It has come to mind that the 3 best wii games, RPG games and overall games of the last few years are missing several things; the first is portability, the second multiplayer, and the 3rd DLC; should you want to have XENOBLADE CHRONICLES, PANDORAS TOWER or THE LAST STORY on 3DS, simply sign this petition.

Anything is possible, so just because you sdon't think they will run on the 3ds (and they WILL) doesn't mean you cant sign it!

Should you sign this petition, you are agreeing that xenoblade chronicles, pandoras tower and the last story should be released on 3ds, with multiplayer, streetpass & spotpass, and DLC.

Eventually, we shall send these results to Nintendo so they can see what the fans want.

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The Operation Greatsword petition to Nintendo was written by max bennett and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.