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1. Open Valletta to All

Valletta is a stunning city. For years we have been waiting for it to wake up in the evenings and at night. We want to sit outside and sip a drink, talk to friends local or not, enjoy a lovely meal in our amazing capital city and go back home happy that we have done so.

We are tired of all the negativity surrounding being in Valletta no matter what time of day or night it is. We are tired of coming out the theatre or a lovely meal and find a ticket slapped to our windscreen for too many reasons to mention. We are tired of hearing, and saying, 'Valletta is impossible - let's go somewhere else'. This is OUR CAPITAL CITY and as such, it belongs to all.

We the undersigned are proposing the following:

2. Fair Capital Sentencing Act of 2012

One of the most serious threats to the U.S. criminal justice system is the allegation that racism influences the imposition of death sentences.

I propose an overhaul of the sentencing process, using the best technology available.

3. Support a future Social Capitalism Party in Ukraine

Please sign our petition to support the establishment of a new future Social Capitalism Party in Ukraine. This is initially a youth movement intended in changing the future of the country for a positive and prosperous, happy life for all citizens, residents, and visitors.

Fundamentals of our manifesto:

1. Abolish Parliament as long as leases of land to other countries exist. The President can make all the decisions on behalf of citizens.
2. Hold referendums on all key decisions to be determined by the popular vote of citizens.
3. Eliminate all corporate profit tax and VAT.
4. Open boarders for free trade. Eliminate customs and import taxes.
5. Increase minimum wage by 4 times in 4 years.
6. Raise pensions to equal amount of minimum wage.
7. Convert abandon buildings into prisons for corrupt individuals and extremists. Implement anti-corruption hot-line and public TV program.
8. Run the government like a business aimed at ensuring all citizens have a share in the "profit"/tax returns.
9. Test all doctors and teachers/professors to ensure they are qualified by international 3rd parties.
10. Invest to ensure school and health care is free as it should be in real practice. Fix what is broken to keep corruption out.
11. Sell land to whomever wants to pay for it at a fair price.
12. Regulate housing costs so the average Ukrainian can afford to buy a home.
13. Implement free trade policy with the world to the envy of every other developing country.
14. Avoid EU, American and Russian alliances that influence our new principles to avoid conflict of interest.
15. Keep Ukrainian as the national official language...this is Ukraine. Allow everyone to speak whatever they choose.
16. Develop "Las Vegas" of Europe somewhere if agreed.
17. Develop American-style amusement park to rival Disney World.
18. Say no to NATO, we are not looking for any wars with anyone by being neutral.
19. Initiate "cultural change" program to motivate citizens to their full potential.
20. Support after school programs such as sports, music, art, etc.

4. Achieve Proof of Concept

Because Quick Comments is a new approach to user feedback we think the opinion of people knowledgeable in the field will help get the attention of potential funding sources.

We are experimenting with this technique as a means to attract capital; all names are confidential and will only be disclosed to potential funding sources.

5. Ottawa....a very dull city but I hope that's all about to change!

Do you live in Ottawa? Are you jealous of how powerful Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have become? If you are then sign this petition. My goal is to put Ottawa on the map, I mean we are the Nation's capital, or did we all forget?

When it comes to the music industry I don't know where to start artist's and rock bands just seem to skip us...why??? Maybe because unlike Toronto we've only got one arena the Scotia Bank Place while in Toronto you find numerous arena's and performing centres. If you were an artist what would convince you to perform in a city like ours? These "stars'' are looking for a city with an active night-life but the last time I checked we don't have a night-life. So just what makes these few artists want to come here besides coming for their fans?? Who knows...And aren't you frustrated to have to go shopping over at Toronto because they have cheap yet nice clothes and in Ottawa it's the same old plain stuff every year and every month?. Lately Donald Trump has been building a new Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto (Anticipated completion is 2008). The first in Canada but why shouldn't it be in the capital? Because Toronto is where everything's at! Not that it's a bad thing Toronto is an awesome place it's been nominated as being one of the most livable places in the world. But as for Ottawa I really don't understand how our city can be this..this..BORING!The only thing keeping us from giving the title of capitalism to Toronto is the Parliament we have here.

