Petition Tag - duties

1. Expedite the process for Detention Enforcement Officer's promotion

As Detention Enforcement Officers, our performance, experience, work knowledge professionalism and loyalty are beyond the scope of what we were hired to do. The numerous duties we carry are beyond our pay grade.

Some of these duties include the assistance we offer to many agencies on the federal, state and local levels as well as the court family and its many agencies. We also assist our very own district administrative staff and deputies. Throughout the years we have taken charge of our section, Custody and Transportation.

2. Hire a Licensed Guidance Counselor at Barnum High School

In the past Barnum High School has employed a State Licensed Guidance Counselor. During the past two years Barnum High School has used a Dean of Students (who is a certified teacher/not educated or licensed as a Guidance Counselor) to fulfill the duties of a Guidance Counselor. The Barnum High School Students deserve a Licensed Guidance Counselor.

The hiring of a Guidance Counsellor is already in the Operating Budget of the school. This change will not eliminate any jobs as the teacher acting as a "Dean of Students" is tenured and will revert back to her teaching duties (without loss of pay or grade). Barnum High School Staff and Students deserve the immediate hiring of a Licensed Guidance Counselor.

3. PBCA Voting Member Petition to add Agenda Items

The Voting Members of the PBCA, pursuant to FS 720-3.03 have chosen to use the Petition Process to have items placed on the agenda for the June 29, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting.

The petition is necessitated by the lack of acceptance by the President, of several items requested to be added by The Secretary and Board Member of the PBCA.

4. phan doi CSVN dan ap cha Ly

Roman Catholic priest Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly home detained again.

5. Abolish all taxes, duties & fees except the GST

The Government promised to remove all other taxes, duties and fees once the Goods and Services Tax system can support itself.

We can see that they are posting Surpluses in the Budget over a number of years but so far have done nothing to abolish all the taxes, duties and fees - only marginal reductions.

Don't you think it is time that they are abolished now?

6. Replace the B.O.D. at Timbershore

Regarding Timbershore Homeowners Association.

A petition to bring to the attention of homeowners/members that our current board of directors have failed to uphold their fiduciary duties.

1.) lack of communication to homeowners through minutes.

2.) board members serving the board who do not live here nor own property.

3.) do not carry out the duties of the covenants, example: maintain the common areas, homeowner's property.

7. Stop SUNY Stony Brook's administration from favoring student athletes

As a freshman at SUNY Stony Brook, every student is required to take and pass a 101 level course within their undergraduate college. Also, during their second semester freshman are required to take a 102 level course within their undergraduate college. It has come to my attention that student athletes are not being required to take the 102 level courses. Such discrimination is appalling, especially when it is occurring at an institution that prides itself on academic excellence.

The argument for the exemption is that athletes have more duties outside the class room than the average student. This claim ignores the fact that athletes choose to take on those responsibilities. It also ignores the fact that all students have duties outside the class room. Unless the administration intends to review every student's additional obligations and determine on a case by case basis whether a student should be required to meet the 102 course requirement they can not stand by this exaggerated claim.

I am asking that you help change this policy, simply by signing the following petition. Either the 102 level courses should be made optional to all students or student athletes should be required to meet the same standards as the rest of us.

Keep in mind; more great accomplishments in history have been achieved through strength of mind than have been accomplished through strength of muscle.

8. Stop The Employment Cuts At BlueWater Health

July 23, 2005

As of July 21 2005 David Vigar CEO of BlueWater Health has announced that the hospital in Sarnia will be laying off 169 health workers to cover a part of the 14 million dollar deficit.

We believe this debt is the responsibility of bad management and are asking that David Vigar step down and relieve him self of his duties.