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Hi there, i and many others believe that Raphael Varane should recieve more pace on his FIFA18 card. His current rating of 79 pace is a complete joke in my opinion. Raphael Varane is no doubt the fastest cb in the world currently and giving him not even 80 pace is autism. Aubameyang has been given the most pace for fifa 18 with his card recieving 96 pace. Now i agree that Aubameyang is an extremely fast individual, but Varane is nearly as quick as him if not faster. Heres a video clearly showing Varane ass raping Aubameyang in a pure sprint for the ball played through:

How can Varane be able to pass Aubameyang (fastest player in the world according to EA), with only 79 pace. It makes no sense to me or anyone else who plays this game we love.

We, the FIFA community, call upon Electronic Arts to increase Raphael Varane’s pace in FIFA18

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