Just to make a comparaison Toronto has the Toronto Zoo ...why don't we have a zoo? Not that I have a particuliar liking for zoo's but simple things like having zoo's distinguishes one city from another. With all the gouvernement activities going on in this city, couldnt they spare us some time and make plans to make this city a cultural city I mean you'd think with all these cultures Ottawa would represent its constant growth of diversity and try to bring some life into this city. 5 years ago if you asked me : what is the capital of Canada? I would have replied Toronto. And sadly this is what most people not only in Canada but in many other countries reply.

We must do something about this to save the Nation's capital from being forgotten.

6. Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club (EVCC)

The Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club (EVCC) is in the process of getting rechartered by the GBA. In order to regain status, we must make sure there is sufficient demand for this club.

The EVCC at Goizueta:

- distinguishes itself by being a platform to further the opportunities of GBS students interested in pursuing careers in venture capital (VC) and in new businesses;

- provides a forum for discussing all aspects of setting up a new business and funding it through VCs;

- represents a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, providing insights into the relevant opportunities available in different industries; and

- focuses on enhancing GBS’s participation in business plan and VC competitions.

7. Enforce the Death Penalty

June 2, 2005
Enforce the Death Penalty

To Strongly Support means you believe: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. The death penalty is appropriate punishment for murder, as a form of justice regardless of the deterrence effect.
Support means you believe: The death penalty and other strict forms of law enforcement will reduce the crime rate by removing criminals from the streets and by deterring others from criminal acts. Capital punishment laws should be enforced.

Capital punishment is effective. No one has proven a "wrongful death" in any modern state executions. Stricter penalties reduce violent crime.

We keep building new prisons. Why don't we get rid of the criminals that don't value a persons life? Get rid of the ones that rape and kill our innocent children. Get rid of the criminal that can rape and kill an elderly woman. Get rid of the criminal that can kill an innocent store clerk. Let's teach the new generation, killing is a definite death penalty.

Why do they live better than some of our other hard working Americans? I am tired of supporting these convicted child and adult killers. Are we supporting them for the pain they have caused those that have lost loved ones?

Now we have kids killing kids. Is our society letting them think it is okay? If we start the Death Penalty now, we can keep some kids from going into crime.

I say enforce the death penalty. Put the criminals where they have put the innocent victims. It is time to take a stand. Wake our system up.


8. Barcelona Not Madrid as Capital of Spain

Have you been to Spain so many times and been to both Madrid and Barcelona?

Many people have seen the poor state of Madrid and would prefer barcelona as though it has even hosted the OLYMPICS!!

9. Victim’s Harvest Bill of Human Rights ---- HR XXXX

Victim's Harvest Bill of Human Rights ---- HR XXXX

The sole determined purpose of this humble petition is for The United States of America to finally ensure that death sentence criminals who have been convicted of capital crimes against mankind pay for their heinous and vicious crimes against our society by enacting a lock-tight comprehensive Congressional Federal law or amendment --- that is Supreme Court appeal proof --- that convicted death penalty criminals shall have to forfeit their bodies immediately after last appeal is exhausted with no death row waiting and become instant organ donors.

Basically, any criminal who has been convicted of a capital crime in or against the United States of America has to instantly forfeit his body organs as a federal punishment to atone for his crimes to society. The revised death sentence appeals process will now also be limited to two calendar years after conviction. This new law will supercede, overwrite and replace any state or federal law and will be applied no matter what may be the criminal's religion, faith, color, creed, belief's, sex, sexual orientation or whatever possible reason.

Any criminal that believes he needs his body parts for his or her next life will have still to suffer the consequences of the new law. The convicted death sentence criminal will be given ample notice by the passing of this new Federal Law or amendment that any capital death sentence offense now carries this new instant organ donor provision, therefore any religious, spiritual or personal concerns are deemed invalid and irrelevant due to the severity of the capital crime and the public notice.

Any financial gain or proceeds from distribution of the victim's organs, skin, bones, eyes, kidney's, heart, lungs or any conceivable use of his body shall go directly to the victim's family or families. The victim's family shall be the sole determiner of the financial rewards and have a limited say on who gets the body parts if needed by other victims of the crime or family members.

