Petition Tag - great

1. Bring W.I.T.C.H. Back

Hi, this is to all who may be reading.

In today's "Television World" the shows are for lack of a better word crap and this was what I feel was the end to an era of "Good Television" and this show it wasn't just good it was great. You could really get into the show it is a same that we, the Viewers, are seeming to have no say in what we watch.

That is why I have chosen to petition, and if you have just wandering upon this I urge you to look at this Series and please come back and Sign the Petition.

2. Operation Greatsword

It has come to mind that the 3 best wii games, RPG games and overall games of the last few years are missing several things; the first is portability, the second multiplayer, and the 3rd DLC; should you want to have XENOBLADE CHRONICLES, PANDORAS TOWER or THE LAST STORY on 3DS, simply sign this petition.

Anything is possible, so just because you sdon't think they will run on the 3ds (and they WILL) doesn't mean you cant sign it!

3. Dir En Grey - Please Play In Scotland Again!!!

Everyone i ask to listen to Dir En Grey's music suddenly becomes a fan. They are an amazing band with a very original sound.

Many people could not make it to Glasgow for the Kerrang Tour, and i for one am very sad [v.v] I would be delighted if Dir En Grey were to play in Scotland around the dundee/aberdeen area, and so would many others.

4. Rugrats Seasons on DVD

Rugrats: The best and longest running Nick-Toon on Nickelodeon. Most everyone loved it. Then after about 14 years of airing it was canceled. If this was on season DVD’s all the old fans could remember their childhood and newer generations of children could also enjoy it. It’s almost as if it has faded into oblivion.

Rugrats needs to be brought back somehow. It is depressing when you can barely find the show on TV.

5. Salad bars for Colorado Schools

For the two years I have been going to Brentwood Middle School, I have been eating the school's lunch.

Brentwood is in Greeley, CO 80634.

I always there was something missing from the lunch. I now realized that the lunch was missing a salad!! There was a cup with lettuce in it, but it did not look like salad.

I believe that a salad is not just a cup of lettuce, but a bowl with lettuce, carrots, boiled egg, ranch and croutons.

6. Petition for Global peace

War is not only bad for the peoples health and economy, but for the well-being of the planet.

I believe that all of the Governments, Prime Ministers and Presidents, get together and make an agreement to never going to war again.

7. Larry Aurie to the Rafters

The Detroit Red Wings have neglected Larry Aurie for way to many years. Others, great ones as well have been honored, yet this person, Larry Aurie has been forgotten and was the first great one in Red Wings storied history.

Larry Aurie was one of the Red Wings' first great players. He was Detroit's representative in the NHL's first all-star game in 1934. He led the league in goals one season and was top-three in the league in points in another. In 1937, Aurie was one of the six players named to the NHL's post-season first-team all-stars. And most importantly, Aurie was a key part of the Red Wings' first two Stanley Cup champions.

We are asking that the Detroit Red Wings and the Management recognize Larry Aurie's # 6 and place his jersey in it's proper place next to Gordie Howe, Alex Delvecchio, Terry Sawchuk, Sid Able, Ted Lindsay and Steve Yzerman. Please fix this tragedy.

8. Build Tesco in Torrington!

We should have a Tesco in Torrington for the following reasons:

-More business

-More jobs

-More money coming into the town

-Less distance to travel to shopping places, therefore less fuel costs

-More choice of food, clothes and other things

-Somewhere for the community to meet