrances are located well down on residential Lowell Boulevard, it shares an interior wall with an eighty-year resident, and it has been licensed for liquor sales until 2 a.m. – keeping them open a full two hours later than all other establishments on the square.

Disturbances and Violence

According to the letter of the law and due to their close proximity to residential homes, Sushi Hai and their patrons violate city noise ordinances on a nightly basis. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the situation becomes oppressive. By 11:00 pm noisy patrons can be seen and heard loitering on the sidewalks on their way to Sushi Hai, often with open liquor containers. By 2:00 a.m, after all the other neighborhood establishments have been closed for two hours, it’s usually at it’s worst. Over served patrons yell, scream, and carry on loud conversations without regard to residents sleeping just a few feet away. We are also regularly awakened to the sights and sounds of Sushi Hai patrons returning to their parked cars to drink, listen to loud music, and continue their festivities. They have been seen throwing empty bottles, cans, and other trash, including used condoms, into our yards as they drive away.

There have also been violent scenes. A few months ago, a large and bloody street brawl erupted among Sushi Hai patrons, and spilled south down Lowell Boulevard. It resulted in a young man laying bleeding and unconscious in the middle of Lowell Boulevard, directly in front of a neighbor’s home. Of course the accompanying ambulances and police cars were a further disturbance, albeit a welcomed one. On a Saturday night in April, two households were awakened at 1:25 a.m. by an over served woman on the stairs Sushi Hai yelling unintelligibly. Neighbors called the non-emergency police number. She was physically restrained by a Sushi Hai security guard/DPD officer for thirty minutes, yelling and screaming a few feet from residents homes, and finally began screaming, Rape, Rape, Rape. Those who heard were horrified and called police emergency. She was finally picked her up in a paddy wagon after 2 a.m. One warm midnight last fall as windows were open and music blared from the car parked in front of his house, the father of a sick infant, went to the car and politely requested that the occupants decrease the volume. The father, who recognized the men as Sushi Hai patrons, was threatened that if he didn’t stop harassing them, he would be shot. That family will be moving from this Highlands neighborhood in May.

11. Bring Back Pleasure Island Night Clubs at Walt Disney World NOW

This entertainment venue that was taken from the public, without asking them how they felt about it, by The Walt Disney Company was know as Pleasure Island. This venue consisted of 7 night clubs that the public frequented very regularly.

These night clubs not only provided great entertainment for the adult vacationers, it also provided many jobs to The Walt Disney World Resort not only on the entertainment side of the house, but on the operations side of the house also.

This also provided a great entertainment experience for all of the adult guests, locals and visiting guests also.

12. Re-open Jumpin Jaks Gloucester

In 2006 “The Best Party in Town” or as it was more commonly known “Jumpin Jaks” in Gloucester ceased its operations. For so many people in Gloucester, JJ's was known for its great party atmosphere, especially to the older generations and those who fancied a change from the other clubs on offer.

Over the past two years, the number of people actively clubbing in Gloucester has risen significantly. As a result of this, we have seen numerous major UK chain bars and restaurants make their move to Gloucester. Most notably, Lloyds No.1 Bar, J.D Wetherspoons and Varsity. Many of Gloucester’s nightclubs have also had major refits during this time to cater for the ever increasing number of people, wishing to make use of their facilities.

Having visited other Jumpin Jak’s locations, it is clear that the brand’s image is still very strong, most noticeably in Cardiff, thanks to its excellent entertainment team. This is something that could definitely be brought to Gloucester.

What Gloucester is also currently lacking are student nights. Jumpin Jaks would instantly produce an attractive venue for students throughout both Gloucester and Cheltenham and with the proposed build of a new campus for Gloucestershire University, the city will see hundreds of new students living in Gloucester by 2012.

The 3D-Entertainment Group currently owns and operates the "Envy-Lansons" Nightclub on Quay Street, Gloucester which is due to become a "Studio 25" very soon. Ideally it would be more beneficial if both "Studio 25" and "Jumpin Jaks" were to exist in the city. However given the choice, the "Jaks" location would probably be favored over that of "Envy-Lansons" by the general public and so it has been suggested that an option could exist by which trade is ceased at the "Envy-Lansons", Quay street location and moved to the old "Jumpin Jaks" site on Brunswick Road.

The Jumpin Jaks site is currently still being marketed for sale on a freehold basis and has planning permission for a complete demolition, so any action would need to be taken before the site gets snapped up by another retailer!

The aim of this petition is to show the owners of the “Jumpin Jaks” brand that the people of Gloucester need a new nightclub which caters for all kinds of people and gives them a place to party each and every weekend. The memories that so many people share could once again be brought alive!


Police call for club closure.

POLICE are calling for the permanent closure of the Pav nightclub in Matlock Bath.

On Tuesday evening Inspector Paul Corton, of Matlock Police, met with angry residents and parish councillors who claim the venue is a magnet for anti-social behaviour and under-age drinking.

