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The Florida legislature
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The Romeo and Juliet law is a statue in various states across America in which if a teenager of older years has sexual relations of any kind with a younger teenager they are given the right to petition being labeled as a sex offender. This law came into place around 2007 post the Wilson V. the state alongside many other cases that involved sexual misconduct between two parties (one older and one younger of course). In this Florida statue, one of the requirements to meet to petition being registered as a sex offender is that you have to be no more than 4 years and that is something that we the youth of Florida seek to change to the maximum of 2 years. Additionally, the youth of Florida seeks to change the age from 14-17 to 16-18. The youth of Florida also wants to uphold the part of the law stating that the registry as a sex offender can be removed/reduced (to a misdemeanor) if the older party has met the requirements.

We, the youth of the state of Florida seek to amend the Florida statue s.943.04354,F.S. (Romeo and Juliet law)

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