#Media Issues
United States of America

The media has had a great inpact on our society. It has raised our children and adults under brain washing subtle Imageries of New Generational Slaves.

We need to now take a stand against this silent but deadly disease. They are acting out what they see on television, commercials and radio. It is negative reports and negative action toward females with destorted view of how a female is used and excepted in this country.

It has become a sexual highway in every area of marketing in the media. Our males do not know who they are they think that material is what makes them with no respect? It is time for the people of America to take a stand. Enough is Enough. Our children are depending on our voices. Soon we will become old and this is what we will be left with to take care of us? Get back to the basics in family and unity, faith, knowledge and self worth. Stand with me and let your voice be heard for change.

One crying in the city cannot be heard but many crying as one can be heard all over the world.

We, the undersign, call for action to eliminate the exposure of our youth, women and black men in the videos, music, cartoons and reality shows for the sake of money through ignorance.

We ask for you to get morals back into the media along with education that is positive for generations to come for helping build their futures.

We take this stand for change in America and in the media.

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