He confirmed officers would be presenting evidence to the district council’s licensing committee which would warrant closure of the venue. The moves comes after a double stabbing outside the club on February 10.

Insp Corton told the meeting: “Our case will not hang just on the events of February 10 because there has been a constant drip of incidents occurring for some time.

“We feel the situation is so serious that we have to go for revocation of the premises licence.

“We will be presenting evidence to say the venue is having a negative impact on the community.”

Police are also investigating whether there is a case to seek revocation of the management’s personal licences – which could prohibit them from running other venues now and in the future.

Licensee of the Pav Simon Ball was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press but he previously told the Mercury he was working with the police.

Residents, who did not want to be named in the paper, were angry that licensing officials did not attend the meeting despite being invited, but it was mooted that their attendance might prejudice the impending review.

A member of the public said that people in the village were scared by regular incidents of anti-social behaviour which they say stem from the nightclub.

They added: “It’s unacceptable for this to happen in a residential village.

“I’m disappointed that the district council licensing officials haven’t attended tonight.

“They license things without having to live with the effects.”

Another resident said: “It seems like there’s a suspension of normal society rules between 10pm and 4am on a Friday and Saturday night.

“Anti-social behaviour ranges from urinating in people’s gardens to anything remotely portable being thrown. Twice a week I’m woken up by people shouting and banging on my house.

“It is insidious corruption of all the values we want.”

A licensee and member of the newly-formed Matlock Bath Pubwatch, claimed: “We all work so hard to prevent under-age drinking but I feel (The Pav) are working to a different set of rules.”

Matlock Bath Parish Council chair Belinda Heaney said: “If Derbyshire Dales District Council opts to hear The Pav’s review we would object on the grounds that the district council owns the building and therefore has a vested interest.”

Councillors also urged all interested parties to make representations once the review is called.

Derbyshire Dales District Council’s head of community services, John Morris, said: "The district council are the licensing authority.

“This function was passed from the Magistrates Court and is entirely separate from any other activities which the district council has responsibility for."
08 March 2007

14. Support Moda Night Club

Moda Nightclub opened in the fall of 2002 in the Market Square District in Ohio City.

Since it's inception, Moda has proven to be a valuable asset to the growing business community and continues to strive in its efforts to retain it's standing as a good neighbor.

Over the course of the last 4 years, Moda has lent itself and services to local residential, commercial, political and nonprofit organizations that surround the facility.
Due to Moda's unselfish support of these organizations. over $100,000.00 has been raised benefiting the people of Cleveland and their various entities. Moda employs over 50 Clevelanders resulting in $10,000.00 and greater in monthly wage taxes benefiting both Cuyahoga County and The City of Cleveland.

Moda has been made to and continues to battle the very vocal few in an attempt to keep its doors open. This minority has launched a vendetta against Moda and it asks that those in support of the business assist in keeping the community asset alive while in the face of this opposition.

It is asked that you sign this petition, engage your local community and political leadership and to support the businesses now inhabiting the Market Square District.

We encourage you to contact Ward 14 Councilman Joe Santiago and express your support of Moda Nightclub. He can be contacted at 216-664-3706
Also the Ohio City Development Corp. at 216-781-3222.

Thanks for all your help and support.

15. Save Sal's Social Life!

January 21, 2006

One month ago, the above-mentioned frequenter of The Edge Nightclub was removed from the premises and barred. The reason behind these events lie within a questionable act which she performed within the confines of a cubicle in the women's bathroom.

She is aware that she and the other party involved were at fault and she apologises for this high-spirited incident and assures the management and staff of the venue that it shall not happen again.

Taking into account that she has been a frequent visitor of the club for 5 years, has assisted in organising past events, has DJed at the venue on occasion and that far worse acts have been perpetrated over the years, we feel she should be allowed a second chance and let back into the club, on the understanding that she is on her best behaviour.

16. Lower the Drinking Age in the USA

As an adult, I am angry at the way I am treated just because I am 19 years old. My main problem is the restrictions on alcohol. "Minors," as we are called when in the presence of alcohol, have the right to fight for this country and vote. And not only am I upset that I cannot even have one drink, it is also the restriction from just about everywhere that serves it. Limitations should not be put on adults simply based on their age.

Anyone under the age of 21 cannot walk into TGI Friday's, a simple restaurant over the hours of 10:00 PM. That same person though, can sit down for a meal at 2:00 in the afternoon with a table of 30-year-olds drinking margaritas at the next table. There are hardly any nightclubs that allow anyone under 21 just because they are in the presence of alcohol. Being denied access to a nightclub gives minors very little options of what to do during their weekends. Most of the time, this leads to staying at home, or going to a friend's house where they are out of the public's eye and are able to drink. This can become a problem because they hardly have the chance to learn to drink responsibly. Being in the comfort of someone's home allows him or her to drink too much because the opportunity to just stop and "crash" on the couch, is there.

