President Barack Obama
United States of America

Unemployment is an issue that needs to be addressed quickly. With each passing day that this situation continues, thousands of laid-off workers around run out of state and federal benefits. There are simply not enough jobs with the amount of available workers there are and this is a serious problem for many families.

The ‘real’ unemployment rate is 17.5% (.4% more than what it was in December of 1962) which includes both the unemployed and underemployed. The amount of people that want to work but cannot find a job is more than five times the level early this decade and the highest unemployment level since the Great Depression. Even having enough money to take classes to study for a new career is proving difficult for many Americans. Ironically, many jobs are being denied to many graduates because they are overqualified. What will happen to the younger generations? The older generations? How much longer can we wait, Mr. President?

Most of this mess that we are in right now could be avoided if American companies would provide their jobs to American workers and not outsource them.

We, the undersigned, call to the President of the United States to please outlaw all Outsourcing of American Jobs to citizens of other countries excepting where it is proven that no available American worker can perform the task(s).

If that is not possible, please at least place high taxes on the companies that outsource.

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