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1. Titans GO!

I am making this petition to bring a great show back to life! The original teen titans aired from 2003-2006 by cartoon network.

I think we need this show back because it helped kids grow up and learn to be kind.

Please sign the petition and bring the great show back.

Thank you.

2. Bring Back Formula Cartoon

Kids love fun games. One of the many genres that branches to many options is the racing genre. Cartoon Network had kids filled with love on ones they already had. But things really went up for Cartoon Network when they released their new hot shot: Formula Cartoon.

It allowed us to create our own characters and race our favorite ones. We had creative clothing and cosmetics to race against those of Gumball Watterson, Mordecai and Rigby, and Finn the Human and Jake the Dog.

It was fun and all, until they took her down. And even worse, they tried to remake it as some horrible ripoff. Now even Dimensional Drift is one of the best racing games on their website.

So we want to bring it back and have the fun that originally sealed the deal of happiness and joy for kids with Cartoon Network.

3. Original voice overs for Dangermouse 2015

At the end of the day I know we are in the 21st century and modern technology has moved with the times but some classic things should never be touched.

I'm talking about cbbc 2015 version of dangermouse.

I've done research and I know that 2 of the 3 original voice over actors are still alive and I'm not sure if they where asked but I'm sure millions of people would love to hear SIR DAVID JASON AND EDWARD KELSEY DOING THE VOICES AGAIN.

4. Please Release a DVD Box Set worldwide containing all of the Super Mario Bros cartoons and Live Episodes (Complete and Uncut)

In recent years DVDs have been released featuring the various Super Mario Cartoons however, they've either been edited or had parts missing.

In 2006, Shout Factory released 2 Super Mario Bros Super Show Box Sets, but 4 live action segments were absent from the DVD. These were:
Baby Mario Love which accompanied Koopenstein,
9001: A Mario Odyssey which accompanied On Her Majesty's Sewer Service,
Texas Tea which accompanied The Trojan Koopa
George Washington Slept Here which accompanied The Unzappables

Also absent were the original cover songs that were performed for the show for example: the song Thriller was performed for Count Koopula.

When the show originally aired the Super Mario Bros Super Show was shown from Monday to Thursday and The Legend Of Zelda was shown on Friday. But although the Legend of Zelda aired on Friday, new live action segments of the Super Mario Bros aired with the Legend of Zelda. These weren't included with Super Mario Bros Super Show Box Sets but some of the segments were included on the Legend Of Zelda Box Set.

However, as with the Super Mario Bros Super Show Box Sets, not all of the Live action segments were included with the Legend Of Zelda Box Set. These were
Slime Busters which accompanied The Ringer,
Magic's Magic which accompanied Cold Spells,
Mommies Curse which accompanied Kiss'n Tell,
Tutti Frutti, Oh Mario which accompanied That Sinking Feeling,
The Magic Love which accompanied Doppelganger,
Treasure of the Sierra Brooklyn which accompanied A Hitch in the Works,
Tutti Frutti Mario which accompanied The Missing Link and
The Ghoul of My Dreams which accompanied The Moblins Are Revolting.

In 2007, Shout! Factory released a Box Set of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, but 5 cover songs were removed from certain episodes and replaced with instrumentals, for exampled both Milli Vanilli songs were removed from the episode Kootie Pie Rocks.

Since these DVD Box Sets were released, DHX media has acquired the distribution rights to these series so I am writing this petition to ask DHX media, please release a complete Super Mario Bros Box Set around the world, especially the UK were I live and the USA.

Please include in the Box Set, The Super Mario Bros Super Show with all the Cover songs returned into the cartoons, every single live action Super Mario Bros segment including the ones that accompanied the Legend Of Zelda, the previews for the Legend Of Zelda, the Dominoes Sponsors, Club Mario and the cutting to the break and returning from the break parts were Mario says things liken "The Super Mario Bros Super Show will return". Include the complete Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 with all the removed songs returned into the episodes, The complete Super Mario World TV Series, The complete King Koopa's Kool Kartoons,
The Complete Saturday Supercade segments with Mario and Donkey Kong.

