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Tired of the U.S. Government and the media controlling what you can do or think? LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK. We are a nation founded on freedom and why shouldn't we be able to practice that freedom. If you are for the tearing down of the people placing limits on how they can practice their freedom, then sign this petition with you email address. If we get enough signatures then we can make a statement to the people high up and make some change ACTUALLY happen.

2. Mr. President, Declare AntiFa a terrorist group

Anyone who has been paying attention to current events in the United States of America, is aware of AntiFa and their terrorist activity.
From violence committed during our presidents inauguration, to the violence perpetrated on people at rallies across the nation. AntiFa has been growing in size, becoming bolder, and becoming more violent.
They have been very clear in their desire to tear apart our Republic and replace it with socialism / communism, and they advocate for, and use, violence to further their agenda. This is the definition of a terrorist group.
Please read, sign, and share this petition.
Thank You

3. To the Management of's Term of Use T specifies that referring to Donald Trump as a "racist" falls into the category of "propaganda" and is a "defamatory slur"

4. Oath/Solemn Affirmation Against Politically Correct Politics - OAPCP

Are we not all fed up with politicians mouthing politically correct homilies which are irrational and often outright lies. They resort to actions which hurt the nation but give them short-term political gains. It is time that we, the patriotic citizens, take matters back in oue hands.
Patriots worldwide should take an oath, or a solemn affirmation if anybody is an atheist, that they will never vote for any politician who has ever uttered any of the following clichés:
1. Islam is a religion of peace/brotherhood.
2. Terrorists do not represent Islam/Muslims
3. Religion has nothing to do with terrorism.
4. Support for multiculturalism instead of integration, saying Islam protects rights of women
5. Support for Sharia, burqa, burkini, halal meat, prayer breaks, prayers on the roads
6. Unending welfare payments to migrants, payment to polygamous migrants and for more than two children of migrants.
7. Support for unlimited migration and opposition to strict vetting of migrants.
8. Opposition to withdrawal of citizenship when migrant is covicted of terror, murder, drug peddaling or rape including attempt, burning or dishonor of flag or anthem, failure to learn language in three years, any other anti-national act
9. Demanding state funding of Muslim religious schools
10. Support for FGM, giving knife cuts to toddlers on Muharram, or any other cruel and abhorrent practice in the name of religion.
Total boycott of politicians making such statements should continue till they publicly admit that they made such a false statement due to lack of knowledge about Islam and apologise. The day politicians feel the hurt for mouthing these irrational and false clichés, things will start rolling back.

5. Protect the American Flag

This petition is for the sole purpose of protecting the American flag from being burned, deficated on, and destroyed by those individuals who seek such actions in protest.
The burning of United States currency is protected under Title 18, Section 333 of the U.S. code of law, punishable by a fine of not more than $100.00, or prison for up to 6 months, or both.
The killing of our national symbol, the American Bald Eagle, is protected under federal law with a 1st time violation of 1 yr. in prison and/or fine up to $100,000. for individuals/$200,000. for an organization. Subsequent violations are treated as felonies, a maximum fine of $250,000. or 2 yrs. in prison.
A federal law which protects the American flag, taking the burning of, deficating on, and destruction of same out from under the umbrella of free speech is long overdue.

6. Restore the American Flag to the Civil Air Patrol Uniform

In reference to The National Uniform Committee of the US Civil Air Patrol HQ's decision to remove the USA Flag emblem from field uniforms, we determine that the duty of CAP is to foster patriotism to the United States of America among its cadets and civilians. Honoring our flag is consistent with the patriotism the cadets express in their service to their country. Furthermore, the cadets are proud to display the flag on their uniform and find do not find it inconvenient. CAP is comprised of those who willingly volunteer their time and effort to help their communities and nation, Thus, displaying the flag is considered an honor that should supersede any concern for strict USAF compliance and hypothetical points of contention.

7. Take Disciplinary Action against Brown University Students who vandalized American Flags at a Veterans Day Ceremony

Students vandalized and stomped on the American Flags set up at a Veterans Day Ceremony on the Brown University Campus of Providence, Rhode Island.

These students were protesting the results of the Presidential Election. The protest that was conducted was a disgrace to the many patriotic lives and blood shed which provided these individuals the liberty to protest.

In conclusion, these individuals were not charged for this erroneous demonstration of hate and discontent.

