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RCASA needs your support to show that the tobacco industry continues to target young people in communities across Massachusetts by constantly changing its tactics to get around laws and regulations that protect youth.

Protect Young People from the Tobacco Industry

WHEREAS, the latest tobacco industry tactic is to design new, cheap, youth-friendly tobacco products that can be used “anytime, anywhere” – like smokeless and candy-flavored dissolvable tobacco sold in packages that look like products familiar to young people such as mints, gum or other non-tobacco products; and

WHEREAS, the tobacco industry is selling these new products in small sizes and at low prices that attract young people; and

WHEREAS, cigar smoking, including small flavored cigars, is the second most common form of tobacco use among youth , and cigar smokers have much higher rates of lung cancer, heart disease, and heart attacks than non-smokers ; and

WHEREAS, the five largest tobacco companies have spent record amounts of money in the United States on smokeless tobacco advertising and promotions: $354.12 million in 2006 and $250.79 million in 2005 ; and

WHEREAS, the promotion of cheap, flavored tobacco products to young people puts them at high risk of a lifetime of addiction to nicotine, disease and drug use; and

WHEREAS, adolescents who use smokeless tobacco are more likely to become cigarette smokers , and 7,200 youths become smokers in Massachusetts each year ;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the undersigned is committed to protecting young people from Reading, MA and across Massachusetts from tobacco industry tactics by supporting actions to restrict access to cheap, flavored tobacco products in our community.

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