To the Govenor General and via mail to NDP, Liberal, Bloc Quebois and Green Parties

The Harper government has proven time and time again, by act and word, that they do NOT have the best interests at heart for Canada, her people, her economy, and her environment.

Please sign this petition if you disagree with Harper's habit of passing laws in secret, the blatant disregard he has for the Canadian people and country, or if you're just had enough of Harper's despotism.

Here is a very small collection of some crimes performed by the Harper government to the Canadian people:

* The Harper government has used voter suppression techniques and overspending to control the elections from 2005-2012. The latest being the Robocall scandal, which is currently under investigation.

* The Harper government passed crime Bill C-10 at night, despite strongly voiced opposition from the People. This bill will unjustly send many people to prison, at an conservative estimated cost Canadians $108,000 / prisoner per year. Avenues of crime and poverty reduction, diverting young offenders from adult prison systems, and offering more services to the mentally ill, while proving very effective, have been neglected or cut.

* The Harper government requested the Governor General to dissolve/prorogue the Parliament to AVOID THREE separate votes of No Confidence by the minority parties.

* The Harper government has cut funding to a number of charities and organizations over the years simply based on ideological or policy reasons, including: Rights and Democracy; International aid group Kairos; research and advocacy work funded by the women's program at Status of Women Canada; and the NRTEE (National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy). CBC and Radio One, the only national not-for-profit news organization is under going massive cuts over the next 3 years for disagreeing with the Harper Government's policies.

*If passed, online spying bill C-30 will have the Canadian people paying for a range of authorities to invasively access your private online information, at any time, without a warrant, which is a breach of UN's Declaration of Human Rights - Article 12

*Broke UN's Declaration of Human Rights - Article 9 - No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile. - During the G20 and the Quebec student protests

*Ignoring and mistreating of the First Nations reserves including education and housing cuts, and lack of clean drinking water available to over 50% of the reserves.

*Unwanted privatization of areas of international ecological significance, such as Brewsters Jasper National Park walkway, and the prime grizzly bear habitat of the proposed Jumbo Glacier Ski development.

*Broken UN's Declaration of Human rights - Article 27 - Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author - by stifling information and scientists on Climate change.

We, Canadians, have signed this petition as a Public Show of No Confidence in our current government, known as The Harper Government.

We formally request that the Governor General use his power on behalf of the People of Canada to remove and dissolve the Parliament immediately with the stipulation that Stephen Harper and the party known as the Harper Government cannot have power for 10 years for punishment for their crimes against Canada.

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