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This is a picture of a Black Mountain water evaporation tank that covers 40 acres in Colorado. This is where drilling fluids/waste are disposed of. These fluids contain chemicals such as benzene and plutonium that are left over from drilling operations such as drilling for oil and natural gas.

The black spots on the photo are “ponds” where water evaporates and chemicals are left behind. I cannot see any water in these "ponds”.

A health department official could smell benzene at this sight, which has been proven to cause rare blood diseases such as leukemia.

· In 2001, pipes burst and no residents were notified of possible contamination in their area.

· Dalbo wants to build an evaporation station on 183 acres including a 50-acre pond and two 33-acre ponds.

· No Federal laws govern these evaporation stations.

· This proposed site is located 2 miles away from the Colorado River which runs through: Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and California.

· No testing has been done on this wastewater, yet Dalbo says it is non-toxic and non-hazardous, but states it could kill a cow if it drinks enough.

· This proposed site is 250 feet away from an irrigation ditch that is used to water corn and alfalfa fields.

· When a representative for Dalbo was asked if HE would drink that water he said “No.”

Help stop this Company from building this Evaporation Station where millions of people could be affected. It may not leak today or next year, but it will leak and contaminate our water. We need that water to live.

We the undersigned, call upon Dalbo to stop the building of an Evaporation Station in Mesa County. By doing so we will prevent contamination of the Colorado River as well as nearby irrigation water supplies for crops, from the hazardous chemicals
contained within this Evaporation Station.

This Evaporation Station is not wanted, as it could leak, and cause our water supplies to become contaminated and endanger lives, which depend on these water supplies.

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