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1. bring back multi-player draft

Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle. That not only summarises the prerequisites of justice, but also each and every multiplayer draft that has been played on Ultimate Team throughout the years.

I refuse to sit here and be taken advantage of. I will not sit here and be told that multiplayer draft is taken out of FIFA 18, only for EA to try and implement it in FIFA 19 as a revolutionary feature.

I have had enough. You have had enough. We have had enough.

It is time to show EA that gaming, is for the gamers, and not their overinflated, self-righteous, greedy egos.

2. Raphael Varane pace increase FIFA18

Hi there, i and many others believe that Raphael Varane should recieve more pace on his FIFA18 card. His current rating of 79 pace is a complete joke in my opinion. Raphael Varane is no doubt the fastest cb in the world currently and giving him not even 80 pace is autism. Aubameyang has been given the most pace for fifa 18 with his card recieving 96 pace. Now i agree that Aubameyang is an extremely fast individual, but Varane is nearly as quick as him if not faster. Heres a video clearly showing Varane ass raping Aubameyang in a pure sprint for the ball played through:

How can Varane be able to pass Aubameyang (fastest player in the world according to EA), with only 79 pace. It makes no sense to me or anyone else who plays this game we love.

3. Make a new Fight Night game for current generation consoles

It's been years since fight fans have had the privilege of enjoying a new boxing game since EA's Fight Night Champion, which was released on March 1st of 2011, for the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 consoles. The game was very well received by critics, receiving an 8/10 from IGN, and an 84% from Metacritic. Since then, the gaming industry has been introduced to an entirely new generation of gaming, with the launch of the XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 consoles in 2013, now referred to as current gen consoles. Most sports game franchises by EA Sports have been continued and carried on to current generation consoles, but the absence of the Fight Night games has lead to many fans of the series wondering: Where's Fight Night?

Fight Night is currently on the shelf, as EA has stated their intent to shift their focus on the production of their EA Sports UFC games. With that though, comes several problems. As a fan of both Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing, I can personally say that overall, Fight Night was a much more fun game to play, and many people would agree with me. The EA UFC series has so far released 2 games for current generation consoles, and are believed to be currently working on a third game. Compared to past Fight Night games, EA's UFC games have struggled to find the right feel to the games, and have been very poorly received by critics. The concept of implementing the ground game and clinch into the UFC games has served as kind of a turnoff for many fight fans, as many think it's just a bit too much. Trying to transition all of Mixed Martial arts into the controls has been a problem for EA and everyone else who has attempted to create a Mixed Martial arts game in the past. Fight Night's exclusive focus on boxing controls have been simple, yet have done a great job of really showcasing the sweet science of boxing with an outstanding punch control system, amazing graphics for the time of the game's production, and was a fun overall experience in gameplay.

By the time this next UFC game is released, which is projected to be in early 2018, it will have marked over 7 years since the last boxing game has been released! Even many hardcore UFC fans will agree that the Fight Night games were much more fun than EA's current product of UFC games. Also, a new Fight Night would bring in many fans and players of the original games for last gen consoles, and would fulfill many people's needs for a new boxing game. This would most likely generate a lot of money for EA in sales, because it would be something new to current gen consoles, as opposed to just a remake of the previous UFC games. Us fight fans in general are itching for a new installment in the series for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Due to this, I have finally decided to make a petition in hopes that in the near future we will be able to play an up to date boxing game for current gen consoles.

4. EA Sports FIFA

Hello my name is Francisco L. I want everyone to join me in this petition to EA Sports to include the leagues of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica in the FIFA video game. We have seen new leagues in almost every new release of the most popular video game in the world but we haven't seen love for the Central American region.

5. NHL series for PC

I've decided to create a petition about bringing NHL series back to PC platform.
I've read that they said it depends on demand so I want to give petition a chance to see if we can collect enough of names that I may send to producer, EA Canada.

With enough names I think it's possible, pretty much.


6. Make Skate 4

Skate, Skate 2, and Skate 3 have al been loved by video game players around the world.

The Skate franchise is among the popular games that EA has developed in its history. Skate 3, being released in 2010, is becoming outdated and contains poor servers for playing online.

A new Skate would bring a new interest to the game and get people playing Skate together again.

7. Bring back Classic Conquest in Battlefield 1

Very simple really. We would like EA/DICE to at least bring back the Classic Conquest mode for Battlefield 1.

This is not to replace the current system but to simply have this as an additional mode.

8. EA to make Burnout 3 HD

Burnout 3 takedown is possibly the greatest game EA games has ever published. EA is notorious for ignoring fan outcry on HD remakes, but this is uncalled for.

A port of this game to current or last-gen would be incredibly inexpensive and minimally risky for physical or digital release. Millions of global fans want this game to play again in enhanced glory.

