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1. Increasing TCU Parking

To increase parking availability on TCU's campus.

2. Dolan twins VIP

When trying to purchase VIP M&G tickets for the Dolan twins the cite crashed and many people missed out on the oppotunity, the event organizers (NiceEvents) are refusing to release more tickets.

We are hoping that if we get enough signatures they will reconsider the glitch and release more. Thanks in advance xxx

3. Objection to Reduced Speed Limit on Hwy 281

In October 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Marble Falls approved and announced a plan to lower the speed limits along Hwy 281.

On July 14, 2016, The Marble Falls Police Department announced the signs are now in place and enforcement is underway. The speed limits along the 3 mile stretch of southern Marble Falls has been lowered 5-15 mph below the previous posted speed limits.

We the people of Burnet County believe this change is means for increased revenue for the City of Marble Falls, TX.

4. Increase of fines for vehicular offences should by limited, NOT 200%

The government of Jamaica has announced increase of fines for all vehicular offences to over 200% for this financial period.

At no point in time should any government consider to impose an increase so draconian in nature.

This is exorbitant and unreasonable to the people of Jamaica. The increased fines on vehicular offence should be 25% or less.

5. Stopping illegal reselling of tickets on secondary sites

The reselling of tickets to concerts, musicals, sporting events etc, is becoming ridiculous. When a major event goes on sale, genuine fans try to buy their tickets online or they sleep overnight in front of the box office.

The secondary reselling of tickets sites such as eBay, Viagogo, seatwave, etc, is a illegal business and ruining genuine fans from going to these events.

Here is a youtube video so you can see for yourselves how these companies get a number of allocated seats to major events and resell them on their site for at least twice the face value:

6. Say No to the National Lottery Price Hike

As the National Lottery is supposed to be Non Profit Making, why is there a need to Hike the cost of a ticket to £2.00 a line?

They say that there will be bigger prizes but it's hard enough just winning the lower prizes.

It will just make people that can't afford it to end up in debt, especially the People that have been putting on the same numbers since the lottery started and are afraid not to put the draw on because of the fear that their numbers might be drawn and all because it's an addictive pursuit forced upon the general public. By Camelot.


Legendary band Tool have announced their first AUS/NZ headlining tour since 2002. But they have skipped the City of Perth to the dismay of many Tool fans living there.

Perth would easily be able to accomodate a Tool gig in the newly opened Perth Arena, and more than likely be able to sell all the tickets.

8. Stop Georgia Tech's Graduation Ticket Policy

The Georgia Institute of Technology has recently introduced a ticketing policy that would allow graduating students a maximum of six guests at their commencement ceremony.

This action has come as a surprise to most and has angered many who have heard about it. Graduation is one of the biggest accomplishments a person will ever have and his/her friends and family should be allowed to be present to view their loved one graduate as opposed to having to view it online.

Students have contributed monetarily to the institution, and will be asked to contribute at commencement after they graduate via donations. These prior and future contributions should allow students to be granted their choice of guests as has been the policy previously at the institution.

I would also like to offer some possible solutions to the problems because I understand that the new pavilion can only hold a certain amount of people.

1. Have the ceremony at the Georgia Dome.
2. Split the ceremonies into morning and afternoon commencement as was done in Alexander Memorial Coliseum to allow more tickets.

9. Eden Sessions Fair Pricing For Early Ticket Buyers

The Eden Project has announced greatly reduced price tickets for a selection of its 2012 entertainment Sessions.

Many people, often Cornish locals, buy tickets early and have paid full price. Some, who attend many Sessions have paid extra for "Insider Track" ..designed to be of benefit to the buyer and to purchase tickets early.

The Eden Project has confirmed IT WILL NOT BE REFUNDING any monies to those who have booked tickets before the reductions were announced.
This is unfair and outrageous.

The majority of local Cornish session-goers (who bought tickets early as they had no transport to arrange) are hit hardest.

Ticket prices should be FAIR TO ALL and the most ardent and keen session-goers should be rewarded, not penalised for booking early.

10. Open Valletta to All

Valletta is a stunning city. For years we have been waiting for it to wake up in the evenings and at night. We want to sit outside and sip a drink, talk to friends local or not, enjoy a lovely meal in our amazing capital city and go back home happy that we have done so.

