Vatican and the Pope

Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, with 81% of the population belonging to this faith in the Philippines.

The country has a significant Spanish Catholic tradition, and Spanish style Catholicism is highly embedded in the culture, which was acquired from [priest]s or friars (prayle in Filipino). This is shown in traditions such as Misa de Gallo, Black Nazarene procession, Santo Niño and Aguinaldo procession, where large crowds gather, honouring their patron saint/s.

Processions and fiestas are conducted during feast days of the patron saints of various barrios or barangays.

Every year on October 31 to November 2, Filipino families celebrates the Day of the Dead which they spend much of the 3 days and 3 evenings visiting their ancestral graves, showing respect and honor to their departed relatives by feasting and offering prayers.

Christmas in the Philippines is a celebration spanning just more than the day itself. Many traditions and customs are associated with this grand feast, along with

Sen. Joker Arroyo urged the new Papal Nuncio Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams to look into the "disproportionate" number of Filipino cardinals representing the 73 million Catholic population in the Philippines.

Arroyo has filed a resolution pointing out what he called "grossly disproportionate" appointment of three cardinals representing a country in Asia with the biggest number of Catholics.

We, the undersigned, want More Cardinals for the Republic of the Philippines.

In Asia, India has 16 million Catholics, but has five cardinals. Yet another Indian was just named cardinal. India now has six cardinals

73 million Catholics in the Philippines, a country with the biggest number of Catholics in Asia, and yet the country has only three cardinals.

Philippines is the second largest country in the world in the number of Catholics, with 73 million faithful after Brazil.

104 of the 201 members of the College of Cardinals are from Europe, 34 from Latin America, 20 from North America, 21 from Asia, 18 from Australia and four from Oceania.

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