Professional Wrestling

I-Josh, who wrote the Shinsengumi petition-want to start wrestling company that is in the form of animation. Think about it.

A wrestling company with nonexistent/cartoon superstars that wrestle for a fictional wrestling company with the same storylines used in real pro-wrestling. Same entrances with the quirky gimmicks and the theme music. Same wrestling techniques applied in the real squared-ring.

Same telecasters commentating on the matches. Same pay-per-view venues. Everything that builds that industry, except for it's inexpensive, such as many of the superstars will be voiceovers done by the same voice-actor who will be doing different wrestlers. Less contracts for each wrestler. Less traveling since it will be a cartoon show, but will travel to different locations. Also many of these superstars will make up of not just humans but weird creatures such as animals, dinosaurs, aliens, monsters, inanimate objects and other freakish creatures will compete in my wrestling promotion.

I also want a wrestling show with non-stop seasonal shows just as the regular wrestling shows do. The only problem is that I am still in high-school and don't have the proper income to establish my wrestling company. After I graduate, I'm going to try to save as much money as possible so I can at least develop a demo tape of what I envision.

Besides the cartoon wrestlers and I would also like to acquire the services of the real-life superstars who are retired, but want a second chance, only this time they'll be wearing some headsets and doing the voices of their selves. I want Don Muraco as my head commentator.

So, for those of you are wrestling freaks, sign my petition and in the near future you'll be seeing a cartoon wrestling show.

We, as wrestling fans, want to see something new and innovative in professional wrestling.

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