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1. Raphael Varane pace increase FIFA18

Hi there, i and many others believe that Raphael Varane should recieve more pace on his FIFA18 card. His current rating of 79 pace is a complete joke in my opinion. Raphael Varane is no doubt the fastest cb in the world currently and giving him not even 80 pace is autism. Aubameyang has been given the most pace for fifa 18 with his card recieving 96 pace. Now i agree that Aubameyang is an extremely fast individual, but Varane is nearly as quick as him if not faster. Heres a video clearly showing Varane ass raping Aubameyang in a pure sprint for the ball played through:

How can Varane be able to pass Aubameyang (fastest player in the world according to EA), with only 79 pace. It makes no sense to me or anyone else who plays this game we love.

2. Cancel Today's Disney Shows

3. Stop Seth Rogen from ever laughing on camera again

I love your comedy and movies Seth, but please stop laughing when there's a camera on you.

4. Stop Politician Ads

Election years destroy perfectly good television watching time. It's bad enough that we are bombarded with drug ads and make-up ads and car ads that people could careless to see.

Then to add a layer of slanderous, obnoxious, distracting insults from one candidate to the next. It's nauseating.

5. Stop facebook from charging £ 14.99 monthly from July 2010

Facebook is awesome !!!! LOL but sign this petition to stop them from charging you to use it !

Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.The website's membership was initially limited by the founders to Harvard students, but was expanded to other colleges in the Boston area, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. It later expanded further to include (potentially) any university student, then high school students, and, finally, to anyone aged 13 and over. The website currently has more than 400 million active users worldwide.

The original concept for Facebook was borrowed from a product produced by Zuckerberg's prep school Phillips Exeter Academy which for decades published and distributed a printed manual of all students and faculty, unofficially called the "face book".

There have recently been reports of Facebook proposing an initial public offering (IPO), i.e. issue equity shares as stock to investors. However, Zuckerberg stresses that it will not be for a few more years, and the company is in no need of additional capital.

6. Stop Nintendo sending out games late in Australia

Nintendo is sending out games late in Australia. And I don't care about the "America has a large population" thing because i've seen low populated countries get the games before us.

All they need to do is edit the games copoyright to read "Nintendo Australia" and ship the games over to Australia and according to Nintendo that takes 2-6 months! I highly doubt that.

7. Impose excess noise limits for headphone manufacturers

How often do you find yourself, namely on public transport, being subjected to the incessantly irritating popping and hissing streaming from peoples' headphones as you try to read, nap, or just sit in quiet peace? I find it regular happens, almost during every train-ride.

Even if the music is of a favoured variety, something you would ordinarily listen to, and it's even up so loud that you can hear it well defined, and also you even feel like listening to that type of music, it is unpleasant. It is the subjection that I am opposed to – the breach of my space; not my physical space, but my personal, sound space.

I am petitioning that the Government impose restrictions on not the internal volume of sound in headphones – as that is an individual choice – but the external noise resonating through airwaves to impose on others – the sign of cheap manufacturing, which only exacerbates the imposition (along with deafness, but that is another matter) and a perpetual increase in sound volume. The only way to reduce this is to have legislation that imposes a maximum external sound release on all headphone gear, enforced by simple manufacturer testing.

Please join me if you find yourself ever frustrated by this seemingly pedantic, but real, and real-frustrating occurrence.

8. Stop showing station logos and program ads during tv shows

December, 2005

All television stations are now putting up their logo in the bottom right corner of the screen. It is also becoming more and more frequent that advertisements for other programs are shown while you are watching television.

These interfere with viewing. It is extremely distracting and diminishes the value of the current program being watched. It is especially annoying when the station logo covers information like the name and/or title of a person being interviewed for a particular show.

Show advertisements during commercials!!! Flash the station logo, but only show it for a short time; we know what station we're watching!!

9. Buzzing Apple iMac G5

I bought an Apple iMac G5 home computer in June 2005, after seeing it advertised as "whisper-quiet". It's not, and it never has been. It buzzes annoyingly throughout operation, and because of its constant rising and lowering pitch (in time with CPU-usage), it constitutes the most annoying noise emitted during normal operation in any computer I have ever used in my 20 years of computing experience.

I have compared it with several other iMac G5's of identical specifications that do not make this noise, of about 20 other machines I compared it to, only one other one did make the noise. Thus the noise is not only in contradiction to the advertising, but it is also abnormal.

Apple has refused to address this issue
satisfactorily for me, the authorised Apple Centre I took it to saying that my iMac was performing within specifications.

After discovering via the official Apple website forums, and via other forums on the web, that many people around the world are experiencing the same problem with their iMac G5's, and also experiencing the same lack of support from Apple, I have decided to start this petition.

10. Get rid of the Crazy Frog!!!

The Crazy Frog is an annoying little character that appears over 100 times on the music channels during the day easily.

It is now is released as a single and people play it in their cars and their phones. I hate it. Loads of people hate it. It drives me insane!

11. Petition to eliminate PORN BOTS from Yahoo Chat

I'm sure you all have gotten those annoying messages from BOTS trying to get you to visit their porn sites. And I am VERY sure you along with myself find it extremely annoying to be trying to have a conversation with your friends or family to have it abruptly interrupted by a nasty ad such as "lisahot_weebcomsex87: cum watch me play with my ***** http://sdlhSexxxy.html"

YAHOO obviously has not done anything about this and it seems that the PORN BOT problem is gradually getting worse. I myself timed the breaks between porn ads and the average time was around 7 seconds (depending on room).

Therefore I have decided to start a petition to tell YAHOO that something needs to be done NOW about all of the porn bots flooding the chat rooms. Whether it be a new registration that would make it extremely difficult to make dummy accounts that are used to create these bothersome bots. Or have it to where there would have to be some kind of email conformation in order to create a new user ID.

Never the less, I r_a_v_e_n_859 ask everyone that has ever been annoyed with these bots to sign this peition and tell YAHOO in voice that were sick of this and want action to be taken to remove the graphic ads made by these bots plauging out chat areas.



We, the people (players) of Outwar (, are getting ANGRY with outwar. We have the "No ads" upgrade in the point store; as in, we bought that upgrade throught points. When we go on, we are FORCED to download programs, with viruses, interstitial ad delivery, and other SPAMM.

When we try to unistall the programs,we get even more pop-ups. WE DEMAND, that you (outwar) make the rinoblocker free, so we can stop your ads from annoying us. If you do not reverse the ads, we will take imedite legle action.

13. No more Jar Jar Binks

Jar Jar Binks was one of the most annoying motion picture characters ever invented. George Lucas unfortunately makes so much money off Star Wars merchandise he feels the need to include a childish character. The constantly annoying Jar Jar detracts from an otherwise legendary story. Sign this petition to help persuade George Lucas to put a blaster to Jar Jars head.