8. Stand For the National Anthem

It is time to take a stand against these individuals who do have the right to stand up for what they believe in but to not stand for the National Anthem when men and women have died and are dying for this country is an insult let's band together and put a stop to this.

9. NFL Players Should Stand for the National Anthem

There seems to be a trend forming in the NFL. Several players have chosen not to stand for the National Anthem to further an agenda that promises only to divide our country.

In America, a person has an absolute right not to stand for the anthem. The rights afforded to us in this country is one of the things that makes it great. It still doesn't make it right. What about the soldiers that fight daily for our freedom and those very rights? What about those who have lost their lives doing so?

To not stand for the National Anthem is rude and disrespectful to those many thousands of soldiers and their families. It is also irresponsible considering the number of young Americans that look up to those athletes. If any player feels they need to take a stand, fine. Just do it off the football field.

10. Boycott any NFL Team that allows their players to disrespect the National Anthem

Recently several NFL players have taken the position to disrespect America by not standing for the National Anthem. This is a travesty and needs to be addressed.

Those multi million dollar players represent their teams. Those teams rely upon their income from sales revenues of NFL fans.

If you believe that those players should be held accountable for their actions, boycott those teams that allow this practice. Avoid supporting the team and refuse to buy the products and team products the sponsors advertise during their games.

If you want to make a difference you can gain their attention by hitting them in the pocket book.

11. Support the right to fly your nation's ensign on your own property

I served in my country's armed forces for 22 years and fell I have a right to fly my nation's ensign outside or in my garden.

This is not racist as I am proud to say I have friends who along with me served their country and have different skin colour to me or come from another ethnic origin.

12. Australian Steel only for Projects in Australia, Government and Private

My petition is simple: use only Australian Steel for ALL projects in Australia wether it be submarines or buildings.

So wherever steel is used it must be Australian Steel. Government projects and private projects should use oz steel.

It must be Australian Steel.

13. Stop Desecration of the American Flag

This petition calls for an exemption of the American flag under the First Amendment free speech as it does not offer peaceable demonstration.

14. शहीदे आजम भगतसिंह एअरपोर्ट

जय हिन्द साथियो।
जिन शहीदों की शहादत की वजह से आज हम सब इस देश की आजाद हवा में सांस ले पा रहे है।
जिन शहीदों ने अपने जीवन की हर ख़ुशी और सुख को त्यागकर हम सबको एक आज़ाद वतन में रहने के काबिल बनाया आज अपनी राजनीतिक महत्वकांछाओ के चलते हमारे देश की सरकारे उन वतनपरस्त शहीदों का अपमान करती आ रही है।
भगतसिंह को सम्मान किसी एअरपोर्ट पर उनका नाम लिख कर नहीं दिया जा सकता और शायद हमारे शहीदे आजम कभी ये नहीं कहते की उनका नाम कही लिखा जाए क्योकि "शहीदे आजम भगतसिंह" का नाम अपने आप में ही एक सम्मान है।
हमने सरकार से नहीं बोला था की चंडीगढ़ एअरपोर्ट का नाम भगत सिंह के नाम पर हो 2009 में खुद सरकार ने उनके नाम का प्रस्ताव पास किया था लेकिन 2013 तक उस पर अमल नहीं हुआ।
सरकार बदली तो एअरपोर्ट का नाम भगतसिंह के नाम पर रखने का फैसला भी बदल गया। न तो उस सरकार ने किया और न ही ये सरकार कर रही है।
ये सरकारे क्रान्तिकारियो के नाम पर हमेशा पीछे हटते आई है।
लेकिन अब बस अब और नहीं। अब और हम हमारे शहीदों का अपमान नहीं सहेंगे।
शहीदे आजम ने कहा था "जो लोग ऊँचा सुनते है उन्हें बम के धमाके की जरुरत होती है"
इन सरकारो को भी ऐसे ही कुछ क्रन्तिकारी आंदोलनों के बम के धमाको की जरुरत है और ऐसा ही एक धमाका और अंतिम "चेतावनी" "25 फरवरी 2016" को "जंतरमंतर" दिल्ली पर होने जा रहा है।
अगर आप सोचते है की शहीदों ने आपके लिए कुछ किया है और आपको भी कुछ करना चाहिए तो जरूर पहुचे।
🇮🇳इंकलाब जिंदाबाद। साम्राज्यवाद मुर्दाबाद🇮🇳

15. Make Britain British again stop changing our traditions and making Britain feel foreign

I am not a racist person i think all races are and should be equal.Yet i find myself wondering what has happened to Britain and British people? We have to put up with being told we are being racist because 1 of our nursery songs has a black sheep in it, we have to change our merry Christmas to happy holidays because it is classed has racist to muslims; they want to ban the poppy because it offends muslims when its our way of respecting our heros; they want to make British children eat halal school dinners and our fast food to change to halah meat.