9. Electronic Arts need to fix the Hacks (NFSW)

I started playing Need For Speed World in 2011, back then the game was Okay to play regarding Cheaters and Hackers. I recently reinstalled the game after a year and a half or so of not playing, purchased boost to buy cars etc only find out that the game is ridiculously overwhelmed with Hackers & Cheats.

More than 50% of the races I have been in are riddled with cheats, being Auto Finish, Speed, Tank or whatever else there is out there. After doing some research on this I found people are simply downloading 2 applications, one for Boost and one for Cheats and I also found so many videos and websites showing how to cheat/hack.

How can such a big software company create a game that is this insecure, I don’t believe EA's developers are doing all they can to fix these issues and I don’t think it is fair for people to continue buying Boost to be walked all over by cheats on such a high rate. Furthermore I have added so-called cheats to my friends list and reported them for cheating. After over a month I have seen these cheaters return, they have NOT been banned, nor deleted from my friends list as I expected.

There are so many people on the forums complaining about the same thing for so long now, I wanted to show EA how many people this affects!

10. Fifa 14, Ignite Engine should be ported for PC

Next-gen graphics and gameplay should be included for personal computers, it obviously comes out dfor next-gen consoles, such as PS4 and Xbox One, and the fact that PC is not inculded is very unfair to computer gamers out there.

11. Petition to get New Devs for NFS World

We are writing on behalf of all the Need For Speed World players fed up and disappointed by the way you are managing this game whose potential is deemed enormous by everyone.

Now we are here to talk to you because it's time for you to clarify your real plans concerning this game once and for all. After over three years of management and developement your plans and intentions are still unclear, your ideas and feedbacks towards users have always been misleading...a lot of promises, a lot of delays, and then?

At the end all those delays, all those lies, have lead to the decline of a game whose only good thing is now the "Need For Speed" brand, a brand which has been ruined and spoiled. NFS World has a huge potential, many people have been attracted by this game, and we are not only talking about long-time Nfs fans, but even about other kinds of videogamers all over the world. This could have been one of the best Free to Play game, but it has been managed badly, very badly.

And that's why us players are willing to come together with the purpose of improving this game and making sure that Nfs World will keep on being up and running for a long time. Only people who have been playing this game for a long time may have understood its actual value and in particular what this game could have been if it was managed in the right way, and despite all our suggestions, discussions, critics and fights we are still ignored and unheeded. You have never taken our complaints and suggestions seriously, and that's what we dislike the most because in every other game the feedbacks of who plays the game and spent a lot of time and money on it are taken in great consideration.

Given the current situation concerning this game we are feeling disappointed and angry; we have been expressing those feelings more than once and we have never been taken in consideration. Of course for some aspects it is even our fault, we have always been complaining about you, but this is supposed to make you think over it and understand how much real players care about this game and what this game could become if it is committed to a specific development team and not to Easy Studios which despite being a good team can not manage five games at the same time.

It is time for you to open your eyes and start thinking about all the unexpressed potential of this game. People playing this game have different opinions and complaints, many of them are fed up with all the cheaters populating the World, others are still waiting for the Canyons which are 95% completed since 2011, others are waiting for new game modes and for other things such as the comeback of the free roam chat which two years ago was said to be under maintenance only for a few weeks... many people have lost their patience and left the game and every day there are more and more people leaving, which is very is kind of sad to log in every day and see a desolate map, and it is kind of stunning to see a game with a lot of problems that the current team is not able to solve. Many players understood the situation and left the game even before taking the first steps on the racing tracks, and other players will follow.

We are aware of the economical crisis, and that is probably the cause which made you fire Quicklime Games and put the game in the hands of a small team that is already dealing with other games. Do you really think that a small team composed by only 7-8 people can manage 5 games at the same time? Do you really think people will keep on playing and spending money on this game much longer? Do you really think acting like this is the solution to the crisis? We firmly believe that you can not go on this way; a game named "Need for Speed" can not and must not be managed like this. This saga has been the most famous and played racing game of all time, and it fascinated thousands of people all over the world.

We are sorry, but beyond all our critics and complaints, we are just feeling disappointed and pissed off, and that's it. These few words are more than enough to represent the mood of the majority of the users. Since many players are disappointed and pissed off we thought to make something that has never been made before: a Petition. The target of this petition is to finally have a new developement team taking care of Need for Speed World, and we mean a team that knows the NFS brand and that will be fully committed on this game only, and not on 4-5 other games at the same time, and, most importantly, that will listen to what players have to say, to suggest and to criticize.

Feedbacks are taken in great consideration by a lot of gaming companies, so why Ea does not ? Have you ever thought that this may be one of the causes that made you win the Golden Poop Award twice in a row ?

