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A College Education is a very valuable asset in Life, and more importantly the labour force. The degree also gives you a voice, and makes people take notice. Your opinion is an educated one and therefore respected. There is a trend, however, that may take a way your voice away. That is the increase in tuition fee's over the last sixteen years.

In British Columbia the average tuition fee has increased by $3152 over the last sixteen years. Kwantlen has always been the forefront of great education for a lowered tuition, but even it has faced the increase in tuition fees. Are we not worth it? Does our generation not require an education? One answer to this problem would be to obtain a student loan, but loans only breed debt.

Over 45% of College students will be in debt after college. The average debt has grown from $ 10,800-19,000 in just 10 years, and one out of seven bachelor graduates will owe $ 25,000 in debt. A student could work to pay his tuition, but with tuition increasing as it is it would take a lot of hours per week. These hours would detract from time spent studying, and possibly impairing academic performance. Moreover, studies have shown that students working twenty hours or more are likely to drop out.

By dropping out the student just lost possibly $600,000 over a life time and decrease his chances of employment by 6 percent. More importantly he just lost his voice. Let your Voice be heard, and let the government know that tuition fee’s need to be reduced.

Stand Up For Your Right! Sign the Petition and let Legislators know that You are Worth a Great Education! And That You Refuse To Become Just Another Statistic!

We, the undersigned, Call on the Provincal/Federal Government to lower Tuition Fee's by 10%.

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