Well I think it is all those that want to change our British traditions and ways that are racist not us we should be allowed to be British in Britain we do not tell muslims that if they come to our country they should follow our traditions an religion so we should not have to follow there's THIS NEEDS TO STOP. All that is happening is that all the changes to our traditions and British ways is making people racist.



16. A Modern American Declaration of Liberty

In establishing this Republic, our forefathers taught that man made institutions have no authority to grant or deny that which has been endowed upon us by God. They taught that unalienable rights are thus given to mankind by God, the Creator, and that governments exist not to grant or deny these rights, but to protect them. They stated that when these rights are abused, that it becomes necessary in the course of human events from time to time for a people to dissolve themselves from the political bonds that hold them. They recognized and warned that a overburdensome central government could become too strong and they went to great lengths to ensure that a system was established that was checked within itself by a balance of powers. This system was also the agent of sovereign states that made up the union. This was to ensure that the federal government did not,
"usurp from the States all government in little as in great things, when all government shall be drawn to Washington as the center of power it will render powerless the checks provided of one government on another and will become as oppressive as the government from which we separated." Thomas Jefferson.

Such times are upon us. The original Constitution of this Republic, and its intent, has been so grossly misrepresented, misinterpreted and wrested that it is scarcely recognizable. Professional politicians, who have made careers and fortunes out of public service have, in many cases, sold out the interests to the United States to foreign powers and financial interests and their organizations. In other cases, they have usurped and wrested the interests of this people and their liberties on behalf of their own personal ideologies, vain ambitions and carnal appetities. Thereby, the very purpose of the system established by our forefathers (to protect each citizen's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness) is being abjectly corrupted.

As a result, we reaffirm the following to be self evident :

That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any government becomes destructive to these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form most likely to effect their safety and happiness. When a long train of abuses, usurpations, cover-ups and mis-appropriations, pursuing invariably the same object depicts a design to reduce the people to despotism, to the rule of tyrants, it is the right of the people, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.

We are at such a point and juncture in the history of this Republic. The forces moving us toward totalitarianism compel us to reaffirm the constitutional intent of our forefathers and therefore disassociate ourselves from the usurpations, misappropriations, misinterpretations, corruption and humanism which infects our government's elected and appointed officials, and return our government to the more limited form our forefathers established and intended. The recent history of the federal government is one of repeated injury and usurpation leading to totalitarianism.

To illustrate this, let the following list of conditions speak for themselves : Officials of the federal government (elected and appointed) have :