Some of TV shows have never been released and There are people out there in the world who love these TV shows and would love to see them complete in one Box Set available to watch as they were shown when people first watched them a long time ago.

I hope that this petition convinces you to release this Box Set and make a lot of people happy, thank you for reading this petition and I hope you will consider it.

5. Convince Micheal Bay to make a "Robotomy" movie

Since the Cartoon Network series "Robotomy" only lasted 10 episodes, there's many fans that want it back; surprisingly; the studio, World Leaders Entertainment has shut down, never to be heard of again; also meaning no more new episodes.

But who can we trust?

Thanks to an producer by the name Micheal Bay; who had worked with the Transformers movie franchise, and the upcoming Ninja Turtles movie; he could be able to help us bring this ultra-violent, yet comedic show back on it's feet.

6. Save Old Cartoons

Teletoon used to have tons of great shows that all ages could enjoy such as the Johnny Bravo, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Doodlez, Fly Tales, Ed Edd & Eddy, Angela Anaconda, BraceFace, What About Mimi, Padington Bear, Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show, Scooby Doo Where Are You? What's With Andy Etc Etc Etc....

All Theses Shows Were Amazing and filled our lives with joy But something else that was fantastic was the Promos and There Old Logo. There New Logo is so boring and bland.

They stopped making those shows in favor of shows that are suitable ONLY for younger audiences (age 7 and down). We want to get these shows back on the air as re-runs.

Please Support This Even If You're Not Into these shows and show your support.

7. Ed Edd n Eddy Big Picture Show Director's Cut Petition

On July 22, 2007 Danny Antonucci and A.K.A Cartoon announced Ed Eddn Eddy's Big Picture Show. A feature film that was to bring Ed Edd n Eddy to a conclusion. Along with this announcement, it was also announced that long asked questions about the series will be answered.

They were the whereabouts of Eddy's Brother along with an appearance of the then unseen character and a reveal of what is underneath Double D's Hat.

On November 9, 2009, Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show premires on Cartoon Network. The matter of Eddy's Brother was answered, Double D's Hat however wasn't. In the movie, there is a scene where Double D's Hat is removed, but unfortunately what was underneath it was blocked out. This annoyed the fans because the movie was supposed to show us what was underneath that hat of Double D's. As it turns out, the full reveal was cut out of the movie because of time, thus meaning the movie may have been intended to be longer.

Both with the reveal of what Double D's hiding and the scam that landed The Eds in so much hot water may have been cut for time. That is why we must push for a Director's Cut of this movie.

8. Make More Cartoon Network Wii Games!

Some of us enjoy Punch Time Explosion, but wouldn't you like more Cartoon Network Games for the Wii and other consoles? For example, what if they were to make a Halloween game that takes place in a haunted mansion? (Yeah, sounds like another Luigi's Mansion). Better yet, what if they were to make it a T rated game?

If you're still a fan of the old cartoon network and you want video games like that. Sign and help reach 10,000 or 100,000. You with me?

9. Bring back Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

Foster's home for imaginary friends was hands down one of the best shows on cartoon network.

Not only is it fun, creative and entertaining, but it also builds creativity skills and problem solving in a funny and appropriate way.

18 out of 20 people I surveyed said Foster's was the best or one of the best shows that were on during their childhood, and say they should either add it to cartoon network's programming schedule or it should replace shows. If you believe this show gave you good memories of your childhood and encouraged others to have imaginary friends, then you most likely would support this action.

Not only was this show creative, it was appropriate for all ages, unlike other programs on cartoon network (EX: Total drama island, regular show, etc.)

10. The US Needs a Hello Kitty Magazine

Many countries and regions other than the US have Hello Kitty magazines and we feel that the US could use one.

11. Please put the entire Toad Patrol cartoon series on DVD

Back in 1999 there was a cool little show called toad patrol that aired on the teletoon channel-- --

It starred 8 toadlets who set out to find the fairy ring. After the series ended with 26 episodes, only three dvd's were ever released of this series, and questionably there has never been a complete series release yet.