We hope this is enough fot you to understand the situation and open your eyes, and a thought is also directed to all the players that will be so kind to join this petition and try to change the situation. If this petition does not succeed because of players not taking care of it or because of Ea not listening again to us, this would be the final confirmation that this game has been left to its fate and that no one cares about it anymore. Our last thought is again directed to the most faithful Nfsw players, those who know the game very well and think that it deserves a much better management ; we hope this initiative will be taken seriously without blaming neither who had this idea nor Ea itself ; if anyone has some critics and complaints to do, please express them politely. We rely on you, on your signatures and on your ability to broadcast this petition far and wide, as this is the only way to make this petition succeed.

In Faith , Need For Speed World Community Italiana.

Credits:(In-Game Names)


Recent data has implied that EA will be shutting Spore's servers down on 1/1/14. Comrades in arms, we must protest this at once! If we can get 15% of all Spore users, that's accounts, EA has to reconsider.

Share this with everyone in Spore, and help save our game!

13. Destroy Battlefield 4 premium

Battlefield 3 Premium was bs. Yes, maybe it was a good deal. But to get all these "cool extra features" that should have just been released in patches + getting DLC early was bullshit, and it shouldn't have happened. It was like buying the game twice. They're doing it again for Battlefield 4.

14. Solve the Exception Raised Problem

The Sims 3 is a single player simulation game. It currently runs on two platforms (barely): PC and Mac.

They both have their share of common problems, and those problems get solved with game patches. If the problem is common with Macs, they usually don't get solved.

A certain error, (infamously known as the Exception Raised Error or as the Do You Wish to Debug It? Issue) has been frustrating Mac users since '09.

Many upset customers will take it up with customer service reps who will tell you to:
-Remove mods if you use any (even vanilla players have these problems).
-Remove CC (custom content).

When a completely vanilla game still fails to run, they will tell you to uninstall and reinstall the base game, and all EPs.

You may try that, but the problem will remain. Your customer service rep will then tell you to take your computer to the Genius Bar for repairs. As if it's Apple's fault that EA is lazy.
The link above is one of the first (of many) complaints about the Exception Raised Error *not* even A MONTH after the game's release in June of '09, and has yet to be solved.

15. We Want Mercenaries 3

Mercenaries 3 was in development however got cancelled due to the Bankruptcy of Pandemic. So we want a completely new Mercenaries game for Next Gen consoles and PC please! Using frostbite 3 or 4?

16. Bring more DLC to Wii U games

The Wii U i s a great system with a lot of features, however, there are some "special" games like: COD: Black Ops II, Mass Effect 3 & Injustice: Gods Among Us, that games features Downloadable Content in the others consoles, leaving this system with out that featues like a Revolution, Omega and some skins with some 4 new characters, no reason is given why they didnt export this DLC to the Nintendo system.

17. Urbz: Sims in the City 2

The Urbz: Sims in the City was an absolutely amazing game which was a nice touch away from the traditional Sims games, where the player was an 'Urb', a Sim-ish character that travelled around the urban city and gain a reputation.

Also, there was a nice touch from a small appearance from the Black Eyed Peas.

18. Stop the faults at EA Games

Sims 3 has a lot of errors. It will often throw you out or freeze in the middle of the game. This could be because of the fact that EA Games rushed the people that tested the games so that they could get them on the market quicker.

However, I feel that it would have been better for them to wait and have the games tested properly because then these errors would have been picked up before the games were released.

There is nothing more annoying than the game freezing or throwing you out when you had been enjoying it so much that you had forgotten to save it.

19. EA Should sell BF3 Premium at the advertised prices

EA has advertised BF3 Premium for 49.95 for most countries.

They sneakily changed all of their website announcements etc to say the price is for Origin only.

This all happened after there was an uproar about the 79.95 price for Australians on the PS3, and the $60(?) for Xbox gamers.

20. Boycott EA

EA are supporting the bill that will ruin the internet. We must stop it.

The first step is to stop buying EA products the second is to keep protesting and sending them emails/ tweeting them or facebooking them.

21. EA to develop Saboteur 2

In 2009, EA released The Saboteur, developed by Pandemic Studios.

As the game reached completion, the studio was liquidated, and all hopes of a sequel were slim to none.

But hopefully with enough attention, EA will see that there's still a following, and potential demand.

22. Boycott Battlefield 3

In regards to the Physical Warfare Package, I have decided to create a petition for the release of the Physical Warfare Package for everyone.

23. Russian Premier League as a free DLC on FIFA 10 next-gen!

A few months ago, EA Russia announced it would add the Russian Premier League on FIFA 10. However, It will only be for the PS2, PSP, and PC versions.

EA, why would you make one of the biggest mistakes for the game?

If you can't add them for the next-gen consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, then please, add them as a free DLC. It would make us happy!