  • Colluded among themselves to spend citizen monies to buy firearms which they then illegally and intentionally sold to foreign drug cartels and other criminals in order for these weapons to be used against American citizens so these same politicians and officials could then call for further restrictions on gun ownership by law-abiding citizens.
  • Covered up the murder and death of US Law Enforcement Officers which resulted from the just aforementioned issue.
  • Created laws, signed executive directives and orders, and established secret courts and approvals for monitoring, searching, and seizing virtually all citizen's private communications and personal interactions and other effects, thereby violating the Constitituion.
  • Utilized the tax collection agency of government to harass US citizens and their lawful organizations, and to infringe upon their rights based upon their political affiliations and then harassed these same citizens when they took issue with the infringements.
  • Colluded with terrorist enemies of this country and then covered up that collusion when it resulted in Amerian interests and consulates being attacked which resulted in the deaths of our Ambassador, State Department personnel, and US Navy Seals who attempted to defend them.
  • Abjectly lied to the American people and the entire world about the cause of the just aformentioned attacks and deaths of American citizens in order to avoid negatively impacting their chances for re-election.
  • Created laws and agencies which regularly infringe on and deny the property rights of American citizens for frivolous and ill-defined reasons.
  • Created a multitude of laws and agencies which regularly infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms in direct violation of the Constitution.
  • Created multitudenous laws, agencies, and initiatives which have the object of, and in fact do, redistribute the wealth of private citizens in the name of social restructuring, which has been established by the very politicans and officials carrying out the redistribution, with the aim wagin class warefare on the citizens of this nation, thereby further violating the Constitution.
  • Undermined our sovereignty by signing treaties allowing arbitration of U.S. citizens' rights and American soveriegnty by foreign nations and organizations.
  • Been unduly influenced by "special interests" and "lobbyist" who buy votes to pass laws oriented towards those interests and not in the common good.
  • Created "acts" establishing an unconstitutional framework of "Emergency Powers" and "Executive Orders" which are dictatorial in nature.
  • Maintained a state of emergency since 1933, enabling the aforementioned Powers and Orders which hang over the head of this people, and which at any time can be implemented establishing complete dictatorial rule over the people.
  • Established a privately owned, central bank that regulates the monetary system of this Republic, in violation of the Constitution.
  • Served baseless warrants on, brought siege to, bombed, burned and killed citizens, covering up the same and allowing the guilty to go unpunished.
  • Weakened the free market through excessive regulation and out and out government take over of Agriculture, Manufacturing, Finance, Communications and Transportation.
  • Dictated to property owners who they can and cannot sell to and excessively taxed capitol gains from such sales in violation of the Constitution.
  • Created a system of state schools for our children which feed upon the political interests of those in power, who would re-educate the youth of this nation in a fashion in keeping with their class warfare, Godless, and Socialistic designs.
  • Supported the said "state" schools through unconstitutional federal governmental agencies and reapportioned federal funds.
  • Denied our American heritage by declaring it unconstitutional to teach in schools the values upon which this Republic was founded and upon which its liberty rests.
  • Dictated who employers may hire, how much to pay and the conditions in the work place, further weakening the free market and violating the rights of those citizen business owners.
  • Destroyed the initiative of large portions of the citizenry by maintaining a decadent, fraudulent, social welfare system whereby people are paid not to work by politicians who take this wealth from those who do work, and entice those they ensnare into these programs to vote for them in perpetuity. They do this in order to mainatian their power and their golas of fundamentally changing this Republic.
  • Destroyed the wellspring of tranquillity in our society by legalizing and supporting the wanton and horrific killing of unborn children, thereby officially violating the Constitution by denying them their very right to life.
  • Utilized citizen tax monies to fund base pornography and depictions of decrepit practices in the name of a so-called Academy of the Arts, further undermining and destroying ther fundamental moral values upon which this Republic rests.
  • Made a mockery of criminal justice by supporting supposed criminal rights over the rights of the injured.
  • Colluded with the Main Stream Media outletsmedia, which are owned by the principals of the central bank, to keep these truths away from the American citizenry.
  • Colluded with foreign and domestic bodies, whose represent the power brokers in both major political parties, the principals in the central bank, and the owners and operators of the so-called Man Stream Media, to enact laws, regulations, policies and agencies in pursuit of their primary goal which is the establishment of world governance thereby destroying the soveriegnty and liberty of this Republic.

In short, through this long list of abuses, and many more too numerous to list, the officials within our own government, both elected and appointed, have placed this Republic on the road to totalitarianism in a Marxist or Fascist form, pursuing invariably the object of the overthrow of our republican system and its attending free market.

In every stage of these injustices, American citizens who have petitioned for redress or sought to expose the above stated injuries and designs have been answered by repeated injury, slander, criminalization, imprisonment and death.

A governing body whose character is thus so patently marked by every act that would define tyranny is unfit to rule a free people.

Some may argue that these actions have been taken by "duly elected" or appointed officials on behalf of the people. To this we say that no individual, no official or governing body, who have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same (which all of these officials have done) has the authority to alter or change the express directives of that constitution, except by means provided for within the constitution itself which is the Amendment process. Changes in the name of "States of Emergency", "Executive Orders", "Treaties", "Initiatives", "Acts", "Proclamation", "Presidential Directives", "Strategic Alliances" or any other avenue outside of constitutional amendment, properly ratified by the people of the several States, represent a violation of their oath of office and establishes any and all of those so involved as enemies of "We the People."