We are tired of all the negativity surrounding being in Valletta no matter what time of day or night it is. We are tired of coming out the theatre or a lovely meal and find a ticket slapped to our windscreen for too many reasons to mention. We are tired of hearing, and saying, 'Valletta is impossible - let's go somewhere else'. This is OUR CAPITAL CITY and as such, it belongs to all.

We the undersigned are proposing the following:

11. Stop Work Zone Tickets When Workers Not Present

I understand the importance of protecting workers that are working on expressways, and highways. I have no problems with fines, penalties and tickets for such. Because we should drive carefully when these workers are present and working on making the expressway/highway a more safer place for us to travel on.

Nearly all states have laws that increase the penalties for speeding or committing other traffic violations while in a construction work zone.

In many states, the enhanced penalty is applicable only when workers are present and/or if signs are posted.

24 states and the District of Columbia require workers to be present in the construction zone for the increased penalties to take effect. Illinois is not listed as having workers be present.

12. Stop the Horn Blowing on York Ave Btw 61St-65th Street

Quality of Life. Something we all want. Something we all deserve. We all work hard and when we are in our homes, we want peace. We want to be able to open our windows. Enjoy the beautiful spring weather, be able to actually hear ourselves think.

For those of us who live on York Ave. between 61st and 65th St. we cannot have those small and important luxury’s. We cannot sit in our homes in peace. We cannot open our windows, in fact sometimes we can’t even sleep because the horns are blowing all day and all night.

People no longer blow their horns for reasons of Emergency. Today they blow their horns because they are impatient. The light has turned green and the person in front of them hasn’t moved fast enough, or perhaps there is a pedestrian crossing the street that someone 3 cars back can’t see. The reasons are endless and ultimately ALL the wrong reason for blowing horns.

I would like to see the 19th Precinct set up weekly sting operations with multiple officers placed between these streets and hand out the $350.00 tickets to all of the motorists who sit on their horns. It needs to be weekly so that motorists learn and an actual impact is made. This is a WIN-WIN for all. The city will generate much needed revenue and hopefully the word will get out to not blow your horn.

13. Petition against the excessive ticket price for Brighton Pride 2011

We believe that these proposals by Pride in Brighton & Hove will have an irreversible and disastrous effect on Brighton Pride and the LGBT community which it represents. The Pride in Brighton & Hove Trustees have not thought these through properly. We propose/demand a re-think and a dialogue between Pride and Community Groups

For the local community it raises issues of affordability. Can a closested 16year old Trans Boy in school ask his parents for the money to attend, how will people on low wages/who are unemployed afford this, and are pensions high enough for our older community to also include £17.50 for a trip to the park.

Families with children (whether they be parents of same sex, opposite sex or single parents) are still being expected to pay the same price for their children. A couple with 2 children will face costs around £75 (based on 4 tickets being £12.50 plus food, drink and travel).

Last year Reclaim Pride (a rival bid to host the celebration) costed the event at £6 which included all the park attractions, fencing, security and a guaranteed percentage for Charity. We want clear accounts and costing to show where this extra £11.50 is going.

Pride is to celebrate LGBT History, celebrate diversity, and fight against inequality. We show that we are equal, valued members of society. We fund raise to assist those who are oppressed because of their Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity.

The Party, as fun as it is, is 2nd to all of this... Pricing LGBT+ people out of Pride is against the spirit of things, and shows that as a community we don't care for our poorest and most vulnerable.

14. TASA 50/50 Fundraising

Every year TASA makes it mandatory for all players to participate in a 50/50 draw where each play must sell a specific number of tickets per draw at a minimum.

50% of the money goes to the 50/50 winner
30% goes to TASA for admin and player development
20% goes back to a returning player for their registration fee (non-returning players get nothing)

Failure to participate, means the organization will penalize the player 100% of any tickets not sold.

This punishment is a money grab for the following reasons: 1) the winner of draw doesn't get their 50%, 2) the player doesn't get their 20%, and 3) TASA gets the full 100% for any tickets not sold (up to $40).

The purpose of the draw is to get funds for admin and player development (minimum of $12 per player for 2010/2011)

The majority of ticket buyers are the player's parents.

The people who pay for the players to play are the parents.

For 2010/2011 season, each child is required to sell 20 tickets each for two separate draws. Thus most parents will spend $40 this year on tickets they may not want to purchase. Of the $40, the player gets $8 on next years registration. TASA gets $12. And if a player doesn't sell any tickets, the player will owe TASA the full $40.