12. W.I.T.C.H. Season 3 Petition

Would you like W.I.T.C.H. to return to television?. W.I.T.C.H. Is an animated television series about five kids with extraordinary powers, stopping evil and having many magical and funny adventures along the way.

Many many fans throughout the globe have experienced many emotions over W.I.T.C.H., And would like to see it return so much. Please sign the petition to help make a difference and possibly get W.I.T.C.H. back on air.

13. Bring Ben 10 Back to Friday Night

Ben 10 Alien Force/Ultimate Alien have given a new life for Ben 10 cartoon, thanks to the (late) Dwayne McDuffie and the Man of Action writers.

Both the series have a maturer context, so they also attracted teenagers and even grown-ups, besides kids.

With that, super hero and action have regained space on the channel and new series like Generator Rex have aired.

However, Cartoon Network doesnt seem to care. In February, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien will be brought back to its former time on a Saturday morning, instead of Friday 7:30 p.m. Back to the Siberia, among cartoons for younger kids, in a horary where public is scarce.

Is that the right way of treating such a series - and the fans? Many people can´t/don´t wake up that early, so it´ll be much more difficult for us fans to follow the series. If CN wants Ben 10 to be cancelled for low rating, they´re going the right way.

14. Help Bring Back Toonami

EDIT: Toonami has been seen on TV for one night. A cruel april fool joke, but still, it got on tv!

Don't you miss Toonami, and want it back? Now's your chance.

Toonami ended last night, September 20th, 2008 after 11 years worth of broadcasting. They say that ratings went down, Blach.

Sign this petition, and bring back the old Toonami broadcasts stating that you, the people, want it back! We dearly miss Toonami, so I suggest you help out.

Remember Dragonball Z, YuYu, Kenshin, Thundercats and others?

Remember Tom, and his spaceship crew?

do you remember coming home from a long and tiresome day at school. all you wanted to do is turn on the TV and watch some Toonami? I know you do. Now all you can watch are silly live action shows.


* ThunderCats (TV-Y7-FV)
* Cartoon Roulette (composed of Space Ghost, Birdman and the Galaxy Trio, The Herculoids, Mightor, Shazzan, Teen Force, The Impossibles, and the 1940s Superman) (TV-Y7)
* Voltron (TV-Y7-FV)
* The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (TV-Y7)


* Robotech (TV-Y7-FV)
* Beast Wars: Transformers (TV-Y7-FV)
* Sailor Moon (TV-Y7-FV)
* Dragon Ball Z (TV-Y7-FV) and (TV-PG-V)
* Superfriends (TV-Y7)


* ReBoot (TV-Y7-FV)
* The Powerpuff Girls (TV-Y7-FV)
* Ronin Warriors (TV-Y7-FV)


* G-Force: Guardians of Space (TV-Y7-FV)
* Gundam Wing (TV-Y7-FV) and (TV-PG)
* Tenchi Muyo! (TV-Y7-FV)
* Tenchi Universe (TV-Y7-FV)
* Tenchi in Tokyo (TV-Y7-FV)
* Batman: The Animated Series (TV-Y7-FV)
* Blue Submarine No. 6 (TV-Y7-FV)
* Superman: The Animated Series (TV-Y7-FV)


* Outlaw Star (TV-Y7-FV)
* The Big O (TV-Y7-FV)
* Cardcaptors (TV-Y7-FV)
* Mobile Suit Gundam (TV-Y7-FV)
* Gundam 08th MS Team (TV-Y7-FV)
* Dragon Ball (TV-Y7-FV)
* Batman Beyond (TV-Y7-FV)
* Zoids (TV-Y7-FV)
* Gundam 0080 (TV-Y7-FV)


* Hamtaro (TV-Y) and (TV-G)
* Classic Zoids (TV-Y7-FV)
* He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (TV-Y7-FV)
* G Gundam (TV-Y7-FV)
* Transformers: Armada (TV-Y7-FV)
* G.I. Joe (TV-Y7-FV)
* Samurai Jack (TV-Y7-FV)


