#Children's Rights
Federal Government & RCMP

Since becoming law in 2004, Canada's National Sex Offender Registry has not assisted in ONE criminal case.

Registration isn't even mandatory. If a convicted sex offender is ordered onto the registry, the RCMP have no way to keep track of them. In Canada, our registry relies on the honour system, dependent on the goodwill of our convicted sex offenders.

Computer system is archaic - RCMP has needed to create separate hard copy systems, a Rolodex or an Excel spreadsheet.

There can be NO pro-active use, use is only for after a crime has occurred.

Annual budget for a National Sex Offender Registry to keep convicted pedophiles and predators away from our children is $400,000 (My Alberta Premier's salary is $208,000)

Correctional Services of Canada refuses to inform the RCMP of when convicted sex offender have finished their sentence.

Police Officers cannot access the system.

The Federal Government is obsessed with the privacy rights of our convicted sex offenders at the expense of the privacy rights of our children's bodies & souls.

Prosecutors are using the Registry as a negotiation chip during plea bargains. In other words: plead guilty, and even though you're a convicted sex offender, you won't have to register.

In Canada, we Pardon our convicted sex offenders.
When this is done, all information from the registry is destroyed.
Convicted sex offenders should never be allowed to be pardoned. After years of research and debate, it is clear that there is no cure for pedophilia.

We, the undersigned, call on Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Honourable Rob Nicolson - Attorney General of Canada & Minister of Justice & Inspector Pierre Nezan - RCMP to overhaul the National Sex Offender Registry immediately.

Make the National Sex Offender Registry a functional, accessible and formidable tool for all law enforcement agencies across the country.

Thank you very much.

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