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I will be taking the final petition to 10 Downing Street to ask them to take notice.
United Kingdom

I am asking people to sign this petition to help those residents who have had their Children taken from their care in an unjustified manner without being given the opportunity and help to stay living as a families if possible.

Too many children are been taken from Vulnerable Mothers and Fathers and the complaints procedure with which Social Services operate protects them from being complained about during the course of court cases until after the final hearings, which means that if you have evidence that the Involved Social Workers have for example 'LIED' to the courts, they have legal security that your children's rights will be taken to court without a fair hearing with them to be seen as 'Independent' and 'Professional' by the court and so are seen to be telling the truth even if they are not.

This is not Justice.

Social services are also able to Emotionally Abuse your children Legally. For example, one 8 year old boy was taken aside by social workers during the School day to be told that he would be going into care 'to a house with a doggy' and was told that his Grandma, with whom he had been living for 18 months was not to be trusted by the services. The Family had no idea this had been said to this 8 year old boy until a few days later, when he had been asked why he was feeling sick every morning and he told his family, 'they have been to see me and told me i was going to care. The family had not been told a visit had been arranged, that social workers were telling this little boy whilst he was isolated in a room at school that he was going to care, there was no support given to this child as the family had no idea. The court had not even been made aware of this case by this time. This child had the weight of the world on his shoulders and the Mother who still had PR was not even aware it had occurred.

Please sign this petition if you truly believe that more could be done to protect our children and stop the 'legal bullying' that is happening to hundreds of families every day.

We, The undersigned, call on the PM and Government of England for a fairer child protection system that stops Social Workers and Child protection Agencies from Shielding themselves from complaints procedures until after final hearings in Child Protection Cases therefore giving a fair hearing.

We wish to stop Emotional Abuse from the Social Work System from being Legal and to keep families together where ever possible and call for more stringent guidelines for Social Workers to keep to to stop the System Abuse that our children and ourselves are going through every day. We would like the right to protect ourselves from the System that is supposed to be helping us yet that is actually destroying our families.

This is a Petition for all those Children that have been wrongfully removed from our loving families and for all the devoted Parents, Families and friends that have lost our Beloved to the system.

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