* .hack//SIGN (TV-Y7-FV)
* Martian Successor Nadesico (TV-Y7-FV)
* Gigantor (TV-Y7-FV)
* Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV-Y7-FV)
* Dai-Guard (TV-Y7-FV)
* YuYu Hakusho (TV-Y7-FV)
* Rurouni Kenshin (TV-Y7-FV)
* Justice League (TV-Y7-FV)
* Cyborg 009 (TV-Y7-FV)
* Superior Defender Gundam Force (TV-Y7-FV)
* IGPX: Micro Series (TV-Y7-FV)
* Dragon Ball GT (TV-Y7-FV)
* Star Wars: Clone Wars (TV-Y7-FV)


* Duel Masters (TV-Y7-FV)
* Astro Boy (TV-Y7-FV)
* Transformers: Energon (TV-Y7-FV)
* Jackie Chan Adventures (TV-Y7-FV)
* Gundam Seed (TV-Y7-FV) and (TV-PG)
* Megas XLR (TV-Y7-FV)
* Rave Master (TV-Y7-FV)
* Teen Titans (TV-Y7-FV)
* Justice League Unlimited (TV-Y7-FV)


* D.I.C.E. (TV-Y7-FV)
* Zatch Bell! (TV-Y7-FV)
* The Batman (TV-Y7-FV)
* One Piece (TV-Y7-FV) and (TV-PG-V)
* Transformers: Cybertron (TV-Y7-FV)
* Yu-Gi-Oh! (TV-Y7-FV)
* Naruto (TV-PG-V,D)
* Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (TV-Y7-FV) and (TV-PG-D)
* IGPX (TV-Y7-FV) and (TV-PG-L)


* Wulin Warriors (TV-Y7-FV)
* Pokémon Chronicles (TV-Y7-FV)
* Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes (TV-Y7-FV)
* Pokémon: Battle Frontier (TV-Y7-FV)
* Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (TV-Y7-FV)
* The Prince of Tennis (TV-PG)


* Storm Hawks (TV-Y7-FV)
* Mega Man Star Force (TV-Y7-FV)


* Bakugan Battle Brawlers (TV-Y7-FV)
* Blue Dragon (TV-Y7-FV)
* Ben 10: Alien Force (TV-Y7-FV)

Gets worse down the line huh? HELP BRING TOONAMI BACK!

15. Demand for a Real Ghostbusters 6 inch action figure line

Kenner’s Real Ghostbusters line was one of the longest and most successful toy lines for that company. Even then, many favorite show characters did not make it into toy form. While Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man were largely recognizable show ghosts, there is significant fan nostalgia for many others (e.g. Sam Hain, the Boogeyman, Sand Man).

Some had such resonance with fans that they appeared in multiple episodes and others, such as The Grundel, made future appearances in the Extreme Ghostbusters series years later.

While Mattel does have a line of Real Ghostbusters in Retro-Action style (similar to larger 8 inch Mego dolls), a significant portion of consumers interested in this license prefer a 6 inch action figure line, as they did not grow up during the time when the 8 inch doll-style figure was popular. Another reason a 6 inch line is desired is so that figures from different lines may be displayed or mixed in-scale with each other.

Lastly, we contend that at least two years worth of figures can be done successfully and economically with significant part/buck reuse. Examples illustrating this have been posted by fans on the Mattel forums.

16. Watch more Peppa Pig

I believe that Peppa Pig provides a positive role model for young children and that her family and friends are excellent examples of positive behaviours.

More adults should watch Peppa Pig, more mothes should be as calm as Mummy Pig and everyone should speak as politely and clearly as Grandpa Pig. And is it funny.

17. Save Cartoon NetWork!!

In March 2008 Cartoon Network announced Robert Swartz as its new VP of original programming. Along with leading development and current teams, Swartz oversees development of all animated, live-action and alternative series for the network.

