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1. Northampton Football 3rd XI have been punished enough

“Individuals can resist injustice, but only a community can do justice”

The situation has arisen where the University Football 3rd team, as a result of one irresponsible action, has been heavily fined and withdrawn from all University Competitions.

On top of all this, it has now been brought to my attention; the team have been uninvited from the end of year 'sports tour'.

2. Forum for peace and development

I am Journalist working for different Newspaper, local as well as national dailies and I usually highlighted the human rights issues through these medium, so we are thinking to provide helping hand and moral support to the issues which you are going to take on different level and forum and also we will support your cause in this regard, whatever issues you will take you will find our support in every time in every where and we also this petition very strongly at any level.

3. phan doi CSVN dan ap cha Ly

Roman Catholic priest Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly home detained again.

4. Save Wal-Mart's Fabric Department at Jacksonville, Florida

While shopping on Thursday, December 21, 2006 in our local Walmart Store located at 6830 Normandy Blvd, in Jacksonville, Florida, 32205, in their fabric department, I commented to one of the employees that I was so grateful and glad that Walmart provided such an affordable and well-stocked fabric department.

I was informed that soon after the 1'st of the year (2007) the fabric department was being closed. Dismayed and extremely upset, I spoke with the Assistant Manager on duty that day, and he verified that they had just received notification of the pending closure.


While shopping in the latter part of December, at the Yulee, Florida Walmart Super Center, located just outside of Fernandina Beach, Florida, we were informed by an employee that parties in the fabric department had been given information that a large number of pending closures/substanitial changes were coming to Walmart fabric departments across the country. This information did not come from a store manager and therefore could be construed as unreliable and hearsay. The only reason that we're passing it along is because in the event that it IS true, we feel it's valuable information with regard to our petition.

5. Ban Neturei Karta

April 28, 2006

We, the undersigned, are shocked and dismayed by your financial dealings with the Neturei Karta sect both as a principle and by reference to the scale of funds and period of years this has been going on.

We regard this conduct as offensive to the Jewish community at large, and a gross betrayal of the trust of Adass synagogue members and the legacy of the movement's founder, Rabbi Dr Solomon Schonfeld of blessed memory.

We, the undersigned, request that the UOHC issues a public apology for this conduct, to appear in a suitable community newspaper, confirming that they dissociate themselves and the Adass movement from the ethos and activities of the Neturei Karta sect and to pledge that they will have no further dealings with the NK or its followers.

We further request that the Trustees…

(1) Seek reimbursement of Union funds still in the hands of NK.

(2) End all financial dealings with 3rd party organisations that support or benefit NK or its members.

(3) Call on the Adass rabbinate to excommunicate the NK and its followers by means of a Cherem.

Those of us undersigned that are Adass synagogue members hereby state that - should the above requests not be fulfilled - we will vote for the secession of our community from the UOHC.

We submit this petition with full respect to the esteemed and learned rabbis of the Union and Adass synagogues, whose authority and honour are held in the highest regard.

6. Stop AOL from displaying banner ads on Paying Members Journals

November 16, 2005

Not only has AOL been disrespecting it's PAYING customers by taking features such as AIM and Journals and GIVING IT AWAY FOR FREE, they have further begun selling, trading, sharing and/or giving away ad space and displaying the ads in the form of banner ads atop PAYING AOL members Personal Journals, without thought or regard as to whether the Person who created the Journal supports the banner even being there, nor if she or she is in agreement with the ad.

PAYING AOL members respectfully wish AOL to IMEDIATELY REMOVE the banner ads from Paid member Journals.

7. HELP a Young Orca Whale Live Free

This petition is to object to the permanent capture of a young Orca whale, named A-73 (the "A" is for her family, or pod name, and the "73" is her birth order in the pod).

A-73 was noticed a few months ago in Puget Sound, where her family does not often travel. Her pod seems to have left her behind after she was orphaned, and she is very ill with legions and dietary problems including malnutrition.

Right now this highly intelligent, social, mammal, has been seen playing with driftwood and rubbing herself against logs for hours at a time. Scientist say it's because she is lonely—imagine the loneliness she would feel if she were to spend the rest of her life in captivity, without the freedom to hunt, or swim, or play. Instead, she could be doomed to a life of circus tricks and confinement in a pen, which places her so painfully close to freedom.

The Vancouver Aquarium graciously has agreed to take the whale in for medical treatment and try as quickly as possible to re-introduce her to her pod. However, the US and Canadian governments have not developed a solid and responsible plan incase the transfer of A-73 and the proposed reunion with her family pod, who is around Vancouver from June to September, is unsuccessful. Being that the pod initially abandoned the young whale, some scientists say the chance of reintroduction could be slim.

Would the aquarium industry then be allowed to add the orca to its collection of captives?

We would like assurances from the Canadian government that that there is
absolutely no chance that this whale will end up in captivity for the rest of her

This petition in particular asks:

1.) The Vancouver Aquarium to guarantee every attempt will be made at releasing A-73 to live with it's native pod;
2.) If the pod does not accept A-73, the Vancouver Aquarium should GARAUNTEE the release and further monitoring of the whale outside of captivity. The Aquarium should administer any treatment needed, outside of a sea-pen or captive enclosure;
3.) The Canadian and United States governments to create and enforce laws regarding the capture and treatment of all whales in the Canadian & U.S. waters-- including the import of wild captured animals into Canadian & U.S. aquariums.