Thus parents should have the option to either directly give TASA $12 or pay $40 for tickets, and indirectly give TASA their $12.

Many parents would prefer the hassle free option of just giving TASA $12 --- and then TASA saves resources by not having to administer a 50/50 mandatory program which requires a lot of "policing".

My petition is as follows....

Include the $12 admin and play development cost in the registration fee

15. Support Same Sex Couple Tickets For Prom

GDRHS sells prom tickets cheaper to couples every year. However, they do not sell couple tickets to two girls or two boys. This is not a one hundred percent heterosexual school, and some people can't afford the full price of the ticket.

16. Lower parking ticket rates in Somerville

Somerville has had notoriously high priced parking ticket policies for a long time and has gotten to the point where the people can no longer go undefended.

Though the existence of the parking laws are fully merited, it is nearly impossible for every car owner in Somerville to daily dodge the plethora of possible parking violations, "permit only, resident pass missing, street cleaning, snow emergency, car not moved for 48hours, etc...". And this would not be such an issue if rules were there for their claimed purpose of "...ensuring the orderly and controlled flow of traffic".

With such unrelenting ticketers, and with ticket prices as high as $50 for not having a pass, one could easily assume that the real goal of the Somerville Parking Authority is to "extort as much money from the residents as possible" in many cases, to fill gaps in their budget. With taxes where they are, these gaps are just as inexcusable as their method of getting more money. It has been recorded that Somerville has made up to $200,000 a day on parking tickets.

Getting our money through taxes is fair and balanced and takes more money from those who can afford it. By filling their budget with overpriced parking tickets the city of Somerville hits hundreds of its citizens, many of which are already poor, with an unfair and often unmanageable deduction.

Sign this petition and let Somerville know that we are not just a bunch bad parkers looking to get out of a ticket, that we are happy to abide with a law which is fair and created in the name of the citizens, and since that is not currently the case, we demand a change.


17. Guns n' Roses cheap tickets!

Hi everyone!

We have heard about the rehearsals and it was looking promising but we want a tour and I don't think we should have to pay lots, when more and more people are losing jobs!

18. Refund unfair photo radar tickets

A Manitoba court recently threw out tickets for drivers exceeding the temporary speed limit in construction zones when no workers were present and no safety was compromised, meaning those who haven't already paid their tickets will not be required to do so.

But the NDP government is refusing to refund the tickets for the thousands of drivers who have already paid. It's a cash grab, and it's wrong.

19. Transport from Birmingham to Cardiff at 11:30pm on 17th November 2009

We would like to arrange some sort of transport from Birmingham to Cardiff for the people attending the Jonas Brothers concert on 17th November 2009.

Many people from Cardiff wish to attend this concert but are unable to find any available transport to return home to Cardiff. The people attending can easily get to Birmingham via a train but the last train leaves Birmingham at 10:12pm, the concert will not finish until 11pm and the Cardiff citizens are unable to get home.

We have looked at the prospect of staying overnight in a hotel or getting a taxi but the prices of this are extremely unafforadable. We do not wish to miss this concert as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for these people to see their heroes perform live on stage. All we are asking is for a small type of transport to make the short return journey to Cardiff the same night at an affordable price.

We would really appreciate you considering organising a small trip. We would be extremely grateful and thankful to whom ever would be kind enough to organise this for the fans.
Sincere thanks.

20. Consumers Against Ticket Scamming

On several dates in March, many people logged on to the Ticketmaster website to purchase tickets for the 2009 Jonas Brothers World Tour presale. Withinthe first 5 minutes, the presale was almost completely sold out, leaving less that desirable seats scattered throughout the venues. Shortly after, many tickets, specifically VIP and floor seats began to appear on for ridiculously escalated prices.

Assuming there would be seats left during the General Admission sale on the morning March 28, many fans signed on. Instead of a renewed chance at purchasing decent seats, they were only met with disappointment, and an even worse selection of seats than offered during the presale.

Having dealt with this during the Jonas Brothers' 2008 tour, I decided that perhaps my only option would be to purchase from one of these resellers. Upon contacting one in particular and making an offer of $400 for four floor seats (which are priced at approximately $80 each), I was informed that any offer not close to his requested $900 would be declined.

Tickets are already costly, and fans should not be forced to pay anything more than face value in order to enjoy their sought experience.