It is therefore apparent, that without immediate reversals of these abuses, infringements, and encroachments on the rights and liberties of the people of this Republic, that the time is short before our recourse must be either to resort to the measures our founding fathers took to establish this nation, or lose our liberties and way of life, if not our very life.

17. Δώστε στον Λαό τα ονόματα των δωροδοκηθέντων από την siemens

Καλούμε τους Έλληνες πολίτες αφού ενημερωθούν, με την παρακάτω πλήρως αναρτημένη επερώτηση που έχει ηδη κατατεθεί στον Πρόεδρο της Ελληνικής Βουλής (ΣΥΝΤ.69), από τον Δημήτριο Αντωνίου, την 04-09- 2012 με αρ. πρωτ.1972/04-09-2012 να την συνυπογράψουν.

Είναι το ελάχιστο που μπορούμε να κάνουμε αντιδρώντας στην συγκάλυψη των εθνοπροδοτών και διεφθαρμένων πολιτικών που καταχράστηκαν την εμπιστοσύνη του Ελληνικού λαού, προς όφελος των ξένων κατακτητών και διαφθορέων, υπερασπιζόμενοι το πολίτευμα και τα δικαιώματα των πολιτών της Χώρας.

Η συλλογή των υπογραφών θα κατατεθεί στον Πρόεδρο της βουλής.

προηγήθηκε αίτηση προς την βουλή του ιδίου με το ίδιο θέμα η οποία έτυχε αρνητικής απάντησης.
προβολή της απαράδεκτης απάντσης εκ μέρους της Βουλής στον παρακάτω σύνδεσμο.

18. Allow First Responders to attend 9/11 Ground Zero Dedication

On September 11, 2001 men and women who made committments to save life and property were put to the ultimate test. As the horror of the attacks unfolded and people scattered...hundreds and thousands of dedicated, well-trained first responders ran towards the crumbling towers to rescue and help as many victims as they could.

One victim's encounter with a fireman says it all, " 'One fireman stopped to take a breath, and we looked each other in the eye,' said Louis G. Lesce, who was on his way down from the 86th floor of 1 World Trade Center, the first tower hit. 'He was going to a place where I was damn well trying to get out of. I looked at him thinking, 'What are you doing this for?' He looked at me like he knew very well. 'This is my job.'" (

Thousands of people died that morning and 343 of them were firefighters, policemen, EMS - mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, grandpas, grandmas, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, lovers, best friends - men and women who committed their lives to saving the lives of others! (

Now there are a handful of politicians that have decided to refuse the honor of attendance to the dedication of the memorial at Ground Zero on the tenth anniversary of the deaths of our brothers and sisters. Our time is limited to collect signatures but we must be the voices of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice! Please sign this petition to allow our first responders - our heroes - to attend this ceremony. Their sacrifice, integrity, sense of duty, and diligence are the reason that so many live to remember.

Respectfully Yours,
Jessica Waltenburg

19. Moral Declaration of Independence

We are declaring a moral separation from the current ruling administration and the policies it is currently enacting which is diminishing our liberties.

Moral Declaration simply means:

- Declaring our willingness and our ability to no longer support the current administrations decisions.

- Asserting our stance under ‘Redress of Grievances’.

- Affirming that in good faith and trust-

- We are done giving them moral support!

• We are presenting the new Moral Declaration of Independence with grievances in accordance with the United States Constitution and current U.S. Code of Law.

• We openly recognize that we have shared the intent and the spirit of the original Declaration of Independence.

• The original document was a declaration of war; however, at this time that is not the direction that America can withstand.

• Its strength and spirit is as viable today as when first written. (We intentionally utilized much of the original writings.)

• This document, as a petition with signatures will be taken to and registered in Washington D.C.

The cornerstone of our constitutional Republic has been the Declaration of Independence. The men who founded this great nation knew that those who rule must be of the character that recognizes that we will all stand before the God of heaven and be held accountable. These founders also knew that the ruling class often forgets this fact. We have been given the right to reset to the original intent of this founding document.

Now is the time… for all patriotic citizens to stand up and be counted.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” (Psalm 33:12).

20. Free Postage for Care Packages to Soldiers Serving in War Zones

With the poor economy in the United States, high cost of postage, and the necessity to provide common comforts for our men and women serving in War Zones.

With over 10 million people on unemployment and many many more having taken pay cuts.

