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1. Songwriters to Big Tech: Stop Fighting Us in CRB

The National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA) represents U.S. music publishers and their songwriting partners. The NMPA, along with the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), is currently facing Google, Apple, Amazon, Spotify and Pandora in the Copyright Royalty Board proceedings that will determine how songwriters are paid for the next five years.

Songwriters must stand up to Big Tech and demand that they stop fighting to pay even lower royalties to the music creators who fuel their businesses. We must unite our voices by signing on to this letter.

2. Operation Greatsword

It has come to mind that the 3 best wii games, RPG games and overall games of the last few years are missing several things; the first is portability, the second multiplayer, and the 3rd DLC; should you want to have XENOBLADE CHRONICLES, PANDORAS TOWER or THE LAST STORY on 3DS, simply sign this petition.

Anything is possible, so just because you sdon't think they will run on the 3ds (and they WILL) doesn't mean you cant sign it!

3. Continue Pandora Hearts

I think we need to continue Pandora Hearts. It's a very good anime, and it's fun seeing it come out of the manga.

Most people are not pleased with the ending of the 1st season, so lets try and show how much we really care about Pandora Hearts!

4. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

Petition for a SEAL Mission to Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow and Support Antialisaing for the Game...