The harvest of the victim's organs should be done in the most absolute painless and humane way possible so as not to cause any cruel and unusual punishment, but not to lose any useable part of the anatomy.

A very small benefit --- totally useless in my opinion, but worth mentioning --- of this new VHBOHR, it may also serve as a possible deterrent for any future crimes, although this is not a reason for future passage or my respectful, humble request for your consideration or signature..

The convicted criminal or any anti-death penalty groups who feel this is somehow a possible violation of the new donor's human or civil rights have the option of making a further cash donation to the victim's families or offering a prayer or petition for the painless harvest of the convicted capital criminal. The opposition voices to the VHBOHR shall be drowned out by the anguished cries of the victims for justice and true punishment and shall never be heard or even considered.

The only single drawback is that this new law or amendment is that it will not apply to all current convicts living on death row at the present time.

With American society now rampant and constantly besieged by new child sex predator killers, perverted rapists/killers, murderers, cop killers, terrorists in custody here and in Guantanamo, and all types of capital crime death row felons, it has now become apparent that America has to seek proper justice, punishment, restitution and recompense for the crimes committed by these convicts for the victims of these atrocities.

It is now time for America's Victims to harvest the organs or the convicted criminals, so in death they can become repentant if possible, whether forced in the end to donate their organs or willfully donated. Hopefully some will leave this world feeling better that they have paid for their sins and crimes and given life to their fellow members of society.

I can assure you that most death row inmates believe in a life after death and by enacting this law, the new Victim's Harvest Bill of Human Right's Bill, the donor's will come to have a sense of peace and atonement and come to believe that their actions will maybe help them in some small way in their next life.

Respectfully submitted for your signature.

10. Re-introduce Capital Punishment for Child Killers

In the light of the recent abduction and murder of Jessica and Holly I believe that capital punishment should be re-introduced. Although our Government have signed the Human Rights Bill and say we cannot bring this back. I believe there is no such word as "Can't" and also that the Human Rights of the children have been taken away. Adults who kill children for their own gratification have no right to be protected by the Human Rights bill or campaign. So I believe this argument does not stand. Children have the right to live their lives unmolested by perverts.

11. "Pay off your Debt. Sell us a Forest!"

As an answer to many countries' debt problem and as a means of saving natural resources, especially tropical forests which affect global warming and weather patterns, the US government came up with a novel concept. The nature swap through the Tropical Forest Conservation Act of 1998 (TFCA) - to exchange the debt of forest-rich countries for conservation mechanisms designed to protect the forests.

The Act, according to a US Embassy press release will allow developing countries to shed their debt burden, while helping them to preserve natural forests. In consultation with the US government the debtor country can set up a fund or board consisting of local NGO representatives to preserve tropical forests. The value of debt will be converted to local currency and programs initiated by the board will be paid in local value.

According to them Sri Lanka's most pristine forests- the Sinharaja rainforest, Peak Wilderness, Namunukula forest and the Knuckles forest range are in danger under the debt recovery act and Sinharaja forest will be the main victim.

The United States and Japan have already taken 45 patent rights for medicinal plants in Sri Lanka. There may be hundreds of such indigenous properties in our tropical forests which will be the future of our financial stability. Under this, we fear that, it will pave the way for uncontrolled exploitation of these assets.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Forestry and Environment in Sri Lanka appointed a committee to look into the TFCA, counteracting the speculations of selling off the virgin forests to United States to offset national debt. There are remarkable similarities between the wording of the US Act and the intentions of the donor agencies as outlined in the ADB Report. At first glance it all seems ideally suited to countries such as Sri Lanka which have high international debts, and yet require funding to maintain its rich biodiversity. However, on close scrutiny, questions arise as to the intent motivating such apparent generosity. After all it is ironic that the United States is so concerned about the environmental well-being of the rest of the world that it refuses to sign the Kyoto Convention on controlling carbon dioxide emissions despite being the creator of the largest volume of these emissions!

So, do not allow capital countries to exploit poor countries' natural forests, full of genetic assets. We all should oppose it.