With the families and loved ones of the men and women fighting for this great country, having to supply the most basic of everyday needs (deodorant, razors, shampoo).

21. Keep the Flag on our Law Enforcement Officers

The new chief of police in Pine Bluff, Arkansas has ordered that all law enforcement officers remove the United States flag from their uniforms.

22. Support the English Defence League

Support the English Defence League to gain Government support to bring an end to Islamic Extremism, Sharia Law and all that this entails i.e. wearing of the Burkha, Halal products in restaurants and supermarkets. The building of Mosques and its accompanying Learning Centres which are 'alleged' to be a training ground for extremism.

The Government need to act and curtail these problems and support is needed by the English Defence League to bring this to the attention of our Government and compel them to act on it.

23. Support Our Country and Our Football Team

Police are going round pubs and clubs .. saying that we cannot wear our ENGLAND tops for the football and we have to take the flags down as it is upsetting the immigrants that don't come from here! now I'm not racist, but this is going a step to far! ..

24. No To Banning Of English Flags During The World Cup Football Tournament

There has been talk that the government of Tower Hamlets in London are banning the flying of English Flags during the World Cup Football.

We feel this is wrong that the people that want to cannot support their country through fear of upsetting other religions.

25. Honor Rural America

The hard work of Rural Americans turns the wheels of this country. The Farmer, The Coal Miner, The Truck Driver, and The Factory Worker provide the blood, sweat, and tears to fuel the United States of America. The Gay and Lesbian Community has been awarded the month of June in their honor. Why should America honor and glorify sexual orientation?

Should America not honor the core values, of integrity, constitution, work ethic, and patriotism above alternative lifestyle? Every American DESERVES the right to live life as they see fit. Every American DESERVES equality. But, The Gay and Lesbian Community has been given a license to shove alternative lifestyles down our throats. They don't want equality, they want to be placed up on a pedestal. Don't the values of hard working Americans with scraped knuckles and thick calluses on their hands deserve honor and recognition? Is sexual orientation more important to you than your hard work? This is for you West Virginia coal miner. This is for you Oklahoma Oil Rig Worker. This is for Alaskan Fishermen, Wisconsin Dairy Farmers, Texas Ranchers, and every hard working American man and woman that labors to forge this country by the sweat of their brows in some small town.

Together, we can show Washington and Barack Obama the kind of CHANGE this country really wants. Stand tall Rural America! Stand proud! Stand up and honor the integrity, constitutional values, work ethic, and the patriotism that is small town America! Demand a National Rural American Month!

26. Commend Francis Magalona as a National Artist for Music

Francis Magalona, also known as the Master Rapper, FrancisM, Kiko, The Mouth, and the Man from Manila, is a Filipino rapper, songwriter, actor, photographer, and film director who was born on October 4, 1964 and passed away on March 6, 2009.

He is the son of Pancho Magalona and Tita Duran, who were popular film stars of the postwar period. He has appeared in numerous films and television shows like Bagets 2, Eat Bulaga, Philippine Idol (as one of the judges), Student Canteen, and That's Entertainment, and produced 15 music albums.

27. Recognize Kurdistan

We, the Kurdish people of Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, are a group of over 40 million people. Our culture and heritage is not fully recognized by the countries we live in, yet we continue to be a proud people and proud of our history.

Although international political boundaries do not recognize the Kurdish people or a country of Kurdistan, we would like Facebook to recognize our heritage and provide a Kurdistan option when selecting network, residence or birthplace.

28. Close Howard County Schools On Inauguration Day

The Inauguration of the United States' first African American President is a monumental occasion, regardless of one's political affiliation. One does all involved a disservice by depriving students, teachers, and faculty of witnessing first hand such an historical event.

29. Freedom for All

My dad has done this so I want to too.
Rusty Satterwhite is my Dad.

30. Recognise that the America is NOT the only good place in the World!

America is cool, we all know that. But so are other places!

One thing that really annoys me is when people call the American president "leader of the free world". I mean, get over yourself, mate. You rule a COUNTRY, not a PLANET. A very big/cool/rich country, maybe, but still only a country.

And here in the UK, for example, everyone insists on "trying to be the Americans". What happened to national indentity, for God's sake? I like being British, and so should everyone else.

Americans are proud of their country. When I went to Florida last year, they had flags up everywhere. So why can't we be the same?

We can all be proud of who we are and where we come from!