21. Cap Ticket Prices on eBay

As consumers, no one finds it fair and right that people can purcase tickets for shows, concerts and sports events and then sell the tickets on eBay to make a massive profit!

22. Sign For Jonas Brothers to go to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut

We have never been to a Jonas Brothers concert, because whenever we find out about the concert, the tickets are sold out.

We Love The Jonas Brothers, so Please help us !

23. Elliot Minor - Bigger Venue in Exeter

Lots of people have been unable to get tickets to see Elliot Minor/The Electric City in Exeter.

If the gig was moved to a bigger venue then more tickets would be available.

24. Stop Rip off Football Clubs

Sick to death of clubs charging over the odds for ticket prices? Normal fans are being fleeced and priced out.

For instance birmingham are charging man united £45 for tickets in the away end yet they are charging bolton £15 for the same seats.

Clubs seem to think because the clubs are rich that the fans are rich. It's like me going to the cinema and paying a fiver and the guy next to me paid £1.00. Just not on and something needs to be done otherwise football will lose its identity.

25. Make Wembley seats more available

After an embarrassingly high number of empty seats in the recent Concert for Diana and Live Earth at Wembley Stadium, I believe that the tickets should be easier to obtain, so that the stadium is full every time.

26. Edinburgh MBChB Graduation

The University of Edinburgh has shown this year's cohort of Medicine graduates complete disrespect regarding our graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was initially moved from it's own slot in July to one on 28th June, instantly clashing with our shadowing week which we all need to undertake as a requirement for our jobs.

The ceremony was alotted to a time on 28th June when many other graduates of other courses will too be graduating, in the same session, unfairly limiting ticket availability for both those graduates of Medicine and the other graduates from the School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Divinity and School of Health in Social Science in attendance that afternoon. Two tickets per person is simply unacceptable. The event is likely to resemble something of a cattle market with so many graduates in attendance for one ceremony.

To add insult to injury, the university has "special" ceremonies set aside for graduates of Veterinary Medicine and Law. Graduates for these ceremonies get a minimum of 4 tickets per graduand and a ceremony solely for those graduates. We do not believe as graduates of Medicine we are in any way superior to a graduate of any other degree. We believe that graduation from any degree is a signficant achievement. We believe graduates of all courses should be treated the same.

We do not understand why of all degrees undertaken, if Medicine is not to be regarded as a degree that confers signficant acheivment or in need of a "special" ceremony of it's own, why Veterinary Medicine and Law continue to be treated as such. Medicine in Edinburgh has a far greater heriatage than that of any other degree taught at the university - Medicine has been taught in Edinburgh since the early sixteenth century, Veterinary Medicine only since the early nineteenth century.

We believe that two tickets per graduate is simply insufficent in recognising the conferment of a degree. We believe this fact is made more insulting by the moving of our ceremony to an inconvenient date and by the "special" ceremonies set aside for Law and Veterinary Medicine.

27. Bring the NHL Back to Hamilton

Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe are a hotbed for hockey, yet it has been 82 years since Hamilton has had an NHL team.

Do your part to help bring the NHL to Hamilton by signing the petition!

28. Remove Seetickets from involvement with Glastonbury Festival

Due to many factors, I believe that Seetickets are not fit to act as ticket agents for Glastonbury Festival.

Obtaining tickets has proved to be a nightmare, the tickets have arrived at the last minute, months after they were ordered and many tickets have been completely mis-printed, in respect of departure times for combined coach and festival tickets with no information volunteered from Seetickets to advise of either the error or the correct departure times.

This has cast a shadow over the event for many.

29. We wanna go to Glastonbury goddamnit!

I have been trying to go to Glastonbury festival since I was about 14 but i've had no luck and I wanna go goddamnit! The main reason for this is because of the superfast sellout of tickets caused by ticket touts.

I refuse to throw my money down their throats. I think the introduction of Glasto registration has been a brilliant way to stop touting. Its about time!! Anyway, lets get to the point. I of course got my glasto registration in, but still didn't manage to get tickets, along with thousands of other festival wannagoers. I think that people like me should get priority for the next Glastonbury festival!

I think that our registrations should be kept on file and that we should get our own priority ticketline or something for next year. I think thats fair :)

We deserve it!

30. Take That Ticket Fiasco

The information is there to be seen by anyone looking on Ebay or Ticket Sales site.

It's time to stop the Ebay money grabbers from laughing all the way to the bank at the expense of fans.