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Phan dôi nha câm quyên CSVN dan ap linh muc Tadeo Nguyen van Ly

Roman Catholic priest Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly home detained again.

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February 25th, 2007

Dear Stefan:

Re: Roman Catholic priest Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly home detained again.

According to FNA news and VTV1 television news sources from Hue at 7:00PM February 25, 07 (local time) Vietnamese investigation authorities have announced their plan to prosecute Father Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly soon. Father Ly is accused of violating item C, article 88 of Procedure Criminal Codes of 1985, amended in 1992 as he has run propagandas against the government.

The authority claimed Father Ly has encouraged and assisted with Nguyen Phong to found Vietnam Progression Party (VNPP) and also in connection with overseas For People Party to found LAC HONG inter-party. The authority said Father Ly has disseminated materials to propagandize against Vietnamese government. Father Ly has been home-detained again in very small parish BEN CUI, 13 miles away from Hue to be isolated and prevented from contacting with other dissidents.

After co-saying the Sunday Mass (Feb 25, local time) with Father Le Dinh Du, the Pastor, Father Ly shook hands and chatted with each single parishioners. Most parishioners have expressed their full support to Father Ly's legitimate struggle for "Freedom of Religion or Death", Democracy and Human Rights for Vietnamese in Vietnam.

Father Ly said he will end his hunger strike on March 26 and if he "still survives he will eat again". And he is "ready to face with his third trial in the near future".

Respectfully yours,
International Movement for Democracy and Human Rights in Vietnam

Sy Hoang, President
Trung Dung, Vice President
Viet Si, Spokesman

- Cc: Respected political leaders, journalists and news media around the world.
- Enclosed:
Excerpt of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam unanimously approved by the 8th National Assembly on April 15th, 1992 at 11:45AM.
Article 50
In the Socialist Republic of Vietnam human rights in the political, civic, economic, cultural and social fields are respected. They are embodied in the citizen's rights and are determined by the Constitution and the law.
Article 51
The State guarantees the rights of the citizen; the citizen must fulfill his duties to the State and society .
Article 53
The citizen has the right to participate in the administration of the State and management of society, the discussion of problems of the country and the region; he can send petitions to State organs and vote in referendums organized by the State.
Article 58
The citizen enjoys the right of ownership with regard to his lawful income, savings, housing, chattel, means of production funds and other possessions in enterprises or other economic organizations; with regard to land entrusted by the State for use, the matter is regulated by the provisions of Articles 17 and 18.
Article 69
The citizen shall enjoy freedom of opinion and speech, freedom of the press, the right to be informed, and the right to assemble, form associations and hold demonstrations in accordance with the provisions of the law.

Article 70
The citizen shall enjoy freedom of belief and of religion; he can follow any religion or follow none. All religions are equal before the law.

Article 71
The citizen shall enjoy inviolability of the person and the protection of the law with regard to his life, health, honor and dignity. No one can be arrested in the absence of a ruling by the People's Court, a ruling or sanction of the People's Office of Supervision and Control except in case of flagrant offences. Taking a person into, or holding him in, custody must be done with full observance of the law. It is strictly forbidden to use all forms of harassment and coercion, torture, violation of his honor and dignity, against a citizen.

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