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Anyone who can and is willing to make a difference

Do you live in Ottawa? Are you jealous of how powerful Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have become? If you are then sign this petition. My goal is to put Ottawa on the map, I mean we are the Nation's capital, or did we all forget?

When it comes to the music industry I don't know where to start artist's and rock bands just seem to skip us...why??? Maybe because unlike Toronto we've only got one arena the Scotia Bank Place while in Toronto you find numerous arena's and performing centres. If you were an artist what would convince you to perform in a city like ours? These "stars'' are looking for a city with an active night-life but the last time I checked we don't have a night-life. So just what makes these few artists want to come here besides coming for their fans?? Who knows...And aren't you frustrated to have to go shopping over at Toronto because they have cheap yet nice clothes and in Ottawa it's the same old plain stuff every year and every month?. Lately Donald Trump has been building a new Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto (Anticipated completion is 2008). The first in Canada but why shouldn't it be in the capital? Because Toronto is where everything's at! Not that it's a bad thing Toronto is an awesome place it's been nominated as being one of the most livable places in the world. But as for Ottawa I really don't understand how our city can be this..this..BORING!The only thing keeping us from giving the title of capitalism to Toronto is the Parliament we have here.

Just to make a comparaison Toronto has the Toronto Zoo ...why don't we have a zoo? Not that I have a particuliar liking for zoo's but simple things like having zoo's distinguishes one city from another. With all the gouvernement activities going on in this city, couldnt they spare us some time and make plans to make this city a cultural city I mean you'd think with all these cultures Ottawa would represent its constant growth of diversity and try to bring some life into this city. 5 years ago if you asked me : what is the capital of Canada? I would have replied Toronto. And sadly this is what most people not only in Canada but in many other countries reply.

We must do something about this to save the Nation's capital from being forgotten.

If you read my description thats great, but if you live in Ottawa and feel the same way I do and every time you read a sentence you think..thats soo true! Well then I've said enough. In this petition I'm not targeting anyone but I want to prove to our mayor and our Ottawa citizens that putting a little life into our beautiful city doesn't hurt anyone....

Let's put Ottawa back on the map.

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