#Human Rights
All Governments

Abortion is the murder of absolutely innocent human beings for the sake of human irresponsibility and sensuality.

It is the worst holocaust ever seen on earth, in terms of numbers, in terms of the innocence of the victims, and in terms of the betrayal of kin.

Those who fight against abortion have long been suckered into voting for political parties which vaguely promise to do something but actually do nothing.

Therefore we will make it our primary issue when we cast our vote. We absolutely refuse to vote for any political party which will permit abortion to continue. Furthermore we will not throw up our hands and not vote; we will vote AGAINST abortion at every opportunity.

This is not at all futile. It is, in fact, THE way to stop abortion; the only way. At least in western nations, which have a clear Christian majority (eg. 75%), if every Christian would vote against abortion it would have to stop immediately.

Therefore their blood is on Christian hands also.

Please commit yourself to this pledge and put it into action in your life. You can be sure that political parties which don't care about the unborn, these innocent, don't have enough heart to care about you, either. You are not losing anything.

Please help stop this worst holocaust the world has ever seen. Don't be an accessory to murder. Be an accessory to mercy.

We the undersigned hereby pledge to vote against abortion at every opportunity in our lives; always making it the primary consideration when casting our vote.

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