A lot of minors do not even want to go to a nightclub to just drink. They want to dance and they hardly get the opportunity to. The music in the 18 and over club is very limited and it is wrong to assume that everyone in a certain age range wants to listen to one type of music. It is so insulting to be an adult who is able to take care of their own responsibilities, but yet is so limited as to what they can do.

An adult is an adult and to separate a group from another just because of age is discrimination. This is supposed to be a country of equal rights and if we are all equal between skin color and sex, then an adult should not be less privileged than another because of his or her age. If 18 to 20-year-olds are not meant to share the same privileges as others, then take away their adulthood altogether. The privileges to serve the country and vote should also be taken away. Everyone matures differently and there is no way you can assume every 18-year-old is not yet responsible to drink and that every 21-year-old is. Many claim that if the age limit is lowered to 18, then the demand to lower it even further will rise. These people seem to forget that the difference between an 18-year-old and a 17-year-old is the simple fact that you are legally an adult at the age of 18.

When one hits the age of 18, they are most likely still living at home with their parents. If you give these young adults the chance to go to a bar with their parents to have their first drink or two, you let them learn responsibly from their parents the way to handle alcohol. At the age of 21, many adults are out of their parents' homes and experience what is supposed to be their first drink without any supervision. They drink too fast without knowing their limit because no one is there to warn them.

To most who are banned from it, alcohol is a sort of "forbidden fruit." As Dr. Ruth Engs, a professor at Indiana University has stated, "Lowering the drinking age would help send the important message that drinking is, in itself, not evidence of maturity... that responsible consumption for those who choose to drink is evidence of maturity." Japan is a country with a 20-year-old age limit for alcohol, but is not strictly enforced. Many have easy access into clubs and bars and when you are used to this as a minor, drinking is not a huge deal. You are treated more respectfully and there is no need to go against the law. By going out at an early age, you learn to drink responsibly at an early age.

17. Young Offenders Act

Accused has long record
Linked to gang rape when only 11

By TOM GODFREY -- Toronto Sun

A 17-year-old male charged in the shooting death of Chemere Roache has been in and out of youth court since he was 11 for various offences including rape, armed robbery, auto theft and weapons offences.

The youth now faces second-degree murder and attempted murder charges in connection with Wednesday's shooting outside a Rexdale nightclub that left Roache, 18, dead and her boyfriend injured.

A second suspect in the shootings, Christopher St. George Clarke, 24, surrendered to police on Thursday. Officers intensified their search yesterday in the Jane St.-Finch Ave. area for two other suspects, Matthew Chiemaka Weir, 21, and Devon Ramdeen, 24.

Police said the 17-year-old North York youth, who lives with his single mother and older brother, has a long rap sheet.

"It was only a matter of time before we got him again," an officer said yesterday.

The youth was implicated after three other minors were charged several years ago with gang-raping a 13-year-old girl on her way home from school. But he was never charged because of his age.

A provincial court judge said the boy, who removed the jeans of the Grade 7 student and had sex with her in a bedroom, was the group's ringleader.

Police said the boy taunted officers that he couldn't be arrested because he was under the age of 12, and couldn't be charged under the Young Offenders Act.

"He was arrogant, self-confident. He knew he had us," an officer said at the time. "He was fully aware of his rights. He was using the YOA to protect himself from the law."

The judge who presided over the trial of the three youths in the rape case said he wasn't impressed with the boy's testimony.

"He was a complete liar in giving evidence," the judge said.

"The only thing I believe from what he gave us was his name, address and date of birth."

The boy was ordered to undergo a psychiatric assessment and serve three months in a juvenile home. He was placed in temporary custody of the Children's Aid Society.

"He will be back," an officer whispered in court after sentencing. "It's only a matter of time before he kills someone."

Roache's mom Carol said she was concerned by the youth's constant run-ins with the law.

"He was always getting into trouble from the time he was small," she said yesterday from her Etobicoke home. "But to bring it this far that someone has to die, there's no words for me to say. I'm just shocked."

Roache said her daughter's funeral will be held either next week or on Easter Monday.

Det.-Sgt. Craig Sanson said yesterday more than 10 shots were fired in the hail of gunfire. He said the shooting was sparked by a minor disagreement at the Apollo nightclub between Roache and four men.

"It wasn't much of an argument," Sanson said. "It was a relatively small incident."

Meanwhile, Clarke appeared for a bail hearing at 361 University Ave. court yesterday. He has also been charged with second-degree murder and attempted murder.

Clarke sat sullen looking in the prisoner's box, dressed in a baggy sky blue FUBU jacket over a grey hooded sweatshirt and black jeans.

He was remanded in custody until April 24.

-- With files from Jonathan Kingstone and Philip Lee-Shanok

18. JIMnightclub

Deleten van de Nightclub kan niet !