Being a longtime viewer of Cartoon Network for the past 15 years of my life, it disappoints me to say that this business endeavor has become a harsh and unnecessary decision with little success and has left fans of Cartoon Network with false hopes.

18. Get Noah and Katie from Total Drama together!

Noah is a sarcastic, cynical bookworm from the Total Drama cartoon series. He also seems to ba a sadist, as he grins whenever watching a fight. Katie, on the other hand, is also a character in the Total Drama cartoon series, but she is sweet and bubbly.

She has a best friend named Sadie, and they're practically joint by the hip. Noah and Katie are two very different people, yet we believe that they should become a couple, for they'd balance each other out... and look good together ;)

19. Ghost hunt season 3

We the people of the united states of america want to see a season 3 of ghost hunt. Why because we think the story isn't finish. what are you out of ideas??? so what!a sk your fans we have plenty of ideas to give you. if you didn't show anymore ghost hunt episodes how would we know what was going to happen???what you want us to use our imagination?it's driving everyone crazy. so please make another season of ghost hunt. for the sake of all the youth.

20. Get Air Gear back on

Air gear is the best anime ever and we need to get it back on!! plz help me.

21. Make a Big Wolf On Campus cartoon series

I think that a cartoon series for BWOC would be awesome with a new female character friend to Merton and Tommy.

If you think this would be a good idea please sign this petition.

22. The Revival The Final Episodes Of Invader Zim

The Invader Zim Tv show, it aired on the Television channel Nickelodeon, the 2000's. It was a successful show, winning 3 awards and being nominated for 7 more, of the one that was won being an Emmy. And as the show reached the midway mark in the second season, the show was canceled, leaving 10 unfinished episodes left in the season.

And for these final episodes many of the mini half episode and one of the double episodes had the voices recorded, and many of the others have the scripts written for the episode.

23. Save Our Chipmunks!

Back in 1958, Alvin & The Chipmunks was known as "Dave Seville & The Chipmunks". It included many of the songs later introduced in The Alvin Show. After Ross Bagdasarian Sr. died in the 1970's, Ross Jr. felt in the 80's it was time to bring them back.

This decision was a success! We didn't see are Chipmunks again until 2007. Instead of singing their wonderful versions of Classic Rock like they did from the 50's to the 80's, the singing trio sang Hip-Hop, Alvin farts in Dave's face, and Simon growls at a hot maid! Do I need to say more???

24. Part 2 of La Corda

The story was all about a magic violin! A young high school girl was chosen to play the magic violin because she has a heart to play it! At the first place she didn't accept it to play, by the help of a fairy she realises that she can do it.

The young girl joins at the music club and meets other students who love music!...

25. Save Classic 90's & Early 2000's Nicktoons

Nickelodean & Nicktoons Network have already ready canceled a number of Classic 90's shows! Those that haven't been canceled play only at the first few hours of the day when millions of kids are asleep. We need to tell Nick "NO CRAP" and demand they BRING BACK the Classics we grew up with.

I understand that they say they "Have to make room for newer shows" but if you look you will realize all they do is repeat the new shows over and over again! Its awful and we WILL not stand for it!

We grew up with these wonderful classics, and we will DIE with these wonderful classics! If you agree with please sign this petition! Thank You!

26. Remove Robert Swartz and Save Cartoon Network

In March 2008 Cartoon Network announced Robert Swartz as its new VP of original programming. Along with leading development and current teams, Swartz oversees development of all animated, live-action and alternative series for the network.

Being a longtime viewer of Cartoon Network for the past 15 years of my life, it disappoints me to say that this business endeavor has become a harsh and unnecessary decision with little success and has left fans of Cartoon Network with false hopes.

Since Mr. Swartz has been VP, Cartoon Network has lost several blocks (Toonami, Tickle U, Funny For Your Face, New Thursday Nights, Cartoon Cartoons), invested in poor-quality flash shorts (Nacho Bear, Mr. Bixby, Big Baby, Roller Squirrels, Calling Cat 22), and during a possibly profitable summer season in 2008 Swartz spent time plugging reruns of shows with less than 30 episodes each (George of the Jungle, Chowder, Flapjack, Total Drama Island, Johnny Test) in random order, lacking stability in channel’s structure.