24. Make All Games Compatible With Windows 7

I updated my computer to Windows 7 from Windows XP I tried reinstalling some games that I used to play with ease on XP but now I haven't been successful in installing them on my computer or being able to play any of them.

25. EA NASCAR 2010 World Server, Xbox 360

Dear Electronic Arts,

Since Nascar 2008 was released, Europeans and Australians have played the game together, wondering weather NASCAR 2009 would have a world server. It didn't. We have played with each other for the passed 6 months, constanly racing with the same people.

I have spoken to MANY American people or Canadian people that do want to play with the rest of the world(*).



Battlefield 2™ (abbreviated to BF2™) is a computer game by the Swedish developer Digital Illusions™ in which players fight in a modern battlefield™ using modern weapon systems. Battlefield 2™ is a first-person shooter with some strategy and RPG elements.

Battlefield 2™ was developed by Digital Illusions™ CE (DICE™) with a custom game engine. During development, Trauma Studios™ contributed to the development of the game after it was acquired by Digital Illusions™ CE. BF2™ is published by Electronic Arts™ as the third full game of the Battlefield series™, released in late June 2005. The first two installments were Battlefield 1942™ and Battlefield Vietnam™.


Battlefield 2™ was a great game that millions of people around the world have played and still playing! The succes of this game is not to describe! This petition has been launched for fans and gamers to push it to EA™ to continue so that they come with an announcement of Battlefield 3™!

It is very important that you supported this petition! With more votes there is a better chance that EA responds! Names all the fans thank you very much!

27. We want Rock Band in Europe!!

Rock Band Release in America: Last YEAR !!!

Rock Band Release in Europe: Unknown? Perhaps, it'll never happen!!!

Why? Anyone knows!
Perhaps cuz they don't know, if they will earn enough money in EU!


28. SERIOUS improvement on EA Mac Games

EA stated they would do there best to realise Games onto the Macintosh Platform
OS X. This was delayed.

29. Spore Fan Community Petition

UPDATE: Spore is on the way! Thank you all for participating in this community message to Maxis and EA.

(The following has now been satisfied.)

In brief: We fans of Spore, so undersigned, petition Will Wright, Maxis, and EA for more frequent and informative updates on the development of the game in order to alleviate the disheartening effects of sporadic release delay announcements. In other words, we’re tired of getting hit with bad news from seemingly nowhere.

Spore is one of the most ambitious games in development and already has a large following of eager fans. News of the game was first made public in March of 2005 by creator Will Wright. Since that time a number of articles have been written in various publications and a few demonstrations of the game’s progress have been made available online via short video clips.

On the 8th of May 2007 EA CEO John Riccitiello announced the delay of Spore’s release placing it in Q4 of fiscal 2008 or early fiscal 2009. This followed a protracted period of no news on Spore wherein the latest word on release was from Will Wright himself placing it in late 2007. That in turn had followed a series of announced delays from the original projected release date of mid 2006.

As we stand now looking at nearly a year before the game’s release (perhaps longer), the community of Spore fans feels strained, frustrated, and some are just plain angry. While many have publicly stated they “give up” on waiting for the game, others are poised to remain eager and active in their following. This petition among the fans of Spore is for the following:

We fans of Spore, so undersigned, request from Will Wright, Maxis, and EA more frequent and open communication between the creators of Spore and fans of the game. We fans recognize that each step in the game’s progress may not be suitable for public disclosure, however, a simple “hi folks, things are going well” from the creators a few times a month would do much to sustain our enthusiasm. We fans suggest the creators designate an official public relations representative with whom the fans can communicate directly. We fans also wish to convey our genuine displeasure resulting from these series of release date delays.

This petition is NOT for any of the following:

- An earlier release of the game which would result in an “unfinished” product. We want the creators to deliver the best game they can.

- A playable demonstration version of the game or one of its editor modes available for all fans. We wish to note, however, that this would go a long way to keeping our interest in Spore strong.

Without more frequent and open communications, the creators of Spore should expect increased ill-will and discontent from the game’s fans. While marketing research may show that “they’re gonna buy the game anyways”, we fans hope that this is not the attitude of Spore’s creators and that they desire an amicable relationship with fans.

The community of Spore fans is looking forward to the response from Will Wright, Maxis, and EA. While we have high expectations, we also have a high degree of respect for their work and their integrity.

Please sign this electronic petition if you are a Spore fan and agree with the above statements. If you are not familiar with the game Spore, please visit the official website

Forward to Spore!

30. Stop Scamming & Harrassment in The Sims Online

February 27, 2006

This petition is designed for Maxis/EA Games Online to better satisfy their customers by removing scammers and harrassers from The Sims Online.

There are many, as we know, and we probably know someone who has been harrassed or scammed in this game.

If so, please sign below. We want the scamming and harrassing to stop!