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Tired of the U.S. Government and the media controlling what you can do or think? LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK. We are a nation founded on freedom and why shouldn't we be able to practice that freedom. If you are for the tearing down of the people placing limits on how they can practice their freedom, then sign this petition with you email address. If we get enough signatures then we can make a statement to the people high up and make some change ACTUALLY happen.

We, the undersigned, call on the media to report information and news in a wholistic manner, void of half truths and partial facts placed out of context. Make it a point to hold yourself to honor about telling the truth about what is going on. Not what will make you the most money.

We demand that truth and freedom reign in our news outlets as it was meant to reign in our country. Tainting the way that information is delivered, in the information age, should be against the law. Its mass scale propaganda just like Hitler used to make the Germans believe that what they were doing was okay. End this now.

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