This has sadly lead Cartoon Network to an unusual third place ranking in cable programming at the hands of Nickelodeon, Disney and their sister networks.

Since Swartz’s position, he has developed a passion for taking good ideas and turning them into desperately cheesy attempts to attract viewers. For example, at the beginning of August 2007, Fried Dynamite was developed to replace the long-running Fridays series. This was a big adjustment to many fans, but the block appeared to hold its own until it was donned the hot spot for recycled TV movies (Ace Ventura, The Mask, Operation Dumbo Drop, etc.). With all due respect to Mr. Swartz’s attempts, this has NOT been a good idea. Even if the spin-off Dynamite Action Squad has profited, lack of attention to Fried Dynamite (Including bad program choices) has led publicity to blocks created solely to provide cheap filler (Such as “Flicks” as they’ve been known by lately).

It would be insulting to say that Swartz hasn’t brought anything good to the network, because he has successfully picked up shows that were let go by Kid’s WB (Skunk Fu, Johnny Test), and has brought in some unique Cartoon Network originals such as Flapjack and Ben 10: Alien Force. But Mr. Swartz’s problem is he lacks credit to the cartoon genre. His previous credit before becoming VP for Cartoon Network was VP of original programming for the Sci-Fi network, for shows like Mythbusters and Destination: Truth.

Since taking place in Cartoon Network his ideas have fallen on deaf ears, now clawing to spin offs to popular movies (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) and yet another action-based program (Secret Saturdays) created by Porch Light Entertainment.

27. Emisión en TV de la serie de dibujos: Fuego Salvaje (Wildfire)

Fuego Salvaje (Wildfire) es el nombre de una serie estadounidense de dibujos animados que emitieron en España a finales de los años 80.

Trata de las aventuras de Sara, una chica normal en la Tierra que en realidad es princesa de Dar-Shan, un reino mágico de otra dimensión. Junto a su valiente caballo protector, Fuego Salvaje, que la ayuda a desbaratar los planes de su malvada tía la hechicera Diabolyna, aprenderá a convertirse en una reina justa y buena que vuelva a traer el orden y la paz a Dar-Shan.

Somos ya muchas personas que añoramos volver a ver esta preciosa serie, creada con mucha calidad e imaginación y repleta de enseñanzas y valores positivos. Ayúdanos con tu firma a conseguirlo.

28. Bring Billy and Mandy Back

Ok, so now Billy and Mandy is no longer having episode been made. Maxwell Atoms is into making a new show Underfist.

And, why, oh why, finish off a popular cartoon and start something off with minor characters? I mean, half the people I know LOATHE Fred FredBurger.

Billy and Mandy were doing so good. Can't you just give it another couple of seasons, a year or 2? I mean, what about the fans? Sure, Grim, Billy and Mandy are going to appear a little in Underfist, but I thought it was them who helped make the show cool? Not Fred Fredburger, Hoss Delgado, Jeff the Spider, Skarr and Irwin. I'm saddened by this. Why, for all reasons in the world, do you stop the show?

I don't know who is the person to fault, whether cartoon network CHOSE to finish off Billy and Mandy, whether it was Maxwell Atoms the creator, or anyone else in particular, I'm slightly appalled. I know this is only a small matter, and most likely wouldn't go far, but please, signing this would perhaps at least go somewhere. Thank you.

P.S, I have to say that Wrath of the Spider Queen was perhaps the worst way to end a series. It was against all the other background fact, and ended nowhere.

P.S.S, sorry if I missed some fact, and didn't notice something that would have something to do with a reason to cancellation etc.




30. Bring Back Megas XLR To Toonami

Megas was a show run by cartoon network/toonami it ran from May 1, 2004 and was cancelled on April 26, 2005, with